Bookmarks list

I found an export of my Delicious bookmarks from 2010 – sadly, without tags. Still, here they are… (I’m so bummed that apparently I didn’t do a backup before the site went bust, I had nicely organised recs starting 2005.)

Vid: Under the Sheets, by Gaby
The story of Arthur and Eames. This is fricking fantastically well done! Music by Ellie Goulding.

Amazing Grace, by airgiodslv
PG, pre-movie. "“Cobb’s in a coma,” Arthur says. It’s the first time he’s said it out loud; the words feel strange in his mouth. “He’s fallen into limbo. Mal and I can’t wake him up.”" What if Mal had it right? This is so bloody brilliant, there are no words!

Vid: A Study in Time, by di0br
This trailer is so fricking brilliant – why doesn't it exist?! Music: Cracking the code by PostHaste Music

Vid: Time Lords Are A Girl's Best Friend (Diamonds Parody), by Nancy
Awesome fan-made parody music video with original lyrics – and a TARDIS! 🙂

The Devil’s Footprint, by linaerys
R, crossover. "A strange event in the Dorset countryside attracts the attention of both the Inception team and Sherlock Holmes." This is made of so much WIN!

Five Times Eames Made Arthur Smile During Sex (and One Time Arthur Made Eames Smile), by cherrybina
NC-17. "Eames never expected a smile to be his undoing." Hot and sweet, my favorite combination…

Fall to Pieces, by cherrybina
NC-17. "“Do you ever really let go?” Eames asks Arthur one night." Eames isn't one to back down from a challenge. This is deliciously filthy!

Sharp Dressed Man, by annundriel
NC-17. "Eames lounges against the pillows, sheet riding low on his hips, and watches Arthur dress, watches him put himself back together, button himself back up." Oh, holy batman, suit!fic…*fans*

You're In A Maze, by andrealyn
PG-13. "Ariadne glimpses two sides of a story half-told." Lovely and layered – perfect!

Kobayashi Maru, by hackthis
R, post-movie. "Everything ends. Sometimes it ends with a bang. A shot to the head, a snap of the neck, a knife to the gut. Sometimes things end much more quietly. With a whimper or a muffled noise. Sometimes the ending comes with nothing more than the sound of an IV being extracted from a wrist, a lead being wrapped up and the clasps on a very expensive protective case closing with a snap." Gorgeous, utterly gorgeous.

Vid: A Curious Thing, by tavven
"Ianto fancies Jack. Ianto doesn't want to fancy Jack. Ianto tries to resist Jack. Ianto fails." This is fantastically awesome. Music: "The Power Of Love" by Huey Lewis & the News.

Vid: Tenth Doctor: The Musical, by Di
If Ten's life had been a musical, this is what it'd have been like. AWESOMESAUCE! Music: a whole bunch of songs by a whole bunch of people.

Vid: The Test, by heresluck
"Now I think I see the light." Best use of the mind meld in ST XI ever! Music by The Chemical Brothers, feat. Richard Ashcroft.

Kings of the Air, by FabulaRasa
NC-17. "Fighting and fucking: two things he did extraordinarily well. How could he have known what the effect would be when you combined the two?" I barely remember this movie, but this fic is AMAZING!

Annoying Little Things, by longleggedgit and reallycorking
Pre-movie, NC-17. ""I just think it's a lady's right to know if her gentleman buggers other men or not." Holmes can't help it; he slides his hand into Watson's coat pocket and lets it rest there, a reminder. "Are you planning on telling her before you propose?"" Holmes is a devious bastard… Oh, holy GUH!

five times Mary suspected Holmes and Watson were more than friends and one time she knew it to be so, by paperclipbitch
Post-movie, PG. "But John Watson and Sherlock Holmes are not quite like other men. Mary knows this by now." Awesome Mary!POV after the wedding.

Musicality, by trillingstar
PG. "He knows he should confide in a living person once in a while instead of letting it all out through the styling of his favorite musicians, most of whom have been dead for decades. Maybe someday he'll feel comfortable with Nate, see him as more than a well-intentioned, gullible goof, but until then, this is how he'll talk." This is a gorgeously warm peek into Sam's life.

Will It Go Round In Circles, by lynnmonster
NC-17. "G simply hadn't adjusted his thought processes to take into account that Sam wasn't his partner on a random op, Sam was his partner for the foreseeable future, and the two of them were not going to return to different agencies and different locations long before anything had the chance to matter. As soon as he'd realized his mistake, G had tried to break it off with Sam. Sam had foiled him easily. "So, what you're saying is, you think you're becoming too attached?" he'd asked with such a perfect, pleased note of flattered bewilderment that it had obviously been a sham." Awesome Callen!

Lust, Like, Love. Not Necessarily in That Order, by Waldo
PG-13. "Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important. (Carl Reiner)" This reads like outtakes of the show, the voices are so spot-on!

But It Never Gets Dull, by waltzforanight
NC.17. ""I can't shave, not with my hands all…" Lew explains, waving his bandaged hands around in frustration. "It's a pain in the ass." Spike gives him a sympathetic smile, then reaches out one hand to rub gently at Lew's cheek. It feels good, Lew thinks, really good. Until Spike's fingers get caught in the mess of hair and he pulls hard at Lew's face as he tries to untangle himself. Spike winces. "I see what you mean," he says as he finally gets his hand free." Shaving!porn… yum! 🙂

lines we draw, by straylighting
PG-13, AU after 2×11. "The thing about lines is, sometimes they smudge. Sometimes they leave an imprint so deep that nothing can erase that away. You can (try to) hide it, maybe with a little correction fluid, but they still leave angry marks, like battle scars. It happens before you can stop it, and when you finally realize it, it's too late for you to do anything about it." This is what I would have liked to see…

The Star Garden, by glimmergirl
R, AU. "Of course, Merlin's last mission off world with his Master before his own knighting couldn't have been an easy one, could it? Of course not. By some blessing of the Force, Merlin had the privilege to be standing on the bridge of a ship that had been hijacked before it even left the ground, his master still in the Albian palace with the king. "By all the gods, who made you a Jedi? Don't just stand there like a gaping fool! You could've been killed a dozen times already if not for me." And Merlin stuck here on the transport ship with the prince, Arthur." Crossover of awesomeness!

Vid: Happiness, by icepixie
Astaire and Rogers dancing makes me happy – and so does this vid. Music by The Weepies.

Once Upon a Frat House, by Anonymous
Yuletide 2009. "Everything was kind of blurry after that. There had been an awful lot of alcohol. But he knew Kyle was wearing too much clothing. And Kyle seemed to think he was too." This. This is exactly how it happened.

Fanvid: Spork! An Erotic Love Story (Edited Together From The Star Trek Audio Book), by cirrocumulus
"The audiobook of the novelization of STXI is a many-splendored thing, especially when you edit it to sound like a K/S slashfic." Mwhahahaha, this is a thing of pure JOY (especially for Quinto-philes, obviously).

Vid: There Are Legends, by Ras Elased
R, AU. "The legends say that Arthur died, and he waits in Avalon to be reborn. The legends say that Merlin is immortal, and he lives on, waiting for his king. But what if the legends are wrong?" This is like a whole fic in less than 5 minutes. Music: Glasgow Love Theme from Love Actually; Here With Me, by Dido.

there's no 'i' in gangbang, by Pearl-o
NC-17, GSF. "The first time it happened was totally unexpected — which kind of goes without saying, Ray guesses. People don't exactly plan group sex like that." Oh yes, please! 🙂

Over the Edge of the World, by louie x
NC-17. "Four instances that Puck finds himself surprised by an inebriated Kurt; and one time the tables are reversed." I could so see this – perfect Glee!voice.

Document, by azurejay
Trans!Patrick AU, R. "When Patrick was sixteen, he gave Joe fifty dollars and one of his wallet-sized school photos and a week later received his first fake ID. It said Patrick was twenty-one, and that his name was legally Patrick Martin Stumph, and that he was legally an M. "For male," he said to Kevin when he showed him the little plastic card." This is the transfic to end all transfics. Seriously, it's utterly amazing!

Vid: Buffy vs Edward (Twilight Remixed), by Jonathan McIntosh
I have neither read nor seen Twilight, but this is pretty damn awesome in my book. Music: various.

Vid: Männer, by enednoviel
"A man is a man is a man…." This is probably not quite so hilarious if you don't understand German. Music by Herbert Grönemeyer.

To Take What I'm Given With Grace, by likeasugarcube
NC-17, AU. "Pete Wentz had all but given up on relationships until he discovered that he couldn't collect his trust fund without being married. Can he turn his sham of a marriage to music student Patrick Stump into something more? Or will they both end up out of luck and alone?" Bigbang fic made of so much wonderfulness!

A Bad Man Would Be Good For You, by hackthis
PG-13, Southland/The Unusuals crossover. "Jason squeezes Ben's shoulder. "Yeah, but I bet your big brother didn't tell you to start fucking his ex-partner six months out of the Academy."" Walsh makes every story better, that's a fact, especially if it's so believable. Also, FUN!

Son is on a Midnight Run Like DeNiro…., by hackthis
NC-17, post-series 1. "Sherman licks his lips. "You're not going to make me talk about my feelings, are you?" John doesn't have to pretend to be offended. "The finals are on, numb nuts. You want somebody to talk to? Go see the department shrink." Sherman's smile is so brilliant, John has to turn away in annoyance. He is not going to be charmed by some fucking jailbait, heterosexual poster boy rookie. Not even a little bit." This is simply AMAZING. Seriously great shit – everything about this four-parter is just perfect. The characterizations, the writing, the dialogues… And boy, is the sex sizzling!

Vid: The Trouble with Poets, by Anoel
Lovely, lively look at Methos and Duncan, totally nailing all the aspects of the relationship. Music by Peter Mulvey.

Vid: what if it all means something, by Mette
Oh, this takes me back… I was ALL about Howie for a while, and this just makes me smile so hard. Music: What If It All Means Something by Chantal Kreviazuk.

Vid: …on the dance floor, by sloanesomething
"NOT ENOUGH LADIES, TOO MANY MANS." Word. I mean, I love all the boys, but NuTrek seems to be severely lacking in the girls department… Music: "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor," by the Conchords.

The Unveiled Secret, by laurajv
PG, post-ST XI. ""Ambassador Spock," he said, "may I join you?" Spock's mouth quirked. "Of course, Ambassador Sarek." Sarek took the empty chair across from this man who both was and was not his son." Sarek and Spock Prime talk. This is simply stunning.

Verbal Jump-Rope, by ragdoll987
PG-13, alternate ending to ST XI. "“What do you mean you’re resigning?”" What if Spock Prime hadn't talked Spock into staying and Kirk had to do the job?

Our Emotional History is in the Kitchen, by raphaela667
PG-14, post-ST XI. "“I know your son very well. I know that he is most likely to do what he is told not to do,” Spock says, and she sees a flash of humor in his face, but maybe she imagined that, too. “I wondered if it might be in my interest should you hate me on sight.”" Oh, Winona… This look at Jim Kirk's mother and her relationship with Kirk is beautiful, as is seeing Kirk and Spock's relationship through her eyes.

To the Best of my Recollection, by Kate Andrews
R, post-ST XI. "His heart won't stop pounding, and he can't get the sound of Spock's laughter out of his ears. *Spock's* laughter. He splashes his face with cold water until reality reasserts itself. But the memory doesn't dim or go back to wherever it came from (he knows exactly where it came from)." Kirk can't shake the memories that aren't his.

Welcome to the 'hood, Bitch!, by hackthis
PG-13, slightly AU. "He's signed up to the academy under his middle name and his mom's maiden name, so Ryan Benjamin Atwood, becomes Benjamin Atwood Sherman. It's stretching it, but if the LAPD can deal with it, so can he. He's not sure who Ryan Atwood was anymore anyway." This is EXACTLY what I thought watching the Southland pilot – and I didn't even watch The OC. 🙂

Rockin' Your Eff Me Pumps, by hackthis
NC-17. "Cooper crosses his arms and Ben does his best not to stare, but Cooper has massive forearms. And thick fingers. Cooper's biceps are the size of Ben's calves. Not that Ben's measured, but he's estimated quite a bit." I am so fucking glad I'm not the only one in love with John Cooper… 🙂

Name, by maurheti
NC-17, post-1×03. "And this is how he finds himself on his own motorcycle, tucked up against Cooper’s back, his hands at Cooper’s waist, the inside of his thighs touching… He needs to stop thinking about what the insides of his thighs are touching right fucking now." Oh, holy shit!!!

The Fine Art of Small Talk and Ben Sherman Maintenance, by hackthis
PG-13, post-1×05. "He can feel someone's attention focusing on him. They're looking hard. And a little inappropriately. John opens his eyes just in time to see Ben Sherman's gaze ghosting over him. Sherman. It's always fucking Sherman." I have fallen in love with John Cooper. And this makes me love Ben, too. A lot. 🙂

The one where Pete's a stripper, by bluejbird
R, AU. "The guy looks up at him, a flash of white teeth beneath that moustache, which should be much more ridiculous than it is. “I’m Pete,” the stripper says. “Don’t be afraid. This is meant to be fun.” Patrick sort of chokes a little, because of all the ways he imagines having fun, this certainly isn’t one of them." This is made of WIN and giggles and sex. Definitely fun!

Vid: Night At The Opera, by such_heights
Merlin. As a rock opera. Sparkly, sparkly crack.

Vid: The Golden Floor, by hermine
AU, NSFW (using clips from 'Latter Days'). Loving this – it manages to tell Arthur and Merlin's story beautifully, all the way to the happy ending… Music by Snow Patrol.

The Location Series, by dancinbutterfly
NC-17, slight AU. Taking well-known scenes and veering them into slightly more… sexual territory. 3 stories, all of them totally in character and hot as hell!

All Mine, by gemjam
Hard R, post-Sunset Ending. "John Paul didn’t think they’d actually stopped touching each other since they’d gotten on the train in Chester." This is pretty much what I imagine happened. Sweet and sexy, just like our boys…

Vid: Back together (Happy end), by Derochannel
Excellent fix-it AU for our screwed up boys. Songs: Lost Without You by Delta Goodrem & Hard to Say I'm Sorry by Westlife. Watch it anyway! 🙂

Vid: My Life Would Suck Without You, by xAngelxLeonax
Happy making. Music by Kelly Clarkson.

Vid: Epic Last Song, by oktoberskies
The happy ending of John Paul and Craig… This had to be done, and it's truly awesome! Music by Does It Offend You, Yeah?.

Three Minutes, by Lilith
G, episode companion. "Three minutes. That's how long it takes for Deniz to fall in love." This is utter perfection.

All The Sweeter, by Lilith
R. "They weren't supposed to be out. Nene knew this, and knowing it made their escape all the sweeter." Amazing missing scene from the film.

Making Out, by Lilith
PG-13. ""Making out with Roman." Deniz cringes every time his father says that." Sometimes it's hard to define something. Sometimes it simply doesn't matter.

Serious Business, by Lilith
NC-17. "Deniz had thought he liked kissing before, but now he realises he didn't even know what it was." Emotionally satisfying and veeeery hot, just how I like my boys…

Untitled drabble, by gin200168
R. "“Dammit Mac! Don’t kick me!” A muffled feminine growls emerge from below his desk." Stella tries to get Mac to take a break.

Fairy Dust, by aldiara
NC-17, unprotected sex. "Peter Pan Night at Homolulu’s! Glitter, fairies, pirates and Buttery Nipples. Also, sex. And more glitter." This is wonderfully tactile and visual, plus sizzlingly hot! Gosh, I miss those two… *sigh*

privileges of rank, by seperis
NC-17. "Arthur's biggest problem to date, Merlin thinks darkly as he carries yet another load of suspiciously not-really-dirty clothing down the stairs, is an unaccountable fear of anyone, anywhere, suspecting he's capable of being other than a complete and utter prat." Merlin, the palace servants, and Arthur teaching him a lesson. Ngh.

Vid: Love You Anyway, by dingogrrl
This is so much fun. And I can't believe I actually like a song by Boyzone… 🙂

Twentieth Century Boys, by tears_of_nienna
NC-17, porn battle ficlet. "It was a perfectly normal day until a complete stranger in a battered military coat walked up to them and kissed Bodie right there on the pavement." Captain Jack Harkness, turning UST into sizzling threesome sex all through the ages…

Pedagogy, by thedeadparrot
R, Danny/Mickey/Stacie. "Danny's about to leave, to put all this behind him, when Stacie spots him watching, her face pulling into a grin. She whispers something into Mickey's ear, and then Mickey grins, too." Ngh. This is PERFECT.

Don't Look Down, by surrealis
NC-17, post-Silver Linings. "She isn’t even sure how it happens." Amazing first time. Pretty much how I imagine it.

Five Minutes in Six Hours, by athousandwinds
NC-17. "06.00. Lil's hot and wet round his fingers, squeezing, and her hands grasp his shoulders so tight it hurts." This is a ficlet I've been wanting for ages – sizzling!

Makeup stains my pillowcase, by Lenore
NC-17, crossdressing. ""I mean, you know," Pete waves his hand, "if I were a chick, would you want to do me?" His eyes are bright and fastened on Patrick." I do NOT have a crossdressing kink in any form, but bejeezus, this is fricking HOT! Also, awesome characterization – I love them codependent… 🙂

Post-it Series, by __justaday
Notes between Jack and Ianto. Seriously cute!

Vid: Toxic, by thejumpcut
"Frank and Gerard, and how they brought trashy back (and hot, yes, that too)." WIN! *g* Music by Britney Spears.

Fanvid: Boyfriend, by thejumpcut
Pete totally wants into Patrick's pants! 🙂 Music: "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" by The Rubinoos.

If There is a God, I Thank Him Every Day for Bringing Us Patrick, by schuyler
PG-13, AU. "Patrick just laughed. He caught sight of Ray, soaked and grinning and pouring soap on Gerard's head, and leaving Chicago to join this band felt like the best decision he'd ever made. After that, Pete developed a habit of hanging out on their bus. Patrick thought it was weird. "Are we getting courted by FBR?" he'd asked Brian. Brian had laughed. "They can't afford you, sweetheart." Patrick was forced to conclude that this guy did no work at all. But, Pete bought Patrick coffee if he slept through rest stops, and that was damn gracious of him." What if Bob hadn't joined MCR? Awesome what-if!

Unknown Variable, by mariamme
NC-17. "Merlin should have realised what would happen. Should’ve prepared for the eventuality." Merlin doesn't have an explanation for Arthur – somehow, they remain friends anyhow. Love the changing relationship through the years!

any road will take you there, by Linzee
NC-17, mpreg. ""Jesus Pete, don't say that. Don't talk to me like your whole fucking face didn't change when he told us." Patrick bites his lip and Pete recognizes this expression; he's ready for a fight and there's probably nothing Pete can do to change it. "Don't pretend you don't want it." "I want you more," Pete says honestly. Patrick stares at him for a minute; he shrugs. "Then I'll be okay."" Awesomely amazing – only this fandom, people…

A Year and a Day, by megyal
PG, fairy tale AU. "Pete's mother had many stories to tell him. He liked them all, but the one he liked best was hearing about how his father, the great Huntsman, had saved her from a large, bloodthirsty wolf." Written for my bday, but even if it wasn't I'd still love this to pieces!

Different (Anders), by Aldiwitch
NC-17, first time. “Are you sure you really want this?” What happens before the shower. Sweet and ohso sexy.

Less Shallow Than Daylight, by Aldiwitch
NC-17, slightly dubcon. "Even when he sits up to reach for his glass of water on the bedside table, or gropes with shaking fingers for the familiar square plastic shape of condom wrappers, Deniz doesn’t wake." Sleepy smut, this makes me tingle.

The Joye of Sexe, by aleathiel
NC-17. "The more time Merlin spent as Arthur’s manservant, the more he realised that Arthur did have a lot of sex." Awesomesauce. 🙂

Ice cream, by rillarilla
R, post-Lifeline. "After she’s gone it’s a long time before he eats ice cream again." This broke my heart and made me smile.

Only A Signal Shown, by meretricula
PG, post-Victory of Eagles. ""Oh," said Iskierka, who had been pretending not to listen, "it is very stupid; it is only that humans are not supposed to mate if they are not giving each other eggs, and of course Granby cannot give Tharkay one."" On the way to Australia, Laurence realizes some facts about his two friends. Yuletide NYR 2009 story.

Style Over Substance, by darkdanc3r
NC-17, post-movie. "The voice at his ear chuckled dark and cruel and so amused, and the hand that tortured him paused just long enough to make one Mike Greenly whimper." Greenly thinks he can get one over Smecker, but it doesn't quite go as he'd expected. Yuletide 2008 story.

Cold Damage, by Rhod
R, twincest. "You wake up, and it's cold." Murphy in the cold. Beautiful and heartbreaking. Yuletide 2008 story.

No, You're All Right, by Mardy
G. "It'll be nice never again to have to stand up for ages against the barre, waiting for Mam to finish showing him off to the rest of the class of fidgeting girls in lieu of an actual audience." Debbie, perfectly. Yuletide 2008 story.

what my heart has heard, by Qatesh
PG-13, post-movies. "He finds solace in Celine's arms and kisses after another fight and tells himself that one day, this is all going to be worth it, it's all going to work out." A life together. Gorgeous. Yuletide 2008 story.

now for a breath i tarry, by kaydee falls
PG-13, post-play. "Upon reaching Oxford, they scatter immediately; Scripps wonders if they all secretly planned it that way, without a word spoken between them." Scripps' first year. Fantastic POV, with great characterisations for the boys. Yuletide 2008 story.

The Interview in the Waiting Room, by Brightbear
PG. "Talbert opened the door to the waiting room to confirm that it was indeed Miss Marple who was waiting for him. Miss Marple was settled in a deep armchair with a cup of tea clutched in her spidery fingers. She paused mid-sentence as Talbert entered and her eyes lit up like a cat that's just sighted her prey." This is a perfect Marple mystery! Yuletide 2008 story.

(Dis)Chord, by Galadriel
R, Maiar slash. "And it was Curumo's voice that tugged most strongly at him, tempting him down from Taniquetil, bringing him low amongst Aulë's realm. They mingled there, half-in, half-out of body; and it was there that Curumo stole Olórin's breath, left him speechless, beyond the reach of even the words of the wise; there that Curumo conducted his first lesson; there that he first showed Olórin what it was to want." Amazing – Gandalf and Saruman before they had bodies. LotR SeSa 2008 story.

quickening days, by mercurial-wit
R. ""Worse than what? All I know is that there's something wrong," he said carefully. "Worse than yesterday, Merlin." Arthur sat up and swung his legs over the bed. "Are you slower than usual today? Of course there's something wrong, we already knew that." "Oh, thank god," Merlin said, and leaned against the closed door with a sigh of relief that left him looking slightly crazed. "I thought I was going insane all by myself."" Groundhog day, Merlin style. Dragons, silly hats, secrets and Merlin wearing a dress. WIN!

Between Light and Nowhere, by Giddy
PG, post-Exit Wounds. ""Will you remember Tosh and Owen?" Ianto asks, staring at their names, Harper, 2009. Sato, 2009." Not fluff but very comforting.

Those Deep Places, by Kate Andrews
NC-17, post-The Moment of Truth. "It is an unfamiliar feeling, but there it is, and once Arthur finds its name, he cannot unname it." Amazingly awesome.

Vid: "Girlfriend", by simply-luriem
"Hey! Hey! You! You! I don’t like your girlfriend! No way! No way! I think you need a new one. Hey! Hey! You! You! I could be your girlfriend!" Poor princess Arthur, he's so jealous of Merlin and his girlfriend Gwen… *g* Music by Avril Lavigne.

So Great & Beautiful, my mercurial_wit
PG-13. "But later, watching his face as he turns away from the screams and the rising gate, you realise that you were wrong: this is what it means to be a king, and this is why, when asked much later, you will declare yourself unready." Caspian learns how to be a king – and falls in love along the way.

back inside the house / into the room / watching as the lights slowly fade from view, by lassiterfics
R, angsty. "Narnia the second time around is just familiar enough to be haunting. It reminds her of crawling out of the wreckage of her Finchley home and gazing at the smoky skyline with her mouth agape and her ears still ringing. She watches Peter leading them through extinct paths, grappling for familiarity as Lucy keeps an eye out for a flash of golden mane. Trumpkin rolls his eyes but Susan doesn’t expect him to understand. The land has settled into Susan’s veins, but not as much as before. She won’t fall in love so quickly anymore, but she does remember. She remembers everything and all the time, and wonders if remembering’s enough." Some things you can't forget.

Come to Love a Rose, by Mojave Dragonfly
G. New Year's Resolutions 2008 story, filling some gaps from the end of the novel in the most lovely manner.

Pulling Rank, by waldorph
NC-17. "“They’re your men—” Merlin starts, and then finds himself halfway across the room, with the back of his head connecting sickeningly against the wall. At first he thinks it’s like Sofia and Alfrac—someone has his staff and just hit him with it, except no. It’s Arthur, furious and human —just faster than the devil and stronger than Goliath." Merlin pushes, Arthur snaps, smut ensues. Yum!

The Weight of Words, by waldorph
NC-17. "Merlin is not the only one for whom words have power." Awesome amazing look at Arthur and the way Merlin changes him.

All the World Is Okay, by dsudis
PG. ""Patrick," Pete said, grabbing him in a sudden fierce hug. "Patrick, I'm having a baby." Patrick sighed and hugged Pete back. "Actually, I'm pretty sure Ash is having a baby."" Patrick has to deal with Pete's happy news. This had me holding my breath and smiling like a loon.

Accidental Seduction, by Ras Elased
NC-17. "And, after all, if everyone else in the castle had a mad crush on Arthur, it was no wonder they'd missed the fact that Merlin did, too." This is hilarious, until it's suddenly seriously sexy instead. Fun!

MERLIN, by moonythestrals
R, AU. "An Exercise in Script Writing by Two People Who Really Shouldn't Even Be Trying." Mwahahaha, it's a fratboy!AU made of awesome!

Vid: 10,000 Nights of Thunder, by mamoru22
The story of two boys meeting. And falling in love. As you do. Music by Alphabeat.

Vid: Closer, by brightsidesp
Every fandom needs a vid set to this song – but this fandom especially. 🙂 Music by Nine Inch Nails.

Fanvid: Spock & Kirk: The 23rd Century Jeeves & Wooster?, by mortmere
This is awesomely accurate… Music: Anne Dudley – Jeeves & Wooster.

Wearing White After Labor Day Is A Sin, Don't You Know, by silver_etoile
G, AU. "“Come on, guys,” Jon intervenes finally. “Let’s just agree that Ryan has interesting scarves, Brendon’s nose is a carrot, and no, that hat does not make you look fat.”" This fandom has the best crack!

You Can Be My Optimus Prime, by megyal
G, kid!fic, AU. "Pete Wentz sat within his secure fort of chairs and a blanket, peeking out at that little redhaired baby boy." Baby!Pete&Patrick make my ovaries go *thump*…

Silly Bear, by queensheep
G, kid!fic. "There came a day, pretty early on, when Pete and Ashlee could not for the life of them get Bronx to stop screaming. That's right about when they realised their parents were saints." Pretty much what I imagined when I listened to 'Lullabye' for the first time. Too adorable!

making it across the ocean, by drusillathemad
PG-13, kid!fic. ""You're Bronx Wentz," Collie says. It's not a question at all, so he doesn't say anything. That seems right, because after a moment of silence she says, "My dad and your dad fucked. How weird is that?" Bronx doesn't like to think about his dad fucking anyone, not his mom and definitely not Mellon Collie Way's dad. He winces. "Um, fucking weird."" Next generation bandom babies, how they make my heart smile…

Signs Point to Yes, by Bex
PG, college!AU. "For the record, Brendon had no desire to go speed-dating at all." In which Frank is a creepy stalker and Brendon can't remember names. GLEE, I tell you, so much GLEE!

Long Enough, by glim
G, post-novel. "A year isn’t very long when you’ve existed for six thousand of them." A long-standing relationship changes on new year. Lovely!

A Lovely Apparition, by wordslinging
NC-17, AU, crossdressing. "“Thank you, sir,” Gerard said, doing his best to pitch his voice high without it sounding false (another thing he’d practiced in the safety of his own bedroom). “Not at all,” the gentleman replied. “It would be a crime to see a beautiful lady in distress and not come to her aid.” Gerard felt sudden heat flood his cheeks, and for a moment, all he could think about was that he had just been called beautiful." Gerard crossdressing in the 1790s. Frank not realizing it. Amazingness!

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, by ignipes
PG-13, AU. ""Who the fuck are you? How did you get in?" Ryan demanded. "And why the hell are you glittering all over my room?" He matched the man's hands-on-hips pose with one of his own. He wished Spencer were still home; Spencer would be better at intimidating a strange winged man." Cracktastically hilarious Cinderella story. Seriously.

A Most Brilliant Dance, by Zarah and softlyforgotten
PG-13 (with NC-17 coda), Pride & Prejudice AU. "A lot of truths have been universally acknowledged." My heart! Ryan as an unlikely Darcy, Spencer as Lizzie, Brendon as Jane, Jon as Bingley – and it gets better from there. I love this for all the ways in which it's P&P, and (maybe especially) for all the ways in which it is not.

Operation Jealousy, by Lenore
NC-17, underaged sex. "Patrick does his best to ignore the sex supplies he's holding and focuses on the prescription. "It says–" He frowns, confused. "Jealousy," Dr. House tells him. Patrick blinks. "Um. You mean–" "Short, dark and impulsive out there can be had. Oh sure, he may have some feeble chivalry where your virtue's concerned, but he's not going to stand around and let somebody else do the deflowering."" Too adorable (and sexy) for words!

shadows of echoes of memories of songs, by softlyforgotten
PG-13, kid!fic. "Zack says, "I thought you guys couldn’t get any more irresponsible! And then one of you went and got tinified!"" Spencer as a six-year-old. Be still my heart…

Bitch, by Lucy
PG. ""Sorry, sorry, sorry, princess," Morgan said, panting slightly into the phone. "I got distracted there for a moment." "No, really? Wait, don't tell me, let me put on my magical thinking tiara and guess – doo doo doo, ladeedada, I'm seeing, it's fuzzy, wait, it's coming in clearer now – blonde, brunette, or redhead?" "Garcia!" Morgan said, voice feigning hurt. "You wound me, baby girl. You know you're the only blonde in the world for me."" Sexy banter over the phone – life is good! 🙂

my dance card's full with you, sweetheart, by bemycasualty
R, violence, sex. "He’s had it. Fucking fudgepackers walking in like they own the place. Baby-faced kid with a smile around his beer and fingers in a fresh stack of cash. Chester’s sick of these twinks. The way they roll into town, always rubbing up on one another, in each other’s space. Shoulder thumps and the ”accidental” ways their hips bump." Outsider's perspective is one of my favorite things, and this series of vignettes is awesome!

Clandestine Academy for the Arts, by drusillthemad
PG-13, AU. "The dance kids do tend to hang out a lot, even across styles, since they share rehearsal spaces and extra studio time, but at the end of the day, they usually stick to their own kind. The exception to the rule is Frank, who, given the choice of stretching with any of the dance kids, will find some way to sit on Bob’s head." A fun snippet – I wish there was more!

Nothing's Fair in Love or High School, by allyndra
PG-13, highschool AU. "Frank looked at him and was glad he was wearing sunglasses. It was fucking tiring keeping himself from staring at Gerard, all adoring and shit. He didn’t know if he could muster the energy before first period." So very sweet and cute.

King of the Boudoir, by giddygeek
NC-17, sexpollen. ""Oh my God, I so do not have time for this," Pete says, reaching for his belt buckle. "Seriously, get naked. I'll explain later." "That didn't work when I was sixteen, and it won't work now," Patrick says, crossing his arms over his chest. "Hey, back off, Wentz–put your pants back on–hey!" Pete buries his face against Patrick's shoulder and shudders with relief." How did I not rec this before? I love this so much – sexpollen fic that manages to be sweet and insanely hot all at once.

Woobies. Just woobies., by femmequixotic
PG, mpreg. "Patrick was lying on the bed, the lamp still on next to him, and the smooth, small bump of his belly rounded up, stretching his t-shirt, pulling it to one side, and Spiderman threw a web at Pete over a small triangle of pale skin exposed on Patrick's hip just above his sweatpants." Little piece of beauty.

carry moonbeams home in a jar, by seimaisin
NC-17, crack. "Spencer was fifteen the first time he saw the shooting star. […] Actually, from where he was sitting, it looked like it was heading straight for Ryan’s house. Impossible, but it reminded him to call Ryan." Aliens made them do it! Hilarious, but also surprisingly sweet.

You Be The Alcohol, I'll Be The Hangover, by flash_indie
NC-17, AU, underage. "But yeah. Cash is a massive douchebag. Cash is selfish and a flirt and has an ego that needs its own space on the class roll call. He plays people like Alex plays Uno and the entire school is totally blind to it. They think Cash is entirely non-douchey, maybe even a little cool and they hang out with him and invite him to shit and Alex has no idea why which, okay, is not entirely true." Highschool boys, being all stupid, pulling pigtails and making out. Adorable!

A Tale of Two, by Miss Pamela
PG, AU. "The townspeople never entered the wood; their fear of the monster was too great. Patrick did not fear the monster, rumored to live in the high, crumbling castle overlooking the town." Beauty and the Beast. Short and sweet.

Fivehead and the Velociraptor, by impertinence
R, AU. "Beauty and the Beast – sort of." Patrick is a raptor (!!). Pete still can't resist him. This is made of so much WIN, for real.

Vid: Knights of the Round Table, by T. Jonesy and Killa
Star Trek meets Monty Python – genius! Music: Camelot by Monty Python.

Rumble!, by iamtheenemy
G, pre-slash. "Pete yanked at Joe's arms around his waist, but Patrick got there first. He broke free of Andy's hold and launched himself at the guy before Andy and the manager of the bar pulled him back again." Baby!Patrick fighting to defend Pete's virture – most precious thing ever!

Easy Come, Easy Go, by adellyna
NC-17, dubcon. "What it comes down to, in the long run, is that Patrick didn't give him the drugs. Pete gave himself the drugs. Pete's been dosing himself as long as Patrick can remember." This is intense – sharp edges to want, need, desire.

Pig Latin, by adellyna
G. ""Your tie is sloppy too," Ryland says. "Remember when you used to take pride in your appearance?" "Remember when I punched you in the face?" "Um." Ryland tilts his head, blows his hair out of his eyes when it falls there. "No?" "Give it a minute."" Beffie conversations. Own my heart.

joyful girl, by longtime_lurker
R, Ashlee POV. ""So what do you think of the new look?" she says, laughing, over-bright. Pete looks at her eyes (the one fucking thing on her face that's still hers) and finally says, "You're beautiful. But there's less of you," and she doesn't know what on earth to say to that. He invites her to come see his band play in LA, and Ashlee says she will." This just blows me away. Seriously. Amazing.

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails, by Giddy
NC-17, genderswap, AU. "She peeked under the waistband and, no, she hadn't been imagining it. There it was, hanging down, and there they were; she had balls. When she shoved her hand down, there was fucking ball hair, and where was her clit? She was used to reaching down and feeling a totally different anatomy and this was, this was just– "Holy shit, wishes do come true," she said, and went to go call Patrick." Girl!Pete turns into a boy! This is awesomely cracktastically fantastic while still somehow managing to feel *real*.

Isn't It Messed Up (How I'm Just Dying To Be Him) + sequels, by Reni Days
R to NC-17. "And even the porn is so emotional, so full of need and familiarity and love, and this—these aren't just kinky gay fantasies, not really. These are fucking epic romances, even most of the ones that claim to be plotless. They sort of can't seem to help themselves, because—and this is what kills her—they're based on reality." Epic fucking romance, indeed. Even if Pete and Patrick haven't realized it, their significant others sure have… This is sheer loveliness, heartclenching and hysterically funny in turn.

will possess, by softlyforgotten
PG-13. "“How long have you guys been together?” Jon asks. Ryan sets his guitar aside and lies back on the cement. It hurts his head a little bit but he’s tired, limbs heavy. “I’ve known him since I was six,” he says and Jon laughs softly and says, woah." Breathtakingly beautiful.

Hung Like A, by Impertinence
NC-17, kink. "Pete wasn't sure why he agreed to this. "That's an expensive chandelier," he pointed out, legs wobbling on the bed. "It's a ceiling fan," Patrick said, "and you're a pussy."" Bondage has never been quite this sexyhotlovelyfun. *fans self*

Personal Leave, by jesshelga
R, post-season 7. "Alex invites herself over to Bobby's on the third day of his personal leave." Alex has at least a temporary solution for her partner's grief. It's… very hands-on. A version of events I could see happen just like this.

Man's Unrelenting Pursuit of Potency at the Arrowhead Pequod, by jesshelga
NC-17, post-season 7. "His curious inability to maintain eye contact with her the rest of the day was a clue as well. It put her in the awkward position of having a theory she couldn't share with him. More awkward was the fact she felt that she played a fairly prominent and naked role in said theory." I can hear both of their voices all the way through. Great job.

the wolf prince: small, careful bites, by Gale
PG-13, AU. ""I did. Many, many times over the course of a summer. Only one; the fire cooled in our blood after that, and we became and stayed friends." Pete sat back after a moment. "Does that answer your question?" "I don't know that I can be his friend," Patrick said. His voice was a bit hoarse. "I can't–" He clenched his hands into fists and didn't speak." A new 'Wolf Prince' snippet, yay!

after midnight, by Gale
NC-17, van era. "Patrick shifted again and tried to ignore the hard-on pressed against his boxers. And really, that was the hell of it: he was stuck here with his three best friends, all of whom were ridiculously hot and who he'd had crushes on at one point or another." Trying to jerk off in a tiny little van without your bandmates noticing. Good luck with that, Patrick! 🙂 Hot. And surprisingly sweet. Loving this.

so firm it can comb the tide, by m0rganjames
NC-17. "As Spencer gets up to head back to the bus, he squeezes Ryan's shoulder. Ryan carefully keeps his attention on Zack even though it feels like his entire body vibrates under the soft pressure. Ryan doesn't know what to do with himself. Feeling like this is not something he's planned for or ready for." Spencer's got things all figured out – now it's up to Ryan how to deal with it. Adorableness!

One of Nine, by ficsoreal
NC-17, AU. "Patrick asks, "Is there any way I can convince you to stop just being a pair of eyes and a talking mouth?" That shit is just creepy. The eyes and mouth disappear briefly, before returning in their proper place on a slight young man with thick black hair combed to one side of his forehead. Patrick raises his eyebrows when it becomes apparent that the creamy skin is heavily covered in tattoos and nothing else. "Where are your clothes?" The man smiles. "Clothes are for people." Patrick nods, because that makes perfect sense except for how it doesn't. He says, "And you're…not? A person?" "I'm a muse." The man's expression appears expectant." Muse!Pete and his charge Patrick totally make my heart smile.

The Declaration, by Aristide
NC-17. "Methos shrugged, and Duncan marveled at his equanimity. "We could have a fine semantic argument about that, MacLeod; except I don't think I have the energy." As if in evidence of this he yawned cavernously, shaking himself briskly afterwards in a way that was so purely Methos that Duncan found himself smiling again. "It's called 'make-up sex';" he continued evenly, "you know– you have a fight, then there's distance, then you have a spine-melting encounter and then you're fine." Duncan didn't need utter clarity to seek out the flaw in that. "But you and I, we've never… I mean, we don't–"" Spine-melting, indeed…

Exposure, by starcrossedgirl
NC-17. "The photograph was intensely sensual and the artist had given it the slightest bit of washout that lent it a warm glow despite the monochrome colourscheme. It was, Duncan had to admit to himself, intensely erotic. What the hell was Methos doing starring in the art world's equivalent of soft core pornography?" Duncan suddenly sees Methos in a different light – smut ensues. In charge!Methos, how I enjoy thee… *g*

Consent Of Twain, by Aristide
NC-17. ""Don't try to tell me you don't want him," Amanda said softly, nuzzling herself against him with a gentle wiggling motion that sent chills of delight down his spine; a signal his body hadn't felt in so long it seemed almost new, "you know it would be perfect- I'm hot, he's innocent, and you're- " her hands released him, sliding quickly down to the front of his pants, causing both of them to gasp, "well, you're hung like a horse, for one thing."" Amanda and Methos conspire to corrupt Duncan. Ngh.

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Buried Alive, by ignipes
PG-13. "He doesn't really want to kill Brendon and Jon and Shane and bury their bodies in the desert—as much as they deserve it, the fuckers—and he really does love his amazing band and his life and everything that goes along with it. But if—there's always an if, because shit goes wrong and good things never last forever—if things fall apart, […] if he really does end up fading into obscurity and anonymity and wandering the world with nothing but a sitar and an artfully-arranged scarf to his name… The trouble is, Ryan thinks he might actually be okay with that, as long as Spencer is right there wandering the world with him." Ryan and Spencer are having problems adjusting to some changes between them. Good thing their friends won't let that happen. LOVE!

So, So Fucked, by Reni Days
R, AU. "After the concert was over and done with, they could drop the act and "come out" as straight again […] — but in the meantime, hello gay lover. It was fine. It would be fine. Honestly, it's not like half their fanbase didn't already have their suspicions. Pete had seen the fanfics. This was…this was, like, almost not a big deal at all. Now, if only Patrick would see it that way." How to accidentially out yourself (and your lead singer) without actually being gay (yeah, right…) – oh yes, you're Pete Wentz! *g* This made me laugh out loud.

if rick allen can do it, by awesomeoutloud
NC-17. "At first, the worse part about the whole thing is that waking up with his wrists bound to his headboard is not surprising. What makes that the worse part is: all the times Patrick has woken up like this, it has never once ended the way it probably should." Snarkily written smut makes me gleeful. Who knew?

i see a tunnel and at the end i see a light, by clumsygyrl
PG-13, Christmas fic. ""Pete, are you lonely?" Maja asks. She laughs, and extends one hand out to him. "We're very grateful for your hospitality." Patrick buries his face in the soft skin of her shoulder and laughs along with her, but he looks up sharply when Pete doesn't start laughing, too." In which Maja comes for a visit and Pete feels left out. Until he doesn't anymore. Ngh.

so i could pin it to my sleeve, by crayola123
PG. "Patrick's jaw is square and his eyes flash like he's about to say something, something real and heartfelt and grounding. Pete thinks, I'm in love with you. You." This is LOVE. *happy sigh*

Vid: Love Is All You Need, by such heights
"Love, love, love; a celebration." This is LOVE, in the truest sense of the word. Really, for shows as angst-filled as DW and TW, there sure is a lot of hugging going on… 🙂 Music by The Beatles.

Vid: Dance Commander, by such heights
"It would be awesome if we could dance." Awesome Captain Jack theme song. Music by Electric Six.

and i dream of what i need, by blindmadness
NC-17, AU. "'When one is the male princess of a magical kingdom, few things come as a surprise anymore.' Princess Gerard Way of the kingdom of Belleville sets out on a quest to fulfill a prophecy and encounters dragons, climbs mountains, runs from volcanoes, banters with King Peter of Wilmette, and finds true love along the way." This is LOVE (and magic and unicorns and dragons, oh my)…

The One Where They're All… Ducks?, by sunsetmog
PG, AU. "Gerard's feathers brushed Frank's beak. "Quack," Gerard said, for wont of something better to say." Can I have some of this crack, please? This shouldn't be as sweet as it is, either.

Pete/Patrick van BJ extravaganza, by dracopet
NC-17, underage Patrick. "It doesn't really come as a huge surprise, because seriously, Pete has *seen* Patrick's mouth, has even jerked off thinking about it a few times, and it's pretty much made for blowjobs, but Pete? Is definitely not lucky enough to be where he is." Ngh. Oh yes.

Red Salamander, by voleuse
PG-13. ""Lipstick," he hisses. "On my favorite shirt." Kate groans, and he ignores his stomach's flip at the sound. "If we're going to start keeping tabs, I'll remind you of the incident in the breakroom."" I miss Kate. I miss Kate and Tony. This is great.

Only to Sink Beneath the Surface, by lordessrenegade
PG-13, Pete/Patrick/Ashlee. ""Pete, where did you find this guy?" she asked, pouting a little. "Borders," Pete told her. "Blame Joe. He got a defective copy." He flicked a stream of water towards Patrick's chair and got a lazily flipped middle finger in return." Threesome action by the pool – oh yes, PLEASE! *g*

Alternate communication, by anon
PG-13. ""Stay Gold" gets two more letters a month into the tour, now he's staying golden instead. "Unloveable" has the first two letters covered in a huge black box. If he looks carefully, he can see where the letters were first covered by a heart, and then the heart itself covered up. He stays away from Patrick's bus, and skips the Ambien for three nights." Patrick writes Pete a somewhat unconventional love letter. *hearts*

Home Sweet Home, by anon
PG-13, future!fic. "Jon says, "The music, I mean. It's always going to be amazing, because it's always going to be the only thing you guys have. Together, at least." "Fuck, Jon Walker," Pete says. "Why do you have to be so deep or whatever."" This is bittersweet.

I Just Want Your Extra Time (and Your… Kiss), by fiddleyoumust
R, AU. ""I'm jealous?" Frank says rolling his back. "Who got laid last night and who hasn't been on a date since…I actually don't know that I've ever seen you date." Frank taps his fingers against the table as he tries to think of any moment where Spencer has mentioned a date or even a nice old-fashioned one night stand." Never Been Kissed AU about Spencer and Jon, which is actually all about Frank and Gerard. Me likey! 🙂

Comment fic by sociofemme
R. "He decided against giving the Bunk Times Are Quiet Times lecture in the morning — perhaps tomorrow night, he might find out who the hell had been there with Gerard, and give his imagination more scope." Sex on a tiny little tour bus. (Aural) voyeurism. Hotness!

Not A Landmine, Not A Goldmine (No You're Not Mine At All), by flash-indie
PG. "She’s never wanted everyone to like her, isn’t that conceited (just a little, not as much as everyone thinks), it’s just that this guy, this short, podgy guy, with his hat and his glasses and his fucking talent that drips from his fingers, nose, voice, this guy that means so much to Pete, he hates her." Early days Ashlee POV with a kind of broken, totally endearing Ashlee trying to fit into Pete's life.

All their personal belongings have intertwined, by chiromancy
NC-17, future!fic. ""So you should figure out what to do with Gerard. You know what I think about it." She raises an eyebrow. He does know. His stomach flutters. It does that a lot, lately. His life is full of things that make his stomach do a dance. It would be ungrateful to complain. He leans down to kiss her. He's grateful." A "wife swap-ish thing" on tour, in which the boys have years of UST and the girls can't stop staring at each other. No adultery. This is warm and sexy and full of love.

Small Cells and Fibers, by sevenfists
R, AU. ""Okay," Constance said. "Bye, Mister Frank!" "Bye, Constance. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" Frank said. "Bright and early," Hot Artist Dude said. "Take care!" "Bye," Frank said lamely. The door closed behind Hot Artist Dude and Frank sighed. Another day gone, and he still didn't even know Hot Artist Dude's name." Frank is a preschool teacher. Gerard is a dad. Most other things are the same. 🙂 Adorable!

Far Better Than Joy, by sevenfists
PG. "Ryan breaks up with Keltie while they're in Copenhagen and Spencer doesn't find out until three days later. That's the first sign—or, if Spencer's being honest with himself, the first he pays attention to." Oh, beffies growing apart… Can you hear my heart breaking? This is incredibly painful to read. (I'm so glad this is fiction, seriously!)

Distance in the Afterlife, by sevenfists
NC-17. "The issue with his interview hits the newsstands on Tuesday morning, and within half an hour his phone's buzzing with calls from Brian, his mom, their publicist, Pete Wentz, and every member of his band. Half an hour after that, he's dropped his phone in the toilet." Gerard comes out and it's got nothing to do with Frankie – nothing, I tell you! Seriously, this is amazingly awesome!

Immutable, by paloma_cayendo
PG-13. "The two are sitting in Frank's bed, peering down at the smooth skin of Frank's leg. Earlier, he had bitched about it – "I had to shave my leg, for Christ's sake" – but now, he refuses to roll his shorts back down. Gerard writes out the words with his fingertip, slowly." Frank and Gerard and a quiet moment discussing Frank's tattoos and where Gerard fits in. Lovely!

of confidence and hunger, by battleofhydaspe
NC-17. "It starts just like that. They’re in the middle of a show, Somewhere, USA, when Frank does that thing that starts it all." Frank does *something* and somehow, Gerard turns into a teenage girl.

A Necessary Requirement
R. "“This has nothing to do with my weird body issues,” Gerard said, wriggling away. “I just happen to think that dick-showing is something that should happen within the confines of a stable, loving relationship.”" On Warped, Frank wants to see Gerard's dick. Hee!

Reasons We Don't, by airgiodslv
R. "“Why don’t we fuck?” Frank asks, tipping his head back to blow smoke at the sky." No idea why I haven't recced this before, this is all things good!

Et Tu, by Impertinence
PG-13. "Because the thing is, Pete doesn't write the songs. He writes fragments, and then Patrick looks at those fragments and puts them together and suddenly they mean something, and that's what Patrick means to Pete. That's what Patrick is." Patrick makes Pete makes sense. Wonderfulness!

Let Us Be Three, by fiddleyoumust
NC-17. "Brendon spends two whole days thinking about Spencer's mouth and Ryan's hands. He lies in bed at night with his sheets wrapped up around his legs and his hand wrapped tight around his cock. It's both really, really hot and horrifying, because Spencer and Ryan are his best friends and his band mates." Ryan and Spencer devirginizing Brendon. OT3 for the win! 🙂

Expectations, by whisperingtome
NC-17. "Having sex with Frank was really nothing like Gerard expected." Reality and fantasy. Hotsexysweetness.

Une femme n'est pas Un Homme, by superspleen and fallingfortruth
NC-17, AU, het. ""I'm- a friend of Mikey's." Frank finds his smile somewhere, crooked and a little stunned, and he holds his hand out to Gee. "I don't think I've met you. I mean. I know I haven't met you." Mikey, she's beautiful. Why the fuzzy heck haven't you told me about her?" Gee is transgendered. Frank is 17 and awesome. Awkward and sweet and sexy – amazing!

New Kid Makes a Rule, by sinsense
R, AU. "Friday is Bring Your Dog to Work Day. It used to be Bring Your Kid to Work Day, but it turns out the Marketing Department doesn't have kids. Period. "Because we're gayasaurs," Joe says. "Gaymosexuals."" This office is cracktastically fantastic. (Missing a chunk in the middle, but still ohso awesome!)

Where the Wild Pete Is, by okubyo-kitsune
PG, AU. "Pete is a no good, very bad man. He doesn’t listen, he lives in his parent’s basement, he dresses in his Halloween costumes, even when it’s not Halloween. He wears the wolf outfit because he’s a wolf—in his own mind, anyways. He’s also a no good, very bad boy in his own mind." Pete is the King of Wild Things. Magical!

His Executive Sweetheart (I'll Put The Coffee On), by sunsetmog
NC-17, AU. "As a bored but efficient executive assistant, Ryan Ross wasn't supposed to have fallen madly, hopelessly in love with his boss. Especially when his boss was business mogul and confirmed bachelor (and old childhood friend) Spencer Smith." Office romance, Panic style – lovely, this makes me smile so hard.

make you dance tonight, by Allison
NC-17. "So I woke up the other morning and somehow started thinking things like how I wanted a story where like, Frank drags Gerard out to a club in Europe or whatever, when they're still pretty small but starting to gain ground." Starts as comment porn, but oh, is it sizzling! I can totally see this…

lesbian folk AU, by wearemany
PG-13, AU, not!fic. "patrick stump's acoustic version of "growing up" is obviously from his lesbian folk music phase (we all had one, after all). which led to me and J spinning a whole lesbian FOB AU that still doesn't require either pete or patrick to be a girl." This is made of so much win – I wish it was a fully fleshed out fic, but this works just fine…

The Best Thing Since 'verse, by Mandy
PG-13, AU. "Brendon really loves his band. Unfortunately, they all have amazing, hot boyfriends." Meet The Best Thing Since, consisting of Brendon, Haley, Keltie and Cassie… Also meet the girls' boyfriends Spencer, Ryan and Jon. Then take it from there. This 'verse is seriously made of kittens and rainbows and all things cute and fuzzy!

fake boyfriends ficlet by softlyforgotten
PG. "“Uh, yeah,” he says. “We’ve been doing it for years. Like, if you don’t want to be flirted with anymore, you know? It’s useful.” Brendon stares at him. “So Ryan is your… pretend boyfriend?”" Oblivious boys and outsider's perspective – two of my very favorite things!

An Emergency of the Heart, by Bex
PG-13, AU. "The birds flutter around while Gerard drinks his coffee and finishes his cigarette. They always seem to know which clothes on the floor are – not clean, but less dirty than the others. Gerard doesn’t know how, because he can never figure it out himself, but it’s pretty fucking sweet." Cinderella!Gerard – priceless!

Vid: Sexy Beasts, by caughtmyattention
In each other's personal space, like, all the time! *g* Music: Idiot Boyfriend by Jimmy Fallon.

Vid: Gerard Way and Frank Iero Sexiness on Stage, by myfreakromance
Gerard and Frank on stage. Sizzling! Music: Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence.

A Minor Fall (a Major Pain in the Ass), by Giddy
NC-17. "It's a system they've got. Pete calls it Dealing With the Diva. Whereby Diva he means, First Love of My Life. Except when he means, That Fucking Asshole Patrick, Motherfucker Tried to Kill Me Again." Patrick throwing things! Pete being Pete! Hot sex! I have such cartoon hearts in my eyes for this fic.

neon eyes are set on you, by Linzee
NC-17, girl!AU. "If Pete's perfectly honest she only feels bad about the tape because of how upset Patrick is." Sidekick incident, girl!Pete style.

when pigs fly and cliches die, by lolab
NC-17, underage sex. "The thing is, Spencer Smith has nice hips. Really, nice, hips. The other thing is — and this is the thing that sucks — it takes Ryan a decade to notice." Baby!Panic of the best kind – full of fun, and love, teenage angst and sexiness.

"(rest)(stop)," by toby z. antium
PG-13, van days. "From this angle, upside-down with his legs in the gap between the seats, his right elbow making an intimate acquaintance of his vertebrae, Pete can see everything. He sees the kidney-shaped stains on the ceiling – soda spills, mud, the blood of the innocent – and the rising wreckage of three weeks of boys, and the series of s-curves that makes up Patrick. He watches Patrick shift in against the door, his cheek nestled against the seatbelt, his arms cradled against his chest. "Gas money." "Fuck off."" Gas stop. Boys in a van. Loveliness.

Look For the Stars as the Sun Goes Down, by foxxcub
G, kitten!AU. "Ryan starts to tuck up close to Brendon, muzzle pressed up against Jon's back, then he sits up suddenly and says, "Hey. Where's Spencer?"" Yes. Kittens. It really doesn't get more adorable than this!

The Fabulous Life of Peter Wentz, by megyal
PG, future!fic. "I didn't step off the edge, Pete says softly, because I heard someone singing Hallelujah." Big Fish. Death!fic. Sad in the most beautiful way.

Takes Some Tears To Make It Rust, by somethingspoony
PG. ""Well Ryan, I'm five. We'll be best friends. I don't have a best friend here, yet." Ryan takes the shovel tentatively. "I've never had a best friend before," he says as he bends down. "They're lotsa fun. You'll see. We'll be it forever."" Through the years.

A Rough First Draft, by Zarah
NC-17. "Spencer smiles. “Hey,” he says, voice half a notch deeper than usual, and Ryan knows that tone now even though it’s still new, hasn’t been more than a week since Ryan turned in the doorway to find Spencer right behind him. Something in the moment seemed to call for Ryan to lean over and press his mouth to Spencer’s with only a very distant, shadowed justification in his head, something about how most best friends apparently do this during puberty, so it was long overdue for them. Spencer didn’t ask for a justification, though. Just adjusted the angle and brought up a hand to hold Ryan’s hip in a tight grip." Doesn't get much better than this, it really doesn't.

Took the Long Way, by Zarah
R, future!fic. "They celebrate Ryan's thirtieth birthday on a hill in Italy, vineyards melting into the sea that melts into the horizon." A long-awaited moment. Beautiful and warm.

Put the Horse Before the Cart, by theswearingkind
PG, AU. "The guy shrugs, cracks his neck. “Generally speaking? People shopping for mail-order companionship are kind of skanky.” “Oh,” Pete says, because that makes sense. Then, “Wait, dude, what?”" Best birthday present Pete ever got… Cracked me up.

Danse Macabre, by Valderys
NC-17, post-series 2. "At 8.00 he goes downstairs. As the huge door ratchets open, Ianto takes a breath and composes himself. He tugs his waistcoat down. It’s a nervous habit, but one that he’s let himself keep. It’s harmless enough. He knows that sometimes Jack looks for him on the CCTV, to check he’s ok, Ianto assumes – Ianto is happy to show Jack how normal he still is." A day in the life of Ianto Jones during the end of the world. Interesting format, great Ianto!

The Dazzling Lances of Our Soul, by Bex
R. "And, okay, he knew that it happened. He’d read it in books, and seen it in movies, and had even, during drunken confession time with various people over the years, heard one or two personal accounts. But it had always seemed like the kind of thing that would never happen to him, like winning the lottery, or being murdered. But Frank was, generally, very happy to be having sex." Crying during sex. Short fic made of awesomeness.

Speakeasy, by Sky and El
NC-17, AU, not!fic. "It was meant to be about Pete, the mobster they've imported from Miami, Joe and Andy, who make bathtub gin, and Patrick, who is the commissioner's son and just wants to play piano. Ryan and Billie took over." I love prohibition era fics, and this is chockful with awesome storylines and great pairings! (To get from Part 2 to Part 3, just go to the following post.)

Brush The Sky, by katchatters
R, historical AU. "Pete first meets Ryan Ross on the corner of 16th Avenue, a thin figure silhouetted against the dusk." 1920s Chicago, meet Pete's new band. Bound to rock his bar – if only they had a singer… Fabulousness!

(destiny is calling me) open up my eager eyes, by azurejay
PG. "Whenever he's close enough on stage to talk to Patrick, he keeps thinking: my girlfriend wants to fuck you." Pete and Ashlee have an open relationship – but is Pete ready for this? Great premise, awesomely written.

once upon a time, Ryan Ross went to college…, by arsenicjade
G. "Ryan rolled over onto his back and took a breath. He grabbed his cell from the stand beside the bed and checked the time–almost three fifteen. He wouldn't call Spencer, he wouldn't." Lovely, lovely beffies fic!

Been Taken, by disarm_d and foxxcub
NC-17, underage sex. "There's the porn on the TVs, on all of the TVs, and there's Spencer bent over the pool table, and when Ryan comes out of the shower he walks around without a shirt for for-friggen-ever, and there's just no safe place for Brendon to look." Brendon's innocent – Spencer and Ryan are most definitely not. Holy smokes!

A Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck, by adellyna and foxxcub
NC-17, semi-noncon at first. ""Maybe," Ryan says coldly, glaring at Brendon. "If you didn't stare at Spencer's dick all the time, you wouldn't have so many opinions about my proximity to it."" Holy fucking hell, this just broke my brain…

(I'll Be) The Only Thing Between You and the Stars at Night, by Moku-youbi
NC-17, AU. "Pete likes to be the Admiral of the Fleet in his free time, the Cobra is after The Academy, the Helena is after the Cobra, and Brendon gets caught in the middle, leaving it up to Spencer, Jon and Ryan to come to his rescue. Oh yeah." Crazy bandom boys on DS9 – needless to say, fun and shenanigans galore (also, hot sex of all sorts *g*) ensues!

Fifty Hours a Night, by giddygeek
PG-13. "Patrick touched his hair and Pete pushed up against his hand like a cat. Patrick looked like he was trying not to smile. "You're Pete," he said. "You don't come first just because you're the frontman." And how was Pete supposed to resist that?" Aww, this made me smile so big!

grass under your feet, by lady-stargazer
R, slightly AU. "On a Monday when Spencer Smith is seven years old, a new kid moves in next door." Lovelylovelylovely, this feels as if it might have happened just like this.

hesitate, then move forward, by prettykitty
PG, girl!fic. "Ryan has been sneaking into her bedroom for so long that Spencer doesn't really even wake up any more, just moves closer to the wall and lets him slide in and tuck himself behind her." Things change between two best friends. Awesome girl!Spencer fic!

Posner's Reward, by kat
PG-13, post-Oxford graduation. "He had never exactly planned on living with Posner, but when Dakin left to move in with his girlfriend and Posner needed somewhere to stay, it seemed almost meant to be." Scripps decides to follow in Dakin's footsteps.

Vid: My gay boyfriend(s), by Reilein
Gwen loves her gay boyfriends… Fun! Music by The Hazzards.

Vid: Affirmation, by butterfly
"A love letter to Doctor Who and Torchwood." And what a wonderful one it is, seriously! Music by Savage Garden.

Vid: I Love the World, by hllangel
The Doctor loves the world – boom de yada! Discovery Channel commercial remade.

Loved You, First, by softlyforgotten
PG-13. "The times it gets really bad are when Spencer stops thinking about how ill Ryan looks and starts thinking about his fingers and his wrists instead, and the way his mouth looked after that day Jac had visited." It's always been Ryan & Spencer. This one's just lovely.

Relative Terms, by drawingblinds
PG, in Oxford. ""I do like girls, you know." Scripps didn't look at him as he said this, feeling slightly dishonest." Dakin makes Scripps' life more interesting…

if, then/Up for it, by holycitygirl
PG-13, in Oxford. "Epiphanies don't ask permission. They invade. And this one makes Dakin realize he has unfufilled desires of his own. That Scripps is the only man he could never have, so therefore, obviously, the only man he should want." Great Dakin and Scripps POVs.

except you ravish me, by solvent90
R, at Oxford. "Our father, Scripps whispers under his breath in the dark, low and careful. Saying the familiar words feels like laying a floor for himself in the darkness, brick by cautious brick, and all he has to do is not look left or right, not deviate by an inch." Amazing Scripps, great Dakin. Love this to bits!

adult, by solvent90
PG-13, post-movie. "It's only Scripps who just seems to dream his way into the best marks, and Dakin watches his hands as he talks, the wide uncalculated curve of his smile, and feels a certain jitter under his skin." An unexpected development. Yayes!

fueled by chlorophyll, by transcendenza
PG-13. "“Patrick, I—” Pete started, but angry vines wrapped around his ankles and yanked his feet out from under him." The one where most of bandom gets turned into plants. I love this fandom! *g*

wore out the soles of my travelin' shoes, by ignipes
PG-13, future!fic. "The look Ryan gives him is wide-eyed and a little startled, but his voice is carefully flat when he says, "You've been gone forever." A few months isn't forever, but Spencer feels a pang of guilt, quickly brushes it away." A reunion.

Other Children's Toys, by cupiscent
R. "Memory is a funny thing, and being the High King is not quite like riding a bicycle, but Peter's never been good at hesitation." An utterly compelling look at Peter and his relationships with Susan and Caspian through the movie.

Dreaming to the Twilight + follow-ups, by sneaky-sena
NC-17, teenaged sex. "Spencer sometimes makes out with his best friend. It's not like it's a thing, and it never goes any further than kissing. Until it does." Series describing a changing friendship. Lovely characterisations, great sex. *g*

Question, by femmequixotic
PG-13. "There were moments when Patrick wasn't quite certain how all this had happened." Short but oh so sweet..

Plating a Quiet Dish, by SA
R, established. "Ryland liked to say he was actually dreaming of something else, doyaknowwhatImean, but Alex was totally serious when he said he woke up hungry from a dream about the zucchini and mushroom risotto he made when he was 19." Home from tour.

Years Unfold, by turps33
PG-13. "Those times are constant, unremarkable when taken as one, but together they form something special, a solid friendship. Which is the problem; because Spencer has started to want more." Lovely look at a changing friendship.

Hold Tight, It's Just Beginning, by Jocondite
R, pre-Panic. "Upstairs, he barely has the door shut before Ryan leans in and bites his lower lip, and it's not that Spencer is glad about the situation, but he'd be lying if he said that he didn't enjoy how into it Ryan is on nights like this." Comfort.

Schwarzchild's Hammer, by okubyo_kitsune
R, space!AU. "Patrick doesn’t know how he got to this point in his life, or why he’s here, strapped into the pilot’s seat in the cockpit of the USS Enterprise—a joke he could have gladly done without—getting ready for his first flight into space." Awesome.

Hey Baby, Gimme Some Tail…., by megyal
NC-17, AU. ""Right," said Pete, tugging at the extra appendage curling disdainfully out of the back of Patrick's khaki pants. "This. Is. A. Tail."" Patrick grows a tail. Pete likes it. Fun!

the &^%damned arms race, by megyal
NC-17, AMAs 2006. ""-and I'll give you a hand job now…and. Ok, and a blowjob later." "Sex later," Pete immediately parlayed, and Patrick rolled his eyes. "Two rounds."" Negotiations. Public sex. Is there anything more fun?

Might Be Maybe Not, by DF
PG-15. "Joe and Andy are the sidekicks. There are no epic romances or grand gestures for them, so it's okay. It's okay, it's okay, and Joe still laughs and makes jokes so nobody notices." Seriously awesome look at two that are often overlooked.

Understanding: Lack Of, To Have An, by jamjar
R. "Travis isn't surprised that Patrick and Pete aren't hooking up. Bands, tours, things happen. Sometimes, you just don't. What he doesn't get is that it's never happened. Not once. Ever. And that's pretty fucking weird." Travis. Patrick. Pete. Lovely.

Nightwatch, by jamjar
NC-17, voyeurism. "Pete approves of Patrick getting laid, for reasons that are not entirely altruistic." Pete doesn't mean to watch Patrick and Travis, but he can't really help it. Yummy.

Kiss me, Alexander, by Kizzykat
PG-13. "“Would you kiss me if I were gay?” Colin deliberately broke eye contact with Jared’s mesmerising, engulfing eyes." The lines between Alexander and Hephaestion and the actors who play them become blurred one night.

A Little Piece with You, by foxxcub and lifeslushlips
NC-17, speakeasy AU. "To be honest, Jon's been waiting for Brendon to bring up the idea of forming a band since the night Spencer mentioned he played drums. He lays his cards on the table and looks sidelong at Spencer." Two Vegas boys in 1920s Chicago…

Underground Earthquakes, by stele3
R, BDSM. ""Really? It doesn't hurt," Ryan said. Spencer looked up. Ryan's pale armed were framed against the sky, criss-crossed by scratches and cuts. In the dark, the blood looked black." Boys grow up, things change in unexpected ways. (Non-Panic AU.)

Rip Her To Shreds, by flash-indie
R, girl!fic. "And okay, so argyle sweaters were never in, and maybe shorts and black knee socks were a bad choice, but, still. Trish flushes, and she slaps Peyton across the face." FOB with four kick-ass chicks. Different yet the same and very awesome.

This Song Is Not For You, by Zee
NC-17, AU, angst. "Patrick thinks that if Bob had pushed him away that first time, if Bob had demanded that Patrick break up with Pete first with righteous indignation in his voice, Patrick would probably be in love with him by now." This hurts like hell.

I've Got a Secret I've Been Hiding Under My Skin (i am finally waking up), by thinkme-naive
PG-13, AU, character death. "I remember you dying, and I carry that around with me every day. Every time I look at you I think about what I did, and how you're not him." "Cupid's Chokehold" AU – awesome mindfuck alert!

and weather in the heart alike, by carleton97
NC-17, always-a-girl!fic. "It's the lead singer, though, that totally rocks his world. She's short, really short, but not all bony like most of the chicks in the audience and she's kicking ass on rhythm guitar." Bob/Trish = WIN! Hilarious and sexy.

Like Unto, by Dee
PG, drabble. "There was a growing fashion amongst Telmarine ladies, even those not naturally endowed with chestnut tresses." Post-movie, Caspian notices certain… trends. Hello, new OT3! 🙂

The Logistics of Victory, by Dee
R. "Peter shrugged and felt himself grinning, with not the slightest inclination to prevent it. "Haven't any idea, actually. But history suggests something rather reckless that my sister would absolutely not approve of."" After the battle. Yummy!

Skin of the Canvas, by sinsense
NC-17, AU. ""–three twenty minute poses," the professor says, continuing a sentence that Gerard was apparently too zoned out on sex to hear, "a break, and then one long session. Is that okay, Frank?"" Intense. Deals with alcoholism. Also, sexay! 🙂

Tell Us a Story, by bexless and imogenedisease
NC-17, AU. "“Fair virgins!” he booms, grabbing Mikey Way around the waist and spinning him in a circle. “Welcome to my lair, motherfuckers!”" A post-highschool party at Gabe's. Craziness. 'Can't Hardly Wait', bandom style. So much WIN, seriously.

The Little Things, by claire_debonair
PG-13, AU. "Patrick is a chocolatier." This sentence tells you all you need to know – chocolate and bandom boys and so much sweet, sweet love! *happy sigh*

The Principle of the Matter, by miserylovedme
NC-17, underage sex. "“One, you know my parents won’t let me stay over on school nights and two, I’m sure that would go over great, my twenty-one year old boyfriend dropping me off at school.”" Naughtiness with 16-year-old Patrick. Me likey a lot!

Concatenation, the Birth of Babel, and Other Acoustic Rebellions, by Swan Swan
NC-17, AU. ""You don't have to be without music, Patrick. They don't own it." Patrick chokes, incredulous. "Says who? Of course they fucking own it, they're the only ones allowed to play!"" Music is government property. Except not. Awesomeness!

Act As If, by afterthefair
NC-17. "”It’s kind of like,” he pauses and Ryan can hear the laughter in his voice when he speaks again, “when you had girlfriends I didn’t notice that you also had a boyfriend.”" The subtle shifting of lines, the changing of a friendship. Love!

Pavlov's Bell, by smirnoffmule
NC-17, pre-series. "Jack looked at him again, his head on one side like Myfanwy’s and he licked his lips just a little and Ianto didn’t look away. If he’d looked away it wouldn’t have happened. He told himself he didn’t realise that till afterwards." Finding an understanding, of sorts.

6amlife, by beingothrwrldly
G. "The way the moon shines in the window, it makes everything feel like a dream, like 'i am seriously finally here with my best friend and nothing could be more perfect', and Pete doesn't ever want to wake up." Totally true in my head. Lovely!

in this white house, by lordessrenegade
R, AU. "President Way saves lives." Seriously, guys, White House AU. With crazy-sexy shenanigans and filled with adorableness and squee.

till the seas run dry, by longtime-lurker
NC-17, AU. "Nic, however, pipes up, "Nuh-uh, he's just freaking out 'cause he's going to marry you" before ambling on out of there in cheerful oblivion." Sequel to "asking to be born". Big Bang kid!fic/wedding!fic. Wibbles and flails all the way.

The Music or the Misery, by Marianna
R, AU. "The kid is cute; Pete’ll give him that." What if Pete had only met Patrick when he was 17? Well, really, it should be obvious… Fun and sweet.

The Best Sound in the World, by draicana
PG, AU. "They pause by Boost to grab their usual drinks from Brendon, who greets them enthusiastically with, “Scarf guy talked to me! He was just here and he talked to me!”" A bunch of pretty gay boys working in a mall – what's not to love?

Bist Du Bei Mir, by kalpurna
NC-17, AU. "Habits formed quickly with Peter around, and these days Ulrich thought nothing of going upstairs in the Wentzes' home when he’d finished practicing on the harpsichord." Historical AU set in 1700s Germany – absolutely fantastic!

All the More Wanting, by languisity
NC-17. "So, Patrick was a bitch sometimes. It just so happened that was one of Pete's favorite Patrick's." Pete pushes Patrick. Phone sex happens. Yum!

Here's Your Position (two skinny emo boys Patrick Stump never shoved against a wall), version: Pete Wentz, by Zee
NC-17. "He's unsure whether this is going to be fighting or fucking until Patrick kisses him, a collision of teeth more than anything else." A disagreement over lyrics escalates – and oh, I do love against-a-wall fic… Violent and intense.

We're Alone Now [And I'm Singing This Song For You], by megyal
PG, AU. "I remember…so you can too." Pete has anterograde amnesia. Break my heart, why don't you?

Vid: Reasons, by Ancasta
Why you should love Bodie & Doyle. Music: Chain Gang by Monstrance.

Vid: Classic, by Ancasta
Why you should love Starsky & Hutch. Hee! Music: Instrumental by Copper Loc.

Measuring Life With Coffee Spoons, by iamtheenemy
R, AU. "“Venti mocha frappuccino, no whipped cream,” Frank said with a grin. Gerard noticed he was wearing the nametag with the little blue vampire drawn next to the K. It was Gerard’s favorite." Stalker!Gerard and determined!Frank. So much fun!

A Brokedown Melody by SA
R, AU. "When Jon is twelve, his parents move the family to Hawai'i." This? is simply stunning. Seriously, there are no words. And I love how it feels like reality, just a little different.

Vid: "i'm yours", by proofpudding
Cuteness overload indeed – this just made me smile so hard! Music by Jason Mraz.

Tacit, by daygloparker
R, post-Santa in the Slush. "He kisses her in her office, and it happens." A mosaic of a relationship in flux.

You'd Love to Lead, by giddygeek
NC-17, Dance Dance AU. "You've got to meet Patrick–I mean, for real, I've got to see the two of you in the same room. It'll be awesome, kid. Best moment of my life, I swear. Oh, hey, and I'm Pete, by the way." After the dance, Martin meets the band.

Three To Get Ready . . ., by naotalba
R. "The wedding would have been way cooler; Pete had been working with designers on the most awesome suit with matching derby hat for Patrick for months. But Papa Joe put his foot down." Amazing Pete/Ashlee/Patrick fic. Great relationship dynamics.

Inside-Out, by thinkme-naive
R, future!fic. "If PJ had still been living at home, this is when he would have learned about his Daddy's cancer. Instead, he's in some seedy night club, snorting cocaine for his twenty-first birthday." The break-down of a family. This packs a mean punch.

My Hat Has Three Corners, by o4fuxache
NC-17, AU. "Boy meets boy, boy falls for boy, boy loses boy, boy gets over boy." This is simply amazing, it feels so real. Joe falls in love, things go wrong, the world doesn't end. Honestly, I love this like burning!

Vid: Don't Die Before I Do, by burntpaper
"Your love I can't dismiss. Don't die before I do." Gorgeous vid chronicling the great love story of Alexander and his Hephaistion. Song is "Stirb nicht vor mir" by Rammstein.

Vid: Too Lost in You, by BlindedJustice
An epic love story. This is my historical RPS OTP, as portrayed by Jared Leto and Colin Farrell. Music by Sugababes.

there's distance between us, by megyal
NC-17, post-Best Buy. ""It's…it's my mouth. It's my tongue on you. I want to do so much–" "You are–" "–but you're not here and I hate you so much for that."" Things aren't okay yet, but they will be. And there's phonesex.

There Should Be A Name For Something Like This, by skoosiepants
PG-13. "Brendon Urie: adorable and polite. Seriously, how could Spencer resist him?" It's all hypothetical, of course. Until it's maybe, just maybe, not. Awesomely funny and cute. "Kittens would be jealous." Yes indeed.

Problem Solving or: An Idiot’s Guide to Falling out of Love, by kosher_pareve
R, humour. "Patrick’s going to get over this crush if it kills him. Which, at the rate he’s going, it probably will." Patrick asks the Ways for advice. Craziness ensues! Another reccing oversight. This might just be the most hilarious fic ever. *nods*

Spencer's Room, by druscilla_way
PG-13. "Ryan, Spencer, go to Spencer's room right now." The fantastic adventures of two very naughty boys. Hee, so much fun!

Bound By Ink, by ficsoreal
NC-17, AU. "He tells himself that's because the tradition is simply outdated and barbaric, not because he just can't stand to think that one day someone else's mark will be on Spencer's fair skin." Tattoo'verse. Amazing companion to Shotgun.

Little You and I, by foxxcub
PG-13, highschool AU. "Everyone loves Pete. It's like a prerequisite for going to school here." This makes me do dolphin noises. So cute!

Only Dreams Bury The Storm, by leda_speaks
R, post-Janus List. "Colby has taken something from them, from the team, something that can’t be replaced." After Colby's apparent betrayal, David angsts.

Take the World Together, by rubynye
PG-13, post 4×01. "He remembers wondering if Colby had merely seduced him to gain access to his apartment, if the real Colby even kissed like that, touched like that, smiled like that." I have such a fondness for this pairing!

our comedies are not to be laughed at, by maleyka and adellyna
NC-17, AU. "Frank and Gerard want to do a horror movie, but they have to pitch the idea to Pete, whose genre of choice typically involves romantic comedies. Sometimes about mimes." How come I did not rec this before? Fantastically hilarious filmschool AU.

Shades and Silence, by dancingxcabaret
NC-17. "His breathing is forgotten and all he can do is stare unblinkingly at Patrick sprawled across the longest of the couches, oblivious to Pete’s revolutionary discovery." 4 scenes of an epic love. Starring Ashlee in a supporting role (literally).

Demons! at the Disco, by Mandy
R, AU. ""You're cannibals?!" he finally manages. Ryan wrinkles his nose. "God, no. Brent was a one-time thing."" After Brent disappears, Jon joins a very… unique band. WIP.

Fall on Your Knees, by marksykins
NC-17. "Ryan goes to his knees for Spencer, just not the way Spencer wants." PWP of the most delicious, post-show kind…

The Elements Series, by Lilith Sedai
NC-17, AU. Obi-Wan didn't become Qui-Gon's apprentice, leading to conflict when they have to work together. Intense, very long and very sexy.

like a cigarette (the way that lovers do), by linzeems
NC-17. "Listening to Pete talk Gabe half expected Patrick to walk on water, and the kind of boy you couldn't touch if you tried. What he wasn't expecting was a dirty mouth and lips made to suck cock." Gabe learns the ropes at Warped. Lots of fun ensues.

Check Y/N, by impertinence
NC-17. "“You deserve it, and Andy's smart and knows it,” Patrick said, and pinned Pete's wrists to the ground. Pete froze. His hard-on was digging into Patrick's ass; whoops. “Um,” he said." Pete pulls Patrick's pigtails. Patrick pulls back. Sex happens.

Kick It Back, by afterthefair
R, future!fic. “Do they still count as rumors if there’s video footage on the internet?" Jon and Spencer get caught, Spencer has problem dealing. Amazing and realistic coming-out fic.

I've Got Your Number One Bullet Right Here, Baby, by femmequixotic and supergrover24
NC-17. "Except tonight, somehow, ended up being dick-and-ass. Pete swore up and down he didn't know how he'd managed to queue that one up, but Patrick doesn't believe him. There aren't that many things Pete does accidentally." Porn gives Patrick ideas…

Vid: My Sweet Prince, by frogspace
One of my favorite fantasy series when I was younger – Romualdo and Tarabas never actually met, but this vid does a great job convincing me otherwise. Music by Placebo.

what countries the seconds, by theloyalist
R, AU. "For a long time he kind of forgets he has a neighbor, in the same way you forget you have an arm or leg; it's there, but there's no reason to think of it, so you don't." Pete gets to know his unseen neighbour. Beautifully lyrical fic.

The Grasshopper Unit, by harriet_vane
PG-13, AU. "Ryan immediately squirmed over so there was a space between him and Spencer. “In case he wakes up and freaks out,” he said. That was more words than Bob had heard from Ryan since the whole accidental-kid-ening." Most adorable spy!fic EVER.

The Negotiation Limerick File, by harriet_vane
R, AU. "That meant it was actually all up to Brendon. Brendon, who’d quit. Brendon, who’d fucked up no matter how patiently Ray and Bob had tried to teach him all the spy stuff he might need in a situation like this." MCR *really* wants to save the world. Brendon ends up in the middle.

Fic: Code of Conduct, by Zarah
R. "The two Bus Sex Rules are, to quote Spencer, binding and non-negotiable. But even back when he first read them, Jon almost chuckled at the gaping loophole." Jon is the mastermind, but the others don't put up a fight. At all. This is sheer loveliness.

Better With A Pen, by bluejbird
NC-17. "He loves watching Patrick be a genius, but right now he loves the sound of every breath Patrick sucked in each time the pen touched and dragged on his skin a lot more." Pete writes on Patrick. I love this story- no idea why I didn't rec it before.

Forever, Now, by harriet_vane
PG-13, AU. "Brian realized suddenly that he was considering it – he was actually considering how he’d go about keeping Gerard and Mikey – and felt sick. He’d never even gotten a dog." Kid!fic that is 100% made of awesome. Heartbreaking and squee-i

5 Songs Pete Never Wrote For Patrick Martin Stump, by sweetharet
PG-13. "It was for you, Pete didn’t say as he stared at Patrick’s back. Those lines weren’t for them. They were for you." Pete might have written some lyrics about Patrick. Angsty yet sweet.

I Wondered When Your Countenance Would Change (From Sunshine and Vanilla to the Raven Tones of Rage), by adellyna
PG, AU, angst. "Patrick sends a panicked glance toward the open door, but that's so not an option. He takes a breath, a deep one, and tries to remember what Pete said. It's better just to lay it on the table." Patrick comes out to his parents. Painful.

Salvage, by ficjournal
NC-17. "Patrick kicks at Pete’s shins but misses. “Use your words!” Joe says from the wall. “You’re an asshole!” Patrick snaps at Pete." Joe possibly owns this fic, despite it being Patrick's birthday. Also, fighting, fun and naughtiness!

Love Will Save You, by megyal
R, AU, death. "Patrick knew exactly where he would be. They had always been connected, partly by the Force and partly by something else that had made Patrick's master very uncomfortable when they were at Praxeum." Star Wars. So much win!

At long last, by ladyrogueevie
NC-17. "That, and so long as he pays close attention, he's not thinking about Pete. About the fact that it's not Pete he's having sex with, it's TanyaLukeDawnCarlMeganDave." Awesome early days fic. Patrick is only 16/17 and just wants Pete to see him.

Home, by cynthia-arrow
PG-13. "When did the house know it was waiting for them? When did they know?" Coming home from a tour. This feels anchored and strong.

five people greta has gotten to smirk the "i hit that" smirk about, by warmingweather
NC-17. "Greta thinks about kissing Bob so much she's surprised when she actually does it." Greta porn that manages to be both sizzling hot and rather sweet and funny.

You'll know when you get there, by megyal
PG. "You know, nobody would look at you and think that you curse like that. You look so adorable on-stage and then you get off and talk like a tiny pirate." Early days hotel room sharing cuteness. Written for meee, yayes! Seriously, this makes me happy.

Vid: Mama (animated storyboard), by _audrey
An amazing animated storyboard to My Chemical Romance's song 'Mama', one as a sequel to the 'Ghost of You' video.

Home is Where Our Hearts Are, by giddygeek
PG-13, AU. ""Awesome," Pete says. He loves naughty sponge bath time, with Patrick all spread out for him like a much younger dude while they scandalize the nurse on the other side of the curtain." Welcome to Clandestine Assisted Living. Love and sparkles!

I Want Chicken, I Want Liver, by dracopet
PG, AU. "Patrick is a cat and Pete is a dog, and Patrick isn’t even a really nice cat or anything, but maybe they could be friends. Weirder things have happened. Pete has talked to cows, so he knows." The cutest interspecies fluff that ever fluffed.

we can live like this, by longtime-lurker
PG-13, future!fic. "Spencer is experiencing the most surreal sense of circularity, like he's right back in high school, he and Ryan restless and itching to get out of Vegas." A happily ever after. Warm and sweet.

No Big Deal, by likecharity
NC-17. "He thinks that if he pulled away, Tony'd probably hit him and then start claiming it was Sid that initiated the kiss. And he doesn't want that. Besides, it really is kind of okay." After they come back from the hospital in 'Effy'. Stuff happens.

Good God I Wish I Was Back In My Time, by impertinence
R, AU. "Pete's patience only extended so far.“You're my best fucking friend in the future,” he snapped. “Get used to it.” Past-Patrick blinked at him. Pete looked away. “…right, okay. You're sure I don't hit my head? In a car crash, maybe?”"

Maybe Tomorrow, by hackthis
PG. "Her John — her John is not really hers either. And yet, he is." Interesting speculation. Lovely look inside Cameron's mind.

the past, in plural, by seperis
PG. ""Good hunting, Cameron," he tells her, and she blinks and feels it settle over her, into her, like a mark her kind could see shining out of her skin, making her something new. *Cameron*." John Connor might know Cameron, but she doesn't.

Searching, by powergrapes
R. "One day, John Connor googled robot human sex." John is looking for answers.

But I Get Up Again, by joyfulseeker
R. ""Sorry, sorry. No, really, I'm sorry, I didn't expect you to actually drink all of them, since when do you listen to me? You're a pretty sweet kisser, though," and Patrick winces." Drunken kisses and awkwardness without angst overload. Great.

Put Down Your Weapons, by chaosmanor
NC-17. "Not even Patrick really noticed when he stopped talking completely." Interesting idea, awesome pay-off. Love!

A Thousand Miles Away, by iwrite_dotnet
NC-17. "Pete stared at the picture and hated himself for loving Patrick’s stupid, sweaty face." Patrick voice porn. Guh. Warning: there are girlfriends, i.e. infidelity. But ngh, hotness!

and possibly i like the thrill [take i], by dirtykicks
PG-13. "Pete still looks tired, tireder, but there are flashes of moments in which Pete is the happiest Patrick's ever seen him." Early days. Jealousy. Lovely.

Happy Birthday, by bigboobedcanuck
NC-17, post-1×09. "Cameron is quiet under the blanket, and John finds himself babbling aloud about how everything will be okay. She’s a machine. She has to be okay." Angsty and shippy and sexy – the perfect combo for this pair.

Scene from BigBang, by velvet-tuberose
R. "They’re both breathing heavy and hard, and Spencer is more confused than ever. The last fight that he had with Ryan was when he was twelve and Ryan ditched him for a girl." Angst. Confusion. Porn. SpencerandRyan. *ded*

My, What Big Teeth You've Got, by adellyna
PG-13, crossover. "Sunnydale is a weird fucking town." FOB and Cobra are playing Sunnydale. Pete and Ryland get into trouble (naturally). Patrick is going to kill Pete. If, y'know, the vamps don't get there first. Made of win! 🙂

easy to scream when you're dreaming (SATURDAY), by thinkme-naive
NC-17, AU. "Gorgeous and crazy, Patrick thinks. Pete has always been a little off center, but Patrick just figures that's why they got together in the first place." Serial killer video 'verse. Fricking amazing. Made me almost forget to breathe.

Finding Emo, by bluejbird
PG, AU. “Let me guess- tiny, confused clownfish who left his rock pool home to make his fortune on the big Reef?” Follows 'Life in the Rock (n Roll) Pool'. More adventures from bandom boys (and girls) beneath the sea… The cuteness will kill you. 🙂

Drabble #14, by do-come-in
PG-13. "They end up laughing, because there's not much else to do in this situation. And it's ok, because they're still the Sweet Little Dudes." Not normally into this pairing, but I love how this explores the whole 'gay above the belt' thing. Feels real.

Harlequin Airs, by Ellis Ward
NC-17, AU. "At that well calculated instant, with Bodie placed just a little below and in front of him, Doyle let go his hands, and was taken at once into Bodie's imperturbable safekeeping." Ray goes undercover at a circus. Amazing.

Blindfold, by nekare
PG-13, incest. "It’s always the same, one after the other one, and by now, they’re not sure they know how to live in any other way." Murphy and Connor are irrevocably intertwined.

"one day it's going to hit you, and you'll be like, dang", by misspamela
NC-17, voyeurism, some het. "Christ, Pete thought. I get to see him come." Holy smokes – Patrick and some girl, and Pete peeping, and it's all just fricking hot!

Vid: "Origin Stories", by giandujakiss and untrue_accounts
"It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat." An absolutely incredible look at characters whose stories don't get told. Highlights some rather disturbing issues about race and gender, packs a mean punch even without knowing the source. Song: Aesop Rock – Coffee.

Further Down the Road, by Zarah
PG-13. "“Next time it happens,” he says around a spoonful of cereal, “don’t wait so long until you come to me, okay?”" Ryan's got a strange affliction. Good thing Spencer can fix him. They take a bit longer to realize the rest. Lovelylovelylovel

The Second Law of Panic at the Disco, by harriet_vane
PG-13. "Ryan held up his hands. “Your thesis is that Brendon is a total disaster at dating because he has no idea that he’s gay?” He raised an eyebrow. “Are you high? Seriously, did you get high and not share with the group?”" Plans are made. Fu

Like So Much Science, by proteinscollide
R. "And Jon wants so much in that moment to be included in that sentence, in that us-against-the-world unit; to know he’s not wandered into someone else’s crazy exciting dream that could end at any moment and dump him back into a life before this band

Any Ordinary Stranger, by adellyna
PG-13, AU. ""So how did you know?" Spencer asks. "Did you pick up a tractor when you were two, or something?"" Bandom boys with various superpowers. So much win!

songs about vikings, by skoosiepants
PG-13, humour. "The fifth time Brendon jerks off to a guy, he calls up Shane and says, “Spencer Smith’s beard made me gay.”" In which Spencer's beard is made of awesome (which it is) and Brendon sings about it (and jerks off about it). *g*

Chances Are, by redbrickrose
PG-13. "She inhaled absently, blowing the smoke over her shoulder and said, “I'm replacing Elisa on the keytar. Only. Do we understand each other?” She tightened her grip on his arm, betraying the calculated disinterest in her voice." Awesomeness!

Tenements, by dandy_fetish
R, AU. ""I'm Pete," the guy said. "I'm your landlord slash building manger slash handyman. You need anything let me know. It might not get taken care of right away, or at all, but it'll make you feel better to tell me."" Patrick moves in. Fun ensues.

Sinking with the melody of the kiss of eternity, by ethrosdemon
PG-13, AU. "Patrick mostly ignores Pete when he gets worked up about eternity. “Eternity, Patrick, without you.”" Pete is a vampire (everything else is the same). It all makes sense now! Seriously, I love this. I especially love Pete and Patrick here.

four cracktastic bits of advice, by megyal
PG, AU. ""I hate when you clone two at once," Pete spat at the Patricks, who all gave him identical sunny smiles." Attack of the crack!Patricks. Fun with cliches. *g*

Standing Next To Saturday, Monday Doesn't Look So Bad, by __caustic
PG-13. "But the more immediate, Wentz-related part knows Patrick has the warm, heavy weight of a boy in his lap, who's actually trying to use The Breakfast Club to hit on him, and that's really all that matters." Pete, Patrick and The Breakfast Club. Cuteness.

Vid: Ianto Jones Diary, by bachaboska
AU. Ianto Jones had his life all figured out – until two men appeared and made everything complicated (but interesting). Who will he choose? Awesome AU trailer. Music: unknown instrumental and "No Angel" by Dido.

Vid: Jones, Ianto Jones, by wereleopard58
The adventures of secret agent Jones, Ianto Jones. Hee. Music: James Bond theme.

Curtain, by neotantrika
NC-17. "The Pie-Maker and the girl he called Chuck didn't really intend to torture one another. It just worked out that way." The hottest sex scene without actual skin-on-skin touching ever, which still manages to completely match the tone of the show.

Vid: Dean {Love Song Requiem}, by Letisha
Future!vid, in which Rory has moved on, but Dean is still clinging to the memories. Angst! Music by Trading Yesterday.

Vid: Fiddler on the Roof, by Night Spring
Crack!vid. With no dancing jews at all, but a lot of Ianto (and Jack). Music is the final theme from the 'Fiddler on the Roof' movie.

Hope Is A Four Letter Word, by puckinnichild
NC-17. "“I’m just gonna take this kiss—” is all he can get out before Frank is sliding their lips together, hotly breathing into his mouth." The aftermath of the Download kiss 2007. Just the right mix of emotions to feel very plausible.

Vid: Just in Time, by Diana Williams
Timmy got to Donald just in time. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Music by Frank Sinatra.

In Between Arms, by alfirin_kirinki
PG-13, WW II AU. "A good soldier's first thought would have been orientation and advancement toward their target; Peter's primary concern was locating his friends and more importantly, Patrick." Stunning historical details and characterizations.

You’ve Got a Lot on Your Mind, Honey (And I’m Just the Man to Make You Forget) , by Zoë
NC-17. "Andy, Joe and Patrick had then agreed on a “no sex on the bus” rule. Pete had been good so far, but dude. It was Pete." Established relationship masturbation pr0n on the bus. Yeah, baby!

You Know You Better Watch Out, by megyal
NC-17, underage."Dinner went far too long for Patrick's taste.In desperation, he toed off one of his sneakers with a grim smile and carefully raised his foot to place in Pete's lap, right across from him at the small dining table." Pete created a monster!

Vid: Make a memory, by AndrusPage
Lovely black-and-white vid, using slow-down very effectively. Very touching and sensual. Music by Bon Jovi.

I Wanna Hold You 'Til I Die, by lazy-daze
NC-17, incest. ""No, Jesus, Dean! Why are you touching me at all? What's with all the―snuggling crap? Are you alright? Why are you all over me?" Sam tries not to let a hysterical note enter his voice." Cuddly!Dean. Heh.

Underneath The Same Big Sky, by Rhiannon
NC-17, incesty. "I need to know– I need to know that it exists. That people really can be happy with each other like that." What's hotter than Mikey and Alicia? Mikey and Alicia on the phone with Gerard, of course! Excellent!

Be Sought Or Seeking (Or Found), by crayola123
NC-17. "Pete says my bed is so freakin cold without you dude where areu? i cant believe we just i cant imean and accidentally presses send again, swears, finishes with you actually let me finallyfinally ilove you you I LOVE." Story of a love. Unbelievably awesome.

The Reoccurring Kind, by jocondite
PG, slight future!fic. ""Tfthhhh," Spencer says, exhaling. He pauses to search harder for words to sum up this state of affairs, and fails to find any that will do. He gives Ryan a little space to lick his wounds, and everything goes to hell." Awesome!

so far we are, by lea
NC-17, AU. "On the corner of Sheffield and Webster, a kid with a guitar shows up, halfway through Pete's senior year at DePaul." Inspired by the gorgeous gorgeous movie 'Once', this story just makes me happy.

Half-Past Dead, by audrarose
G. ""He's kinda complicated, you know? And I think he's really going through a lot of crap right now…" Pete pauses. "Did you just google strychnine poisoning?"" Patrick is protective of Pete's smiles. Post-Summer of Like loveliness.

Love & Sex: A Mostly True Story, by Scribere Est Agere
R, post-Untethered. "She looked up at him in the half shadows. Ah god he wanted to kiss her so badly. Ah god he needed to get out of her bedroom, now, fast." Great characterizations, lovely flow.

I'm Like a Lawyer, The Way I'm Always Trying to Make You Fall In Love With Me, by little_whittles
NC-17. "Patrick’s stomach was still hot from the night before, like he’d swallowed the sun and it had no idea it was no longer out in the universe. It was burning away happily in Patrick’s insides and people were starting to orbit around him." Lovep

Carry the Two, by giddygeek
R. ""Oops," Pete said, cold and sulky. "You are fucking dead," Patrick said, aiming the van for the emergency lane; no traffic, which was good, and Pete was fucking dead." Angry!Patrick, pushy!Pete, van days – three of my very favorite things!

Mandy vs. Bandom : Masterlist, by Mandy
PG. Ongoing. "I like bandom. And I sometimes…. do stuff for it. Make stuff. Like, uh. An entire comic series (oh god)." The trials and tribulations of a sekrit bandom fan, her inner child and Mr. Bob. Awesomeness!

Brendolina; or, the history of a young gentleman's entrance into the world, by wildestranger
PG-13, AU, WIP. "A scandalous lord is driven into exile, an innocent young man arrives to the city in search of a wealthy bride, and a notorious rake attempts to woo a virtuous beauty." Realistically done Regency fic. Awesome start, can't wait for more!

CJ Cregg Never Had This Problem, by torakowalski
PG-13, AU."Pete Wentz was the kind of reporter designed solely to make the life of the White House's Press Secretary more difficult than it otherwise needed to be. As the White House’s Press Secretary, Patrick was in a pretty good position to judge." Heh!

Show and Tell, by dsudis
PG-13. "Booth's hand settled on her shoulder, not pressing her for anything, and she looked back to meet his eyes. "I guess I'm always wearing my skin."" A lovely post-sex bonding moment. I could see it go down like this.

Chimerical Romantics, by dsudis
NC-17, historical AU. "Frank shudders, and his eyes close–Gerard is braver than he, so much, but that is what makes Gerard his captain, even if Gerard himself doesn't know it." So many layers in this, darkness and light. Just wow. Seriously amazing.

crooked crown, by stereomer
PG-13. ""What, you're going to send me to boot camp? Like those crazy maladjusted kids?" "Well, with yours and his sandbox flirting style, I don't really think you'd be out of place," Ray says serenely." Pigtail pulling, Frank/Gerard style. Adorkable.

A Series of Chords, by thinkme-naive
NC-17. "“So,” Pete continues, “Like, Brendon says Ryan says Bill says Travis says Joe says that you love me.” Patrick’s brain explodes." A bit uneven, but the good bits are awesome and lots of fun.

Held in Reserve, by sorcha-gaia
R (for subject matter), spoilers for 2×13. "For the first century, Jack played games with himself." An attempt to explain how Jack got through the horrors of what Grey did to him. Intense.

It's not love's going hurts my days / But that it went in little ways, by darkwater-words
R, angst. "The problem is that Patrick is a shitty boyfriend [he's never had the chance to learn, too much of a nerd before and overshadowed by Pete after] and Pete is the best boyfriend you'll ever have." Sometimes love isn't enough. Bittersweet.

Coming Home, by Alexis
NC-17, post-series. "It was oddly disorienting, setting up house. He had been quite content to live out of a few suitcases for the longest time, and now, here he was, in a huge half-full house." Stuart and Vince, settling down at home. Warm and domestic.

from the heartbreak kid, by gigantic
R, AU, angst. "And it's hardly fair to either of them that Pete's mind is right here all the time anymore, his full attention dominated by the kid in the glasses and a baseball cap." I do not like cheating. At all. But wow, this is just… intense.

Vid: Papa Don't Preach, by greensilver and eunice
AU. Mpreg. Still, not as much crack as it should be, but a nice look at Jack, Ianto and some of the authority figures in Jack's life. Music by Madonna.

between the click of the light and the start of the dream, by SA
PG-13, AU. "And then he smiled, just a brief flash of brilliance, and as Bob's breath caught a little she thought, jesus, that kid's going to break some hearts." Drumming. Girl!Bob. Spencersmith. Ooh yeah baby…

The Green River County Detention Center Experiment (Being Wrong Is a Bitch), by causeways
NC-17, incest. "If Dean were to admit that he needed to be Sam's bitch under any other circumstances in the world, it would probably make Sam's life. But oddly enough, Sam's not really feeling like laughing right now." Different rules in prison. Intense.

Kiss Ninja, by SA
PG. ""I think I should probably stop smoking," Jon said, looking up at Zack. "That shit'll kill you," Zack agreed. "Now get the fuck back on the bus."" Brendon has a whole new method to help Jon quit smoking. Adorableness.

Set Redecoration, by trascendenza
NC-17. "Sex on props probably breaks some kind of rule of their contracts." Wowza, hotness!

Vid: Pride and Prejudice, by HumansRSuperior
One of the best lovestories ever told in gorgeous vid form – Lizzie and Darcy, in all their BBC 1995 glory! Music is 'Comptine d'un autre été' by Yann Tiersen (Amelie Poulain OST).

Vid: Might Be Wrong, by HumansRSuperior
Martha loves the Doctor, but all he sees is Rose. Really makes me hurt for Martha – she so deserved better! Music by Radiohead.

Vid: All to Dust, by HumansRSuperior
Bad Wolf. Everything I loved about Rose Tyler in an amazing vid. Packs one hell of an emotional punch. Song is "Martial Law" by Bear McCreary, from 'Battlestar Galactica'.

taste you everywhere, by geneli4
NC-17. "it had been such a damn good dream Gerard hadn't wanted to wake up, wondered if maybe he was still dreaming now, because it had been a hundred and seventy-six days since the last time he'd woken up and found Frankie in his kitchen" Slow and sexy.

Ghostbuster Famous, by Impertinence
PG-13, AU. Ghosts, incest. "Both brothers whirled around, tripping on the curtain and falling on their asses. Gerard raised his gun, but he couldn't make himself pull the trigger. The chubby ghost didn't look all that threatening." Cute and touching.

i wanna be the light that burns out your eyes, by txtequilanights
NC-17. "Patrick is the only one who gets him like this, when he’s so on that he’s practically crawling out of his own skin and into Patrick’s." Is there anything hotter than post-show sex?

Your Axis on a Tilt, by jenish
R, AU. "The day that Ryan disappeared was the same day the beagle puppy turned up at the shelter." Puppy!fic cuteness. Also, GSF with a Ryan/Spencer foundation – my favorite combo.

The angst and the intricacy, by Lobelia
PG-13. "The gay sub-plot was the best thing that had ever happened to Thore." Verbotene Liebe RPS of cracktastic fun.

Vid: Lost Without You, by spinnchen90
Cute look at Olli and Christian's developing relationship. Music by Delta Goodrem.

Vid: Girlfriend, by MysticTwilight
House really doesn't like Wilson's new girlfriend. This just cracked me up. Music by Avril Lavigne.

Like Butterflies With Wings And Other Perfect Things, by adellyna
PG. "How mundane the moment is, when Patrick looks at Pete and thinks, for the very first time, the word love." Short but oh-so-lovely. Seriously.

For Better or For Worse, by formerlydf
PG. "Nah, sorry. We're not getting married. What? Dude, didn't you listen to the interview? We're totally already married." Brendon starts wearing a wedding band. His band is clueless. So very cute!

Five Times Pete Wentz Thought He Might Have Lost His Patrick, by stungunbilly
R. "But Patrick was warm against him, and although Pete knew Anna was maybe what Patrick really needed, he just held him close and breathed against the top of his head." This made me happy. Also, the ending is made of win.

with the lights on, by rue-quercus and carlton97
NC-17, girl!fic. "“You know that you’re not in this band just because you’re hot, right?” Frank’s eyes widen for a split second before he collapses against her, burying his face in her shoulder to muffle the sound of his laughter." Oh, holy smokes!

Low standards are the key to happiness, by 7iris
NC-17. "Jeph makes a frustrated sound. "I just–what do you want?" And just like that, Dan knows the answer to that question." Happy (and sexy) first time fic.

If You're Married and You Know It, by sinsense
NC-17. ""What, we pretend they aren't married?" Dan asks Jeph, but he's laughing too hard to answer. "But they're always kissing in front of me, how am I supposed to ignore that?"" A relationship through the years. Awesomeness!

Obligation, by eleanor_lavish and sinsense
NC-17. "Quinn's back gets more tan than his front that summer, because he just really can't lie on his back while Bert is out by the pool." My first The Used fic, yay! They're soinlove, they just don't know it. Also, hot first time sex!

Broke, by Synchronik
R. "The first time Frank should have stopped things was the second time they kissed onstage." Lovely juxtaposition of present and past, leading to the (wonderful) inevitable conclusion. This made me happy.

Spin the Bottle, by Sara
PG-13, "Kissing was nice, boys were nice, girls were nice. Nick liked nice things. Nick even liked things that were not nice, like Tyson." Really, who wouldn't want to kiss Nick Wheeler? Funny and just the right bit of sweet.

Vid: Extreme Ways, by Laura McEwan
"Their jobs can be really tough on them." Awesomely edited Starsky & Hutch vid with some gritty visual effects. Music by Moby.

Marry Me, Patrick, by keenoled
PG. ""Are you offering to bear my child?" Pete Wentz' brain. Patrick *should* fucking marry him, he'd never be bored for the rest of his life." Sweet and funny – a winning combo.

A Week and a Day/Past Midnight/Run the Numbers, by stereomer
R, AU. "This feeling doesn't match this place at all – there's a harsh disconnect between the two, and they both know it." Frank and Gerard in the army. And in between it all, there's a connection. Intense.

If Forever Comes, by mandy-croyance
NC-17. "He tries to remember if he wanted this, and maybe it’s the lack of oxygen but his mind is blank, an expanse of white not unlike the empty walls of this room. He must have." History circles around, and sometimes we don't know what we want. Poetic

You're just the boy all the boys want to dance with (And I'm just the boy who…), by jen-jm
R. "“Gabe.” Patrick starts with his best calming-a-hyper-child voice. “It’s just a story.” “Yeah, but it means that at least one person in the world thinks we should date, ‘cause I’m far better than Pete for you.”" Dating ideas via fanfi

early-days public-drunken-party-dare firsttime-makeout fic, by longtime-lurker
PG-13. "'Kay," Patrick says, directing his voice at the girls but looking at Pete, "fine, 's get it over with, Wentz," and he's snagging a couple of fingers in Pete's collar, tugging Pete toward him, tilting his soft young face invitingly upwards." Love!

the last good thing about this part of town, by just-katarin
NC-17, AU. "There’s no good way to say “I’m sorry for pushing you into something that could result in you losing your job and/or sharing a jail cell with someone called Big Henry.” Patrick thinks Hallmark should maybe get on that." Pete is Patrick's teacher.

Moments, by emilydear
PG. "Frank and Gerard seemed different. There was a tiredness on their faces that Steven knew wasn’t just from a lack of sleep, but he couldn’t put his finger on exactly what was causing it." A seriously lovely peek from the outside.

simple pleasures, by scribblesinsand
PG. "Bob watches as Gerard smiles and smooths Frank's hair across his forehead before dropping a kiss on the top of Frank's head. "You're the noisiest sleeper I've ever fucking met."" I love outside POV stories, and this is just lovely.

Vid: Breath, by Leviathan
Intense and breathtaking look at the pain and loss felt by the Torchwood team as well as the audience. Spoilers through 2×13. Music by Breaking Benjamin.

I Don't Feel Like Dancing, by Restriction
NC-17, AU. "He is doing that thing with his hips again, a sassy little hitch that has Frank biting down hard on his bottom lip so he can concentrate less on what Gerard's hips are doing and more on his feet." Lessons in dance – and sex. Very hot!

The Natural Order of Things, by amazonqueenkate
R. "You don’t meet a girl and date a girl and risk your life for a girl and then lie on a concrete floor with the man,the only man in the world,who can help you save her and let your heart race while you share his breath." Great Ianto, even in 2nd perso

The One Where Patrick Wears Panties, by das_kabinett
NC-17, girlpanties. "Pete hands the panties to Patrick in the morning." This fic might just have given me a whole new kink. Insanely hot.

Similarities, by wedreamalone
PG. "It’s a rare sight to catch Ryan peacefully at rest, an opportunity that Spencer’s not likely to pass up. He leans in touching the rough pad of his finger tip to Ryan’s cheek tracing out the tangle of lines smeared across Ryan’s face." Lovelin

He's Her Chemical Scream, by miserylovedme
NC-17, girl!fic, unprotected sex. "He actually doesn’t get over it until the tour ends and Gabe is far, far away from them. Then he starts crawling back into bed with her and touching her like he used to." Seriously awesome girl!Patrick. Also, hotness!

an episode of sparrows, by liketheroad
G, AU. "He has never seen a duck look so fucking… pissed in his entire life. “Oh jesus,” he hisses, feeling like his head is going to explode." At the cabin, Spencer turns into a duck. Way more awesome than it has any right to be!

kink!fic by untappedbeauty
NC-17, some kink. "Ryan isn't a slut. He isn't a whore for cock. He's a whore for Spencer. It's an important fucking distinction. An important fucking distinction that Brendon doesn't seem to be getting." Ugh. Too hot for words!

All the Hours in Between, by tam-cranver
R, AU. "The hawk screeched. With a laugh, and a final whisper of, “I’ll take that as agreement, then,” Spencer Smith galloped towards the city, the hawk still poised confidently on his arm." It's Ladyhawke, with band boys. So much love!

I don't do too well on my own, by kissingchaos9
PG, post-Best Buy. "And now, because of you, every fucking time I see Dave Grohl I just want to hug him because I cannot imagine how sad he must’ve been. And that is lame, and you made me lame, and therefore you suck." Breathtaking BFF fic.

it's like this, by stephanometra
R. "If she weren't absolutely confident in her value to the group, in her abilities as a musician, that would probably make her angry, or at least hurt her feelings.Because she kind of is.Sleeping with them." VickyT gets introduced to Cobra band dynamics.

Life in the Rock ('n' Roll) Pool, by bluejbird
PG-13, mpreg, AU. "“Would you still love me if I’m barefoot and pregnant?” Spencer gave Brendon a strange look. “You don’t have feet,” he pointed out and Brendon huffed and brushed his fins against Spencer’s." Underwater adventure awesomenes

In Which Gerard Is a Quirky College Professor and Frank Is the Best TA Ever, by wordslining
R, AU. "Gerard smiles and, okay, Frank will be the best TA in the history of higher education if it means he gets to see that smile every day." This made me smile like a loon from start to finish.

love is a breaker thrown high, by girlintheband
PG, future!fic. "It's clear whose books are whose, even as mixed together as they are. It's clear to Patrick, at least." Books. Domesticity. Those lovely quiet moments. This story makes me happy.

I'll Walk You Up, by normalhumanbein
PG-13, AU. "It’s not that Pete doesn’t like having Patrick this close. It’s just that he thinks he’s more likely to get through this whole flying thing with his band and his eyesight intact if he spends fewer of his nights pressed flush against him." Pete develops a superpower.

Turn Around And Erase The Clouds, by thehousekeeper
PG-13, wing!fic. "There was the crackle of static and some fumbling and then Patrick's voice again.It was thick with chewing god-knows-what, but still–Patrick's voice.Pete wanted to curl up inside of it and go to sleepAnd wake up. Without fucking wings.

there was a time you let me know, by queenofhell
G, angst. "Now, Pete doesn’t tell him any of that. He tells his journals, and the fifty thousand people who read his journals, and not Patrick, because officially, Patrick doesn’t read them." This hurt somewhere deep because it feels it could be real.

Maybe I Would (Five Ways Patrick Stump Got Over Pete Wentz), by Linzee
NC-17, angst. "Patrick's not that guy. Pete's not going to take that from him, too." Patrick is broken. This cuts like diamonds, drawing blood. Amazing.

Sixteen Tons (How Frank Made It Happen), by bexless
NC-17, AU. “I know music. I know this business. Ask my bosses, ask any of them. Even Pellisier, Christ. You ask them if I don’t know more than anyone else on my level, fuck, the two levels above me, even. Ask them.” Working Girl AU, but with music.

You're a Good Man, Andy Hurley, by missmollyetc
NC-17, underage sex. "This was the least punk punk-rock band Andy’d ever been in, and that included fucking Minich’s Project Rocket." Andy's trying to get used to his new band. Patrick and Joe might have ideas about that. Pete is Pete. Fricking A!

at-home activities, by thelionforreal and mimesere
R. "In childish all caps and bigger than the others, he writes: ELEVENTY BILLION AND THREE – THE BOY, THE BASS PLAYER IN THE BAND WITH THE TOO BIG TEETH AND TOO MUCH EYELINER. And then he falls asleep." Seriously awesome Pete obsessing over Patrick.

got the gun pointed right at me, by forgotnsuitcase
PG-13, angsty. "patrick’s been pretty bulletproof from pete so far, but love is a weapon and pete pulls the trigger (and he loves him too much to love him)." Pete's rules for kissing are a bit messed up, but they're his rules. Intense little ficlet.

Shotgun, by ficsoreal
R, AU. "Pete says, “Nothing gets the town all atwitter like Stamp Your Tramp Week.”" Frank is a powerful heir courting Gerard, Mikey is not sure he likes it. Awesome AU set in a highly ritualized world. Looking forward to more!

Honey Do, by giddygeek
NC-17. "When winter hit, it wasn't that bad. They just wore a lot of crazy old sweaters (Patrick) or walked around draped in blankets all the time (Joe) or climbed on top of the nearest warm body (Pete)." Early days, sharing an apartment. Sweet and sexy!

The Monroeville Farms Starlight Ride, by skoosiepants
PG-13, AU. "Patrick wants to hold Pete’s hand and sit in his lap and sleep curled up next to him and he wants to grow old with him on a horse farm, yes, but not, like, in this imaginary platonic world Pete’s dreamed up." Christmas horse!fic cuteness!

PG, pic!fic. "P3T3 W3NTZ'S VERY REASONABLE LIST OF NEEDS: 2 (TWO) tour buses, 1 (ONE) personal manservant to torture, 1 (ONE) trip to Africa, the unwavering attention 1 (ONE) Patrick Stump. Really, that was it. It wasn't like he was a diva." Awesomeness!

Scars and Stories, by strangecobwebs
R, slight future!fic. "Basically, Patrick was just incredibly amazing and Pete had no idea what he'd ever do without him. Patrick made it okay." Jeanae gets married. Pete is emo. Patrick is there. Recipe for a lovely 'Pete buys a clue' fic.

Filthy Kings, by femmequixotic
NC-17. "Pete, he thought, except Gabe pulled back and raised an eyebrow at him and Patrick realized that he'd fucking done it again." There are cameras everywhere, Patrick has blue balls, Pete is jealous, sizzling hot sex ensues.

some things last a long time, by theyscreamofyou
R, AU. "Ronnie’s first night in prison isn’t his last, but he never said anything about his second." Ronnie's a prostitute going to jail and just hopes to survive. Seriously awesome!

Not Near Close Enough (The Time is a River Remix), by SA
R. "Billy has waited this long, and he can wait longer if he needs to. But whenever he tries to carve out a Dominic-shaped hole in the time they spend together, Dominic refuses it, crawling closer to Billy each and every time." Fic like a love song.

waiting for the lights to go, by SA
R, AU. "It only takes a couple of calls before she's talking with Jamie over at the House of Blues, which isn't her favorite venue but they have a sound board that would make a lesser woman weep, so. She takes the gig." More girl!Bob – awesomeness!

I Keep You in my Closet as a Metaphor, by bloodlilly02
R, AU, angst. "Harsh words and tears turned to kisses and caresses, screams turned to whispers and moans. Frank forgot all about their fight earlier in the day." This is not what you expect. But oh, awesomely disturbing!

wake up and notice you're someone you're not, by lordessrenegade
NC-17, bodyswap. ""No, really," Bob said from the computer. "There actually are five stages, just like grief. It says so right here." Ray peered over his shoulder. "And by right here, you mean in this Harry Potter fanfiction."" Simply made of WIN!

Interlude/Prelude, by Synchronik
R. "Gerard tries to stay open to things, which is why he's cool with it when Frankie, who they've only really known for a month or two, gets on the van and slides across the chapped naugahyde bench seat and puts his head on Gerard's shoulder." Too lovely!

A Necessary Requirement, by bexless
R. "Frank let Gerard arrange himself on top of him, kissed his forehead, and said, “I probably couldn’t pick you out of a line up, though. I’ve never seen your dick.”" Set during Summer of Like – and there's a lot of liking going on… Hilarious.

Never Was A Badger So, by skoosiepants
PG, AU. "“Apparently,” he said as they made their way out of the store, “I have a soft spot for spazzy Hufflepuffs.”" Panic at Hogwarts. So cute!

A Common Understanding, by joyfulseeker
NC17, AU.""First time flying?" she asked, giving a maternal smile."Oh, no," Patrick said."I mean, rather. My first interplanetary trip. I've taken intraplanetary." Once, he added mentally." Regency space opera. In which Patrick is Pete's mistress. Oh yes!

Nothing Like a Doll at All, by iphignia939
PG-13, AU. "As the door opens, Desire strokes his hormones and his heart with slender, twisting fingers. If it cared to look close enough, it could actually see the moment he falls in love." It's hard to do Sandman crossovers right but this is perfect!

Blood on the sheets, baby, by fluffontop
R, vamp!AU. "The four of them only trust each other (which is actually a whole lot of people to trust, Patrick thinks) but that doesn't mean they fight alone. Others join their cause; people come and go." The story before the video. Twistedly awesome!

Lace up your skates real good, by Jori
R, underage. "The weird thing is that Pete keeps talking about how they're soulmates." Adorable and funny first time fic. Involving game controllers and light bondage. *g*

Call It Enough, by joyfulseeker
PG. "So, Patrick thought. This was a liking Pete week. He closed his eyes, sleep already rising to snatch him under, and waited for the wind to shift. Pete was a storm. The weather always changed on him eventually." One of the ultimate P/P fics, imo.

into one that i love, by softlyforgotten
PG, AU. "gerard flickers into existence and frank looks up, eyes quiet, nonplussed. “shush,” he says, “you’ll wake yourself up.”" Gerard travels through time. Awesome story!

learning process, by snakevsladder
R, underage wanking. "Because what kind of person does this make him, lying awake in the dark and listening to his best friend jerk off?" Awkward and incredibly sexy. I love best friends stories, did you notice? 🙂

like explosions in the sky, by flimsy
R, AU, angst. "In a world where age is measured not by how long you have lived, but by how many years you have left, Spencer is five." Dystopian AU. This'll break your heart in the best way possible.

break you down, by gigantic
NC-17. ""Dude, how do you know when a song is good for lap dancing?" and Patrick shrugs because he's used to Pete wondering out loud. "I could do it," Pete says, and he snaps his hips again." Fic inspired by the stripper boots pic. Sizzling!

Chlorine, by coffeewordangel
R, AU. "Some days Frank loves his job; other days he thinks if he has to fish out one more condom clogging a drain he’s going to scream." Frank's the pool boy, Gerard's got a pool. Just as hot as it sounds.

Random Pete/Patrick, by iphignia939 and lovelypoet
NC-17. "Be serious? You want me to *seriously* let you record me doing cheesy pick-up lines so people know when it's time for your bar to turn into an orgy?" Patrick!voice kink fic. Just killed me dead from teh sex.

The Internet Is Not For Rockstars, by adellyna
PG-13. “If I told some girl that I always swallow when I’m blowing you because your come tastes like Skittles, you probably wouldn’t wear the Taste the Rainbow shirt I just bought for you, right?” This ficlet is made of sparkles and rainbows.

fumbling first-time sex, mostly, by untappedbeauty
NC-17, girl!fic. "Ryan would still sneak in through her window some nights and end up sleeping in her bed, but it wouldn't be a big deal." Spencer's always been a girl. Things between best friends change. Sweet and hot.

A Natural Reaction to Rough-housing, by Bex
NC17."He felt like the realization that a) he totally wanted to stick his hands in Gerard's pants and that b) his subconscious mind obviously felt causing pain was the best way to go about achieving this was a brood-worthy situation." Funniest crack ever!

Set the Crooked Straight, by giddygeek
PG-13, AU. ""LA? I, uh," Patrick says, taking off his hat and running a hand through his hair, frowning down at the floor. "Must've dreamed it? I thought, I sort of thought you'd come over last night at like, 3."" Some angst, some humor, a bit of mystery.

State Line, by Impertinence
NC-17, underage sex. "Age of consent laws suck almost as much as Pete won't." Pete has some strange rules for fucking his 16-year-old singer, but Patrick is not just going to accept them. 🙂

Leave the House Lights On 'verse, by Linzee
NC-17, future!fic. "It's weird, Patrick thinks, and he knows it should be weirder. Because this is Pete, and this is ten years of his life." Fricking fantastic series. Includes photographic 'evidence'. I wish this would come true one day…

Neither Advice Nor Reason, by Anna and Sheila
R. "Andy said, ‘This is going to make us sound like dicks, but you have to stop fucking half the tour." ‘We know how upset you are and we get the jealousy thing, Patrick,’ Joe added. Patrick gaped at Andy, then at Joe, then back at Andy." Summer of

As Long As It Matters, by coffeewordangel
R, AU. "“Hey,”he greets easily, though his stomach is threatening to rebel and reject the coffee that sits restlessly at its bottom. “Got room for a homeless college student?” Gerard’s lazy grin warms Frank to his bones and he waves him in. “A

Distance in the Afterlife, by sevenfists
R. "The Advocate: What led to your decision to come out?" Gerard comes out, but he still has a secret. Or maybe not such a secret.

Vid: Money for Nothing, by debchan and Laura Shapiro
Cool Jayne-centric vid, featuring the whole crew. Music by Dire Straits.

Bedtime Stories for Grownups: How Patrick Gangbanged My Chemical Romance, by Jane St Clair
NC-17, gangbang (duh). "It's still kind of like saying hi. Just, only in the country where people are very, very friendly." More lovely, sweet and slow, than I ever expected a gangbang fic could be. I want to hug this fic like a (very sexy) teddybear.

there is thing that's like talking, by beingothrwrldly
"Spencer doesn't look at him, just uncurls his fingers and Ryan slides their hands together, their fingers linking together perfectly. Half and half, Spencer thinks, their hands fit perfectly because they're two halves." A quiet, precious gem of a story.

hit it hard enough and even skin will tear, by Jane St Clair
NC-17, D/s. "It's not something it was ever fair for Pete to ask of him. He was still putting sex together in his head, and Pete came slamming through and rearranged everything." Incredibly intense, based on deep love. Just how I like my kink…

Fleurs du mal in back pocket, by battleofhydaspe
R, AU. "The first time the tattooed guy kills him is with Colt Navy in a city Gerard can’t remember the name of." Time travel. Immortals. Frank pulling Gerard's pigtails. Made of awesome.

the blessing of darkness, by megyal
PG, vamp!fic ""He's not a part of your cruorem. So he's fair game." "The fuck he is," Pete spat. "He's mine. Come near us again and I'll tear your head off."" 16-Candles-verse. Possessive Pete. Is there anything sexier?

Jon's Bookstore (A Few of My Favorite Things), by foxxcub
R, AU. "A funeral is really the wrong place to learn you've inherited a business." Jon owns a bookstore – pretty much the bookstore of my dreams.

Misery Come and Find Us, by miserylovedme
R, zombie!fic. "If Pete was still working at full brain capacity he would undoubtedly turn to whoever was nearest him and make a joke about how zombie apocalypse is a lot like the Spanish Inquisition." Fic like a true horror movie. Disturbing but oh.

Tomorrow, by megyal
PG-13. "Their legs were tangled together and Pete noticed that this was the most innocent in-bed event he had ever encountered, for they were still dressed in jeans and t-shirts, lying on top of the covers." Lovely and sweet and in-the-moment.

Lay Your Weary Head To Rest by thepiratequeen
R, post-season 1. "That he eventually made it back to Vorenus's and this time found it in himself to enter the apartment seemed just as inevitable." Pullo tries to find a way to help Vorenus in his grief for Niobe.

This Elevator Only Goes Up to Ten, by mxfic
PG. ""Nothing, no–it's just. Um, this news article. About, like, gay marriage, I guess? In Jersey?"" In which Gerard has Opinions and Frank and Gerard do not get married.

New Rule, by bexless
NC-17. “Homophobia would be not wanting to hug you, okay, there’s nothing homophobic about not wanting to accidentally fuck you in the ass.” Two naked boys in a tiny bed. Stuff happens. Good stuff.

Oistros, by airgiodslv
R, AU."It's like going into heat, like with cats, with the added bonus of becoming completely fixated on one specific person. Spencer isn't sure whether cats do that or not, but if they do,it's much less freaky than when Ryan does it." Pon Farr! Triangle!

Ménage à trois, by airgiodslv
NC-17, slight kink. "Brendon may have a legitimate reason to be angry, but this is not Spencer’s fucking fault. If anything, Ryan should be the one against the wall right now." Ryan practices on Spencer. Brendon gets angry. There's sex. Messed up and ho

Getting There, by Zinnith
R, post-season 2. "Time doesn't heal all wounds but it does help numb the pain." Just what I needed after 'Exit Wounds'. Heartbreaking, but in a good way.

asking to be born, by longtime-lurker
NC-17, AU. "Pete stares up at it and wishes, wishes hard – wild, crazy, ridiculous wishes that flare star-bright in his mind's eye as he hovers on the edge of sleep." Mpreg is not normally my thing, but this is awesome.

Pictures of Me and You/An Illustrated Guide, by xylodemon
NC-17. ""Oh," Gerard says, like Frank-in-the-picture's jeans aren't shoved down around his knees. Like Gerard's mouth isn't just south of the And. Like his fingers aren't digging into Frank's hips hard enough to bruise. "That's tomorrow."" Heh. And wow.

25 Days of Bandom Xmas – Day One, by joker-and-thief
PG-13, AU. "It's all Pete Wentz's fault, the matching t-shirts." Girl!Spencer, t-shirt wars and lots of snark. Awesomely hilarious.

Sweet Caffeine (and Love of Liberace), by anew-leaf
NC-17. "In which Brian tasered them into it, Gerard read too many comic books as a kid, Jamia isn't worried about anything, and Bob doesn't wear a codpiece." Some cliches are awesome.

pick up the phone!, by softlyforgotten
NC-17, future!fic. "“Why does everything you say on the phone have an exclamation mark?” Gerard grumbles, and hangs up." I love domestic fics that feel real, warm and lived in, like a home.

The Years Arc, by Random Epiphany
NC-17, future!fic. "A Love Story, In Eight Acts And Sixty Years." Seriously, one of the best things I've ever read, this left me with a warm, satisfied feeling. Gorgeous. Also, includes a seriously cool kid (not theirs, don't worry), which is hard to do.

Spider Honey, by Impertinence
PG-13. "He had a lot of pictures of Patrick, or Patrick and Pete, or Patrick and Computer. Most of them included Pete being a dork. All of them included Patrick being cute." Epiphanies, and Mikey playing matchmaker. Seriously cute.

The Rules Of 'Ships (Friend and Relation), by stumphed
PG-13. "Pete confessed once, while sitting at the head of Patrick's bed (Patrick was lying at the foot reading a comic) that he'd never had a best friend before." The story of an epic friendship. Absolutely lovely, funny and sweet. Totally made me squee.

many a slip twixt the cup and the lip, by megyal
PG-13, AU. "He wasn't going to last long in such a city as Dodge, in such a saloon as this one, but Greta always had a soft heart; Pete said it would be the death of her." Pete and Patrick in the Wild West… including dramatic showdown.

Precipice, by Charli J.
PG. "Patrick feels him shift closer though, bumping his forehead just under Patrick's chin, and it's with Pete's breath warm on his neck that Patrick thinks, Oh. He kind of wants Pete to kiss him." Aww, babies! Kissing! *melts*

every aching old machine, by longtime-lurker
PG, future!fic. "He catches the reflection of a little old gentleman – wee and portly and rosy-cheeked and twinkly-eyed – in the mirrored glass of the door, and is a trifle surprised, as always, to remember that this year he turned sixty-five." Stunning.

Answers in the Affirmative, by chiromancy
R. "He already pressed, earlier, and it helped, but Frank's still quiet, and that kiss made Gerard miss him like a lost summer, like something great and warm that you can't get back." Sequel to 'Layover', Gerard POV. Just as good, maybe better.

Layover, by chiromancy
PG-13. "Frank leans for all he's worth, and something seems to shake loose for Gerard, too, because now he has the texture of the Gerard who used to hug him all the time, among other things, even when they were by themselves." Love the peek at them now.

Rideby Synchronik
R. ""We can share," Gerard said. "It's big enough." He ignored the sudden rushing feeling in his chest. It was probably from the heat." Early days. A gig and a night in a special B&B. I love the atmosphere in this, somewhat sleepy and sweet.

I'm Not Sleeping (Trust Me), by dsudis
NC-17. "Frank had made Gerard sleep, and this was a big day. Fifth day sober–five days, that was starting to sound like it meant something–and the first day of the video. Frank dropped a tiny, close-mouthed kiss on his lips." Sobriety and a video shoot.

Fantasy Book, by cimorene
NC-17, sex pollen. "This was really, really not normal behavior for Gerard – not for real, normal Gerard, and it was even a little abrupt for the imaginary Gerard who lived in Frank's head and came out during his Special Alone Times with his dick." Wowza!

unequivocal, by stereomer
R/NC-17. "It’s a little rickety under his feet, but he can see the whole stage now and finds himself smiling hugely as he watches them play; as he watches Gerard sing." Frank and Gerard, from the beginning. Epic. Awesome. (No gfs/wives, so kinda AU.)

Possession, by lady-deathangel
NC-17, AU. "When Ryan opened the door he was so surprised to see Spencer Smith standing on the other side that he pinched his thigh to make sure he wasn’t dreaming." Ryan is a kept man. Spencer changes everything.

Chirality, by Nixa Jane
PG-13, post-Moebius. "He can’t leave them." Daniel in Egypt with the AU Sam, Jack & Teal'c. This is sad and a bit angry, but it feels real.

Like The Dead, by Nixa Jane
PG-13. "He'd always thought Kate was the kind of girl he could ask to marry him; mostly because she'd never say yes. Everyone knows Ziva isn't the marrying kind." Tony can't help but compare his partners. Awesome characterizations. Maybe some UST.

correspondence course / we sound amazed, by provetheworst
PG-13, AU. "There's really only one person who writes to Patrick, ever, and that's Pete." Futuristic AU, in which Pete is exploring infinity and Patrick keeps him grounded. Awesome!

Just A Line in a Song, by little_whittles
NC-17. "And you're the only place that feels like home. Just so you know, you'll never know. (I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy…)" Pete wrote about Patrick. Patrick wants to know what. This feels just RIGHT.

A Little Less Interview with a Vampire, A Little More Sesame Street, by focusfixated
G. "“You want to – you want to fucking help, Pete?” Patrick receives a face-full of pumpkin mush in lieu of an answer." A series of four drawings and ficlets. Really cute Halloween story.

Funny For A Dead Girl, by sadiekate
PG-13, AU. "He brushed the hair out of her eyes, and tried not to wonder how he could touch someone who wasn’t there. Dead girls had been visiting him for years, but he still didn’t know the rules." Before getting married, Duncan gets a visit from an

It's My Party (And I'll Fuck Who I Want To), by txtequilanights
NC-17. "On the one year anniversary of his big coming out, Lance wakes up, posts to his MySpace, and flies to LA to have sex with all four of his best friends." Just what it says on the label. *g*

Every Dot Com's Refreshing For A Journal Update, by txtequilanights
R, AU. "Chris technically has a dressing room all to herself, but it never stays that way. She’s been in a band with these guys for years, and the lines left between them are few and far between." In which Chris is a girl, and Nsync is Fall Out Boy.

Drifting, by txtequilanights
R, AU, angst. "Duncan doesn’t think he will ever get Veronica out of his system." Heartbreaking and intense.

Idiot's Guide to Temporal Phenomenon, by in_the_bottle
NC-17. "A flash of now familiar brightness blinded Ianto, and when he opened his eyes again, he was back in the tourist information office, back against a wall and Jack's tongue in his mouth." It's Groundhog Day, and Ianto and Owen are stuck. Awesome!

Vid: Ianto is White and Nerdy, by deadparrotscetch
Well, Ianto IS, kind of… *g* Music by Weird Al Yankovich.

Zen and the Art of Kissing, by Eleanor Lavish
PG-13, post-Download. ""I keep finding them in my bunk," Frank crossed his arms and scratched his elbow. "So it could be worse, is what you're telling me?" Gerard asked with a grin and Frank sighed." Yay for practical jokes! Match-making MCR-style.

Speakeasy Fic: 1925, New York and Oklahoma, by Eleanor Lavish
NC-17, AU. "Nick goes to New York and finds half of himself. The other half is back in Sweetwater." Awesome, absolutely awesome!

Memories Like Maps (a winding route from point 'me' to point 'you'), by lady-deathangel
PG-13. "Nick hasn’t mentioned leaving Tyson and Tyson hasn’t mentioned leaving Nick and they really only need each other. Nick isn’t sure how that happened, he just likes that it has." The evolution of a wonderful friendship…

Better off as Lovers, by alex-boylove
PG-13, AU. "This is probably one of the more unique interviews Rolling Stone has done. We're talking about the Canadian wedding between Fall Out Boy members Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz." The ultimate wedding!fic, from start to finish. Made of WIN!

Did You Clean Those Pants With Windex? (Because I Can Practically See Myself In Them), by adellyna
G, AU. "Pete is pretty sure he’s not going to win Patrick’s hand in coffee-drinking or movie-seeing or backseat-kissing by being interrogated by the library’s security officer. Instead, he comes when Patrick does Sock Puppet Theater." Libraries! Cut

Vid: Chasing Arizona, by Fabella
AU!vid. If Patrick wasn't real, Pete would have to make him up. Fricking fantastic! Song is 'Meds' by Placebo.

Vid: .01 Percent, by Fabella
Pete thinks that Patrick is different from 99.9% of the world. Vidlet. Intense and awesome! Song is 'All Fall Down' by OneRepublic.

Vid: Better, by Fabella
A playboy finds his match… Lovely vid for a cute Taiwanese movie. Music by Regina Spektor.

Graffiti, by megyal
NC-17. "Huh. Maybe Pete does have something on that immature dance, because as soon as Patrick caps the Sharpie, he feels a whole lot better. He truly can't wait to see what Pete thinks of that one." Humour and porn – is there anything better?

Vid: The Cat Came Back, by deadparrotscetch
Heh. Ianto is the cat that came back… Cracktastic! Using the children's song of the same name.

Vid: The Trouble with Retcon, by eternalwings
AU vid in which Ianto accepted retcon to forget about Lisa and his relationship with Jack – but some things are hard to forget… Very well done! Music is the Doomsday Theme from 'Doctor Who'.

Prism, by sidereal
PG-13. "Somewhere between the nosebleed and their mutual realization about the way things stayed the same whether you were awake or asleep – that the world remained static even if your eyes were closed – something had changed between them." Awww!

Buy You A Mockingbird, by Femme
NC-17, future!fic. "He’d never have thought he’d be here. Not with kids, and with a house in Hinsdale, and with Patrick." Kid!fic of the best kind – domestic and warm and sexy. Plus, the kids are actually really cool.

Just Won't Do Without You, by foxxcub
PG, AU. "He sprawls out on his side, rolls against Ryan, and falls into sleep just as he feels Brendon race over and drop heavily onto Spencer's back, nose pressed up under Ryan's ear." Puppies! Seriously, the cuddliest AU ever!

The Hereafter, by xxdance
PG-13. "Later, they’ll laugh and try to figure out how it happened." Things that haven't happened yet… Interesting style.

rather fight with you, by longtime-lurker
NC-17, dubcon. "Pete can't hear breathing other than his own, too fast. This -as he realizes after a second- is because Patrick isn't, in fact, breathing. Can't breathe. "You're totally- You're getting off on this," he says disbelievingly." Violent. Hot.

One Foot in Your Bedroom and One Foot Out the Door, by miserylovedme
NC-17, AU. "Patrick knew he was hallucinating when he opened his eyes to find a young man standing on the foot of his bed whispering harshly at a small globe of light floating near his head." Pete is Peter Pan – and oh, it's awesome!

Before Your Afternoon Coffee, by miserylovedme
NC-17. "Patrick shifts above him, goes silent and then leans over the edge of the bed, blinking sleepily, his hair sticking up in ways Pete had forgotten possible since they’d stopped sharing a bus together." Warm and quiet and sweet… Sheer loveliness

25 Days of Bandom Xmas – Day Two, by joker-and-thief
NC-17, angst. "And Pete, well – he'd give Patrick almost anything and everything in return. Does give Patrick everything in return." Punishing and screwed up, in the best possible way.

The Wolf Prince, by iphignia939
NC-17, AU. "At the end of the autumn of his nineteenth year, Patrick found an injured wolf in the woods near his house." At least as good as many of the adult fairy tales I've read. A fantastic read!

Stage Fright, by neery
NC-17. ""Patrick, you can't – I mean. I love you, man, but I wasn't out looking for hugs and cuddles, you know? This isn't something you can-" "Yeah, I can," Patrick said." Pete is near breaking point. Good thing he has Patrick to put him back together.

the rounds and the count, by violentfires
NC-17. "“It’s okay, I won’t touch you,” Pete whispers quickly. “It doesn’t count if I’m not touching you.”" Hotel room. Porn. Wanking. Oh boys, you really should know better – it totally counts if you're not actually watching the porn.

I Just Love Your, by proteinscollide
R, AU. "“I like brains,” Pete says wistfully. He plants a sweet kiss on Patrick’s mouth, chaste, ending with a little bite of Patrick’s top lip. “I like you.”" Hooker!fic, zombie!fic – is there anything this fandom can't pull off?

The World Just Happens, by proteinscollide
NC-17. "“You promised.” He hands Spencer the tube from the bedside table, and lies back down on the bed, utterly convinced and ready." Spencer obviously is the best friend EVER. 🙂

Electricityscape, or: The Subtlety Is Always What Kills You, by addictedkitten
G. "He and Patrick would just find a wall and sit down and talk for awhile until Pete came over kicking Patrick for attention." I love how Ryan's crush on Patrick just sneaks up on him. So very sweet!

Untitled Spencer/Ryan fluff, by warmingweather
PG. "Ryan remembers things that Spencer doesn't. Spencer's earliest memories are blurry and faint, like badly developed photographs." Memories, friendship and warm, warm fuzzies.

Van Shenanigans, by cria-ecrit
PG-13. "Pete looked down and saw him, the sweep of his eyelashes against his cheek, glasses crooked on his nose, mouth open just enough for Pete to hear the soft whistle of his breath. Oh, Pete thought. I love you." So very lovely.

Stealth, by kaciagemini
NC-17. "Pete gave pretty good snuggle really, close and warm against Patrick’s back, one arm under his neck and wrapping around a shoulder, the other resting across his waist or chest or softly touching his stomach." Sleepover porn. Sweet and sexy.

The True Story of What Never Happened, by airgiodslv
PG. "“Patrick,” he says, scandalized. “I can’t break us up. We are oh-tee-pee.”" Pete Wentz, original fangirl. Patrick Stump, longsuffering beta. And no, it's not an AU. Just absolutely cracktastically hilarious.

There's a Light On in Chicago, by ethrosdemon
PG-13. "Pete’s head falls on his shoulder, and walking is suddenly awkward, but Patrick unclenches incrementally. Even if they crash and burn, he has this, right?" Patrick is stressed, Pete is intense. They fit. Beautiful, beautiful interactions.

Cheer Up Boys (Your Makeup is Running), by ladyrogueevie
NC-17. "Patrick lies flat on his bed and thinks about anything other than Pete putting on his eyeliner, and fails spectacularly. He lifts a hand to lightly trace along his closed eyelids, trying to visualize himself with eyeliner, and can't." Sexay!

Mister, I don't believe in you, by thinkme_naive
R, AU. As the author says: "Pete writes book. Patrick is a hooker. Pete wants to write a book about Patrick the hooker. And then my brain said: "Let there be angst!"" – and it was all good.

Undiscovered Country, by Kasha
R. "Unfortunately for Pete, Patrick is the world’s biggest cocktease." HAhahahaha, this is one of the funniest things around. Kind of mean (aww, poor, sex-deprived Pete), but incredibly funny. *g*

Say a Prayer for Recognition, by velvet-tuberose
R, incest. "So it’s not normal, in just another one of the ways that Mikey’s not normal." There's accidential hard-ons, freaking out, and it definitely shouldn't be as hot as it is.

I've Got Headaches and Bad Luck (But They Don't Touch You), by txtequilanights
NC-17. "“Or maybe you’re just a tiny, adorable ball of sexual frustration.” Patrick makes an annoyed sound, but then Pete is reaching for him again, kissing him, so Patrick just lets it go." Hilarious and sexy and generally awesome.

I Hope He Is a Gentleman/A Mess Of Youthful Innocence, by txtequilanights
NC-17, AU, underage sex. ""I really like you," Pete says seriously. And, hey, maybe it's not so bad that Patrick is fourteen, because Pete is apparently a twelve year old girl." Guh worthy first time highschool!fic and an equally guh-worthy sequel.

Girlpants & Boycrushes (or: I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Were Some Buzznet Photos and a Vegas Show Shoutout), by thirdonebetween
PG-13. "Pete stumbles more than necessary, uses it as an excuse to catch himself on Patrick, tips Spencer an invisible hat and disappears into the crowd." Pete likes Spencer. Spencer is confused. Other people interfere. Hilarity ensues.

Twu Wuv, by stele3
PG, future!fic. "Brendon rolls his eyes and nods emphatically. "It was meant to be. Everyone knew that, except, I guess, you guys. Even I'm not that emotionally retarded, jeez."" Funny and cute, with awesome crew interactions. This should totally happen!

All In Your Mind, by stele3
R. "Spencer examined his own body, then cocked his hip further and looked up with a sharp, bright grin. (Later, years later, Ryan will think, There. Then.)" This is too good for words. Ryan's messed up. Spencer's always been there.

harlequin boys, by Gale
PG-13, underage sex. ""Girls are dumb," he mutters. "I *should* go out with a guy or something." Spencer's heart stops." Aww, so very, very cute! *adores*

Hips Don't Lie, by Arsenic
NC-17. "Sexual frustration does not make my guitar playing good, it makes it distracted. And I'm on your label. It behooves you to have me playing well." Heh. Pete is meddling with Spencer and Ryan is sexually frustrated.

Manifesto, by ignipes
PG-13. "Did you guys know we're all having sex with each other?" Don't believe everything you read on the internet… or maybe you should. Utterly hilarious.

Expect A Thousand More, by supergrover24
NC-17, dubcon. "Then Ryan meets Keltie, and after never comes." Spencer has loved Ryan for a long, long time. Amazing Spencer POV at their relationship through the years.

Time To Get Out Of The Desert, by bluejbird
PG, future!fic. "And there’s nothing he can say or do to make Spencer understand that Spencer wasn’t the only one who felt that way, not when he never really showed it when there was still a band to belong to, not the way Spencer always had." Awesomen

Five Down, by lordessrenegade
R. ""Right, so. The rest of Fall Out Boy? Getting laid a lot. Patrick? Not so much." Frank shrugged. "I'm just saying. I feel bad for the guy."" That's MCR for you – saving the world, one blowjob at a time… *g*

Nothing in the 'Verse Can Stop the Take Over, by rhombal
PG-13, Firefly!AU. "His ship, his pride and joy, his girl, as he calls it. Decaydance. The minute he saw her, there was no doubt that she was his." Everything is different from Firefly in just the right way. Perfect.

Vid: Same Blood, by PikachuFanatica
Aww… BFFs forever! 🙂 Music by The Academy Is…

Vid: A Little Kiss For Patrick, by Sweetharet
How much do I adore Patrick Stump? Music by Prince.

Don't Worry Your Head, by queenofhell
PG-13, AU. "q&a: Pete, would you and Patrick be friends if Fall Out Boy never existed? / we would have to be friends. cause i dreamt him." Absolutely fricking fantastic.

The City by the Lake, by ignipes
PG-13, future!fic. "They've got twenty years of shared memories. 'Remember when' covers a lot of ground." Past and present, and it's always been about Spencer and Ryan. Loveliness.

No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of this Proverb, by fizzyblogic
PG-13. "The first time Brendon saw Ryan and Spencer look at each other, he thought, Oh. And wanted." Sometimes three isn't a crowd. Sometimes three just works. Ryan/Spencer/Brendon.

Not a Pretty Girl, by idyll
R, AU. "Even once Bob earns respect in the scene, learns how to find the decent people among the throngs of assholes, she never forgets that she is one of the few women in a room at any given time." This series rocks on so many levels, it's insane.

the first rule of broom-wielding, by skoosiepants
PG-13, AU. "“So, hey, I brought you a housewarming gift.” “Um. Thanks?” Spencer Smith, Joe had learned that from Bob, took the broom kind of hesitantly." This is so freaking awesome, it hits all the right high notes. Made 100% of happy!

Vid: Any Other World, by suzvoy
The story of Luke and Noah… (up to March 12). Awesome editing, great song choice. Music by MIKA.

Gay Is Not A Synonym For Stump-Sexual, by tremblings
PG-13. "Pete isn’t quite sure what he thought was going to happen when he wrote G.I.N.A.S.F.S. but he definitely thought it would be more spectacular than this." Poor Pete… This made me laugh so hard.

Five People Patrick Isn't, by naotalba
NC-17. "There are a lot of roles you're expected to play when you hang around Pete Wentz. But Patrick won't let anyone make him something he's not." Short but cute, with a bit of angst thrown in.

Little You and I, by foxxcub
PG-13, AU. "Everyone loves Pete. It's like a prerequisite for going to school here." Aww, highschool!Au preciousness…

Jon and Spencer Make a Porno, by foxxcub
NC-17, AU. ""Think of it as, I don't know, donating plasma or something." Jon sighs. "Look, it's only for three weeks. We get to split twenty grand, Spence. Twenty grand."" So very funny, with some nice cameos.

Veridical, by fizzyblogic
NC-17. "You are not in my bed, in the middle of the night, whispering to me about how hard you like to be fucked, Spencer thought desperately. Because I am not fifteen any more and this is not another thing to jerk off to." Spencer watches and waits.

You Smile So Wide (And I Don't Need Anything), by fizzyblogic
R. "It was a few months later, when Tyson was over at Nick’s place getting another bass lesson, that Nick was hit with it. It felt a little like being run over by a phantom truck, and he just knew: he liked Tyson." Sweet, funny and sexy as hell!

Falling Up, by Melissa
NC-17. ""Your band, Walker," Tom said slowly. "That creepy amorphous mass that is the reason why all of the goddamn label now actually knocks." Wait. What?" Jon has amnesia and has to fill in the blank. The blank, apparently, contain lots of sex. 🙂

that old song we heard when we were young, by jocondite
R. "Spencer looked out over the trees, the faint brilliance of electric lights pinpricks in the distance. “Yeah, Ryan.” Ryan’s hand slipped into his; his fingers were like ice. “We’re good.”" This is a gorgeous, gorgeous Spencer POV – but oh,

fear of falling, by slowfaintly
PG. "And it's alright again, whatever that moment was is gone. Ryan was planning on staying over for the night, and he does, but he sleeps out on the couch." There are things they don't talk about.

Once More Around The Block, by algernon_mouse
NC-17. "He wonders about it later: why he stayed pressed up against Spencer, why Spencer’s only response was to lace his fingers with Ryan’s and squeeze." Ryan is kind of messed up. Good thing that Spencer knows. Fantastic!

i will stay young, by beingothrwrdly
G. ""All I ever need," Ryan says one day, "is you, Spence, all I ever need is you and like. Maybe some music or something. But you. Yeah, definitely, you."" Beautiful, beautiful picture of a beautiful, beautiful friendship.

A Sort of Fairy Tale, by Lady J
PG, early season 1. "One thing she was sure of – it wasn’t a good idea to find out right now, not when she was still establishing her place on the station. The queen did not sleep with the dashing knight; look how well that worked out for Guinevere."

best laid plans, by seimaisin
R. "Spencer kicked Brendon’s leg as he walked past. Brendon groaned, but didn’t move. “Don’t worry,” Spencer said as he sat down. “I have a plan.”" Because Spencer is the brains of the organisation. Ryan POV.

Non Sum Qualis Eram [I am Not Such As I Was], by megyal
R, AU. ""You have named me Patricius, I suppose," this…this child said in icy tones, and Pete glared at him." Roman centurion/slave fic – totally made of win! 7 chapters, complete.

Wing!fic by Claire
PG, AU. "When they’ve done an amazing show, when they’re all perfectly in sync and aligned, Joe whirling, Andy crisp, Pete at his most showy and Patrick hitting every note, that’s when the wings come." Lyrical and touching.

Vid: The Walk, by Empathica08
Absolutely fantastic vid – incredible editing, awesome song choice. Angst has never been so pretty… Music by Imogen Heap.

Vid: Forget Me Not, by Liesbeth
I'm not normally a big fan of vids set to ballads, but this one's simply stunning. Spoilers through 2×10. Music by Lucie Silvas.

Vid: I Miss You, by IMisplacedMyKeys
Perry misses Casey's… Lovely vid. Music by Incubus.

Absolution, by Letrice
PG. "Hotch shrugged out of his overcoat, then his suitcoat. He rolled his shirtsleeves to his elbows, then bent and put his arms around Gideon." Gideon is breaking. Hotch doesn't let him. Awesome character piece.

Angle of Descent, by daphnaea
M, through 'Home'. "If one of them is screaming rage and terror on the hangar deck, she wants it to be him. Because if he wants her to stay alive, that’s a kind of wanting her, a kind she can accept." Perfect. This is why I liked them.

The Fall Out Boy Guide to Seducing Your Band, by Jai
NC-17. "Step one: Look sweet and innocent. No one will ever suspect you." Patrick's the criminal mastermind in this one. So very much made of awesome!

Into a Place, by lordessrenegade
R. "There are 11 possible pairings that can be made from the boys of Panic! at the Disco. This is all of them." A slow progression to a good place.

One Day, Robots Will Cry, by Jai
NC-17, AU. ""You've activated me," Patrick told him. "I belong to you now."" Pete orders himself a robot girlfriend. Except that he gets Patrick. Fricking fantastic!

With the Moon in His Arms, by miserylovedme
NC-17, AU. "He stares into dark, wide brown eyes for mere moments before he realizes that he’s a good ten feet from the surface and he can see light and hear the sounds of someone jumping into the water above him." Every fandom needs mermaid!AUs…

Don't Cry for Chicago, by miserylovedme
R, death!fic. "Patrick has been his entire life for ten years. He’s allowed to come apart at the seams." Heartbreaking. Seriously, this'll make you cry. But also, beautiful.

it's not the view, baby, it's the company, by SA
PG-13. "After awhile Pete got used to the way his heart would leap in his chest when Patrick would do something like half-sing a lyric at the dinner table, or suggest a back-beat on a song, or, like, breathe." This takes me to a very happy place.

Wedding Vows, by ithilien22
NC-17, spoilers through the wedding. "He opens his eyes to find Luke looking down at him, perched carefully on the edge of the couch. It’s hard to tell in the dark, but it looks as though he might have been crying." The solution for all angst? Porn! 🙂

As Think As You Drunk I Am, by mcee
R, drabble. ""We're getting hornier in our old age," Finn slurred, and fell to his knees." I do wish there was more fic with those two!

Hende Dean, by beckaandzac
NC-17, underage masturbation. "He never argues when she tells him to stop, and a part of her wishes he would. Because she knows it hurts him the way it hurts her, leaves them both aching." Sexy and sweet, set in season 2.

Quiet is the New Loud, by sobrellevar
PG. "Pete’s hand suddenly latches onto his wrist with a flutter of blanket. (It’s odd how Pete can find some things in the dark just by memory, even when he doesn’t remember remembering.)" Pete goes blind. Patrick is still there. Amazing.

Push and Pull, by Miss Pamela
NC-17. "Ronon likes the way her skirt is not just a skirt, but a distraction." They fight. They fuck. Electric!

Too Much Like An Ending, by Anna
PG-13, character death! "Her hand in his, small but strong, and he felt protective and protected all at once." Teyla and Ronon explore a planet on their own. Things happen. Someone dies. Sweet and then heartbreaking.

Five Ways Ronon Dex Kisses a Team Member, by minnow1212
R. "Use it if it makes you better. Put it away if it makes you worse. Ronon has trained himself out of wanting bigger things." Awesome Ronon POV. Various het and slash pairings, but mostly Ronon/Teyla and OT4.

Something Like A Recipe, by megyal
PG, AU, WIP. ""Come on, Joe," he said, and Joe frowned a little, not remembering if he had told this kid his name or not. "You know my last name. You gave it to me."" Fricking fantastic, because Patrick IS too good to be real! I wish it'd be continued…

Telepathy Means Never Having Privacy When You're Jerking Off, by naotalba
R. "Pete's heard it said before that the rhythm of rock and roll music is the rhythm of sex. It hadn't occurred to him before that the beat of punk is the beat of jerking off." Everyone can hear Patrick's thoughts. Only Pete hears his music.

You Can't Be Missed If You Never Go Away, by Femme
R. "He’s always been straight, always, until that one day when he looked up and there was Pete, and he’d taken Patrick’s breath away and Patrick hadn’t even stopped to think, just leaned in and kissed him." Perfect, without being sappy. Fantastic.

Volume I, by Kasha
PG. "“Here,” Patrick said without preamble, handing him a shoebox. “I made you something on the, uh. On the last tour.”" Lovely, lovely post-Best Buy fic. Seriously, first it made me hurt, then it made me smile so hard.

Existentialism On Prom Night, by marigolde
PG. ""So," Pete echoes. "Would you like to tell me why I am currently watching you eat donuts and mope at 6:12 a.m. when you should, by all rights, be passed out at your prom after-party?"" Prom fic, including a Patrick rescue and pancakes. Sweet!

Semi-Decent Proposals, by misspamela
PG-13. "“I,” Pete enunciated slowly, “Am going. To marry you.” He frowned and brushed his hair out of his eyes. “If you’ll have me, of course. I’ve been asking you for years.”" Everyone knows, except for Patrick. Best kind of wedding!fic.

Compulsion, by joyfulseeker
PG. "Patrick’s skin is warm. Pete takes his hand away, and immediately wants to put it back, wants to get even closer. It’s almost a compulsion, and that’s the first time he thinks it." I love that no one notices, and I love how Pete reacts after. L

follow the leader, by restriction
PG-13. "Why he has a list of kisses from boys (it's paltry and pathetic and consists entirely of times he's been kissed on the cheek, most of them given by Pete, too) he's not entirely sure." Cute, sweet and funny – a winning combo!

Interesting, by valerie_z
R. "Pete ignored him. "I'll guide you every step of the way. I'll be like, the sex whisperer." Patrick covered his face with his hand. "This is not going to end well."" Patrick has a thing for Gerard. Pete wants to help. Hilariousness ensues.

Turn My Head Into Sound, by Zee
NC-17. ""You're so fucking sexy like this," he said, breathing against Patrick's neck. "I want to get down on my knees for you right now."" Pete Wentz is just being a good friend – until things turn dirty. Of course they do – it's Pete! Guh. Just… guh.

Tutorial, by Mimm
R, post-movie. ""Want to do something different for a change?" Bender asked, and Andrew nodded before thinking what he was actually doing." After detention, some things stay the same. Some things change. Yuletide 2003.

this will hurt you more, by megyal
R, kink. ""You think I wanted to do that? I told you it hurt to do it." There is another silence and then Patrick speaks again, in a voice so small that Pete moves closer to him on instinct." Spanking!fic. With plot. Only in this fandom, people!

the only thing worse than not knowing, by kissingchaos9
PG. "Pete has no fucking clue what's going on right now, except that his breakfast is crushed in a million pieces and Patrick is standing in front of him with his hands on his hips, looking angrier than Pete has seen him in a while." Just… wow. Perfect.

someday, Glasgow will be so two years ago, by iphignia939
NC-17. "“Oh my God,” he says, sitting up straight and looking at Patrick. “You like me.” “What?” Patrick asks. He looks startled as all hell. “What are you talking – no. No I don’t.”" In which Pete buys a clue. And there's sex. This ma

The Quickest Way to Ruin a Friendship, by Arsenic
NC-17. ""How do you know he'll stay with me?" Spencer feels the flutter of Ryan's eyelashes against his cheek. Sounding wildly confused and a dash of something else that Spencer can't quite determine, Ryan says, "Because you're Spencer."" Fantastic!

This story's going somewhere, by jamjar
NC-17, AU. "Patrick needs him, Pete thinks, watching the way his head tilts up and shows his throat when he sings." Ageswap fic. Patrick might be older than Pete in this one, but their relationship is pretty much the same – totally spot-on.

Or, What You Will, by fizzyblogic
NC-17, AU. ""They'd hate us!" Kim pointed out. "Tyson doesn't date." "Nick's really picky," Robyn agreed. "They'd hate each other so much, oh God, it's too bad. We can't." They looked at each other and chorused, "But we must."" Awesomeness!

Son of a Scoundrel, Heart of Gold, by Eleanor Lavish
R, AU. “You are Mr. Patrick Stumph, and I am Lord Peter Wentz, and we don’t stand on much ceremony here so I shall call you Patrick and you shall call me Pete and damn the rest of the world if they don’t like it.” Regency romance, only the good bi

Jumper, by therentmatrix
PG-13, pre-fame. "“I can’t save the world for you.” Pete glances down at him before turning his gaze upwards to the sky. “I know,” he whispers. “But can you save me?”" Pete is broken and wants Patrick to fix him. Somewhere in between there's

a smidge of pete/patrick, by callsigns
PG. "Pete releases Bella, who perches for a confused moment, a feline bridge between his legs and Patrick's, and then decides that Patrick's lap is the nicest after all. Yeah, Pete can't really blame her." This takes me to a very happy, warm place.

Conversation, by allyndra
NC-17, post 1×09. "Sexy is like a conversation. It takes two people." Absolutely guh-tastically sexy Ben POV. (Sadly now locked.)

Falling Slowly, by iscaris
R, post 1×09. ""Don't," Casey says abruptly, sitting up and knocking a startled Perry back. "Don't – don't be that kind of guy, Perry."" Awesome Casey POV.

Trying to Communicate, by Sam Starbuck
PG. ""O HAI SEXIE JAK," the cat said. Jack beamed." Torchwood meets LOLcats. Just as hilarious as this sounds.

Blame It On The Love (Of Rock 'N Roll), by calathea
G. ""Get the singer and the lead guitar," Jon says, decisively. "Oh, and hey. Ask if they'll send my daughter an autograph."" Bon Jovi/AAR fic. Outsider's POV (ie. Jon watching the boys). What's not to love?

There's Probably a Reason I Love You, I'll Get Back to You On That, by sidereal
R. "When Pete pulls away, his eyes are half-lidded and his smile is lazy. "I was right," he says simply. "But then, I usually am." "Bullshit," Patrick says." Sweet and funny, with awesome dialogue. What's not to love?

Vid: Coffee, by KellyC84
Not my kind of music, but the lyrics are fun and the vid uses some of my favorite kickass!Ianto scenes. Music by Supersister.

Vid: You do something to Me, by quaili
Spoilers through 2×09. Lovely, short and sweet. Music by Paul Weller.

Appetent, by fizzyblogic
R. “What the fuck? You fell in love with him at college, and it took you until this year to start dating him? What the fuck is wrong with you?” The story of Nick and Tyson. Sexy and sweet, set in the early days.

We'll Be Standing Here (For the Next One Hundred Years), by fizzyblogic
R. "There are actual fireworks the first time Tyson kisses Nick." What can I say? The love will not be denied. Incredibly sweet first time fic, set when Tyson was still in highschool.

Wasted and Ready, by loveyouallwrong and rain-dances
NC-17. "Based on the equation: Drunk!Patrick + phone calls with Pete = hilarity. With a bi-product of sex. Really schmoopy sex." What she said. *nods*

the songs and the words, by Sara and El
NC-17. "Pete would call Patrick up and say, "Hey, sing me that new song you're working on," and Patrick, used to Pete's randomness, would do it. And Pete would close his eyes, lean back, get his hand down his pants, and start stroking." Utter perfection!

Five Times Patrick Stump Kissed Pete Wentz, by doll-revolution
PG-13. "Joe couldn't possibly (even if he had the time, which he didn't) count all the times Pete kissed Patrick. Because Pete was, well, kind of slutty. But Patrick kissing Pete? Now that was a different story." Just what it says on the tin. Joe's POV.

Leaving You Alone With Me, by 3jane and mimesere
PG, AU. "And after a second Patrick realizes Pete's got a ring. It's really nice. It hasn't got stones set in it or anything; it's clearly a ring for a guy. But it's also obviously an engagement ring." The bestest marriage!fic ever.

pretty in ink, by mimesere
R. ""Oh my god," says Pete to Patrick. "You gangbanged My Chemical Romance?" And he can't help it, his voice totally goes nuts on him at the end. "REALLY?"" Cracktastic fantastic dialogue.

Clothes Off!, by queenofhell
NC-17. "Pete had kind of given up on the cock thing." Based on Pete's quote in The Advocate about being gay from the waist up. Awesome!

Eyes Like Neon Signs (flashing open open), by Zee
PG. "I promise we won't let him perform in the nude until he's at least sixteen." The band is just getting started – and so are Pete and Patrick. Incredibly lovely!

How Life Can Be, by sevenfists
PG-13. ""You and Pete," Andy says. "I can't live in this atmosphere of sexual tension anymore, it's ruining my mojo."" In which Pete is clingy and Patrick is oblivious. Also, there's Gertrude Stein and the Backstreet Boys. What's not to love?

Lord Knows It Would Be The First Time, by azurejay
PG-13. "He doesn't fuck groupies. Okay, he doesn't fuck his own groupies." No, Pete fucks Patrick's. Fucked-upness and friendship and overall awesomeness.

"i like finger instruments and mouth organs" — 18 (glenview), by Gale
NC-17, underage sex, AU. "Let's be upfront: I'm tired of being the last unicorn. 18, red hair, oral and j/o okay but would prefer something more. Your pic gets mine." Meeting on craigslist has never been so sweet – or sexy.

I'll Be Your Thrill, by foxxcub and txtequilanights
NC-17, underage sex. "Once he figures it out, he doesn't know how he missed it at all." Oh, I do love them as babies, figuring things out!

Happy with the Consequence, by txtequilanights
NC-17, sex pollen. "It’s weird. Patrick is clinging and totally ignoring that chick from the venue who’s been staring at him since soundcheck." Oh yeah, baby! So very hot!

How to Be a Rock Star, by Patrick M. Stump, Aged Seventeen, by trixiesfic
NC-17, underage sex. "“Stay, Patrick,” Pete says quietly from somewhere very close to Patrick’s ear." There's a girl in this, but in a good way. *g*

Can't Do This Anymore, Can't Stop, by spikedluv
NC-17, voyeurism. "The door opened and Frankie stepped in. “Jesus! I thought you two weren’t doing this anymore.”" Perry can't keep his hands off Casey. Casey likes it. Frankie watches.

This Boot Is Made for Rocking, by marksykins
NC-17. "The point of exception lists — even when laminated — is impossibility." This manages not to be 'Pete breaks up with his girlfriend for Patrick' and not hit my cheating squick (ie. there's some Pete/Ashlee). Plus, all over loveliness.

since we have to be here, by lordessrenegade
NC-17. "The thing is, Patrick really likes going down on guys." Patrick has urges – and that's what friends are for, right?

The Million Things We Never Were, by adellyna and txtequilanights
PG, AU. ""What do you mean awww?" Pete demands. "My action figures are alive!"" A couple of amorous action figures show Pete and Patrick how it's done…

I can't read lips (unless they're touching mine), by giddygeek
R. "Kissing Patrick the day they'd met was kind of a gut reaction to his voice and his pale legs in those horrible shorts and black socks." Awesome Pete POV and an awesome love story, including the hurty bits.

Pancakes and Blowjobs, Hashbrowns and Blood, by Valerie Lewis
NC-17, early days. "Pete smiled, his mouth huge, toothy, and ridiculously adorable, and Patrick thought that, if he wasn't in a band with Pete, he'd like to kiss him, just once, just to taste that smile." The beginning of a legendary love affair.

Sleep Like Music, by valerie-z
R, pre-fame. "Patrick reached his sexual peak on a Tuesday afternoon." Totally, utterly adorable.

Clearly Aware the Stars, by fizzyblogic
NC-17. "Sex is like music, Brendon, it’s always better with practice." Brendon has a crush on Jon (pre-joining P!atD), Ryan and Spencer generously offer to help out.

and of your etcetera, by parcae
PG-13. "At least, he thinks bitterly, at least when Brent was here there had been someone else on the outside." Brendon's POV.

Walking Sideways Takes Longer, But You Get There Eventually, by disarm-d
NC-17, underage sex. "Ryan tries to have a positive heteronormative influence on Spencer, but it doesn't go as planned, because come on! Who do you think you are kidding, Ryan Ross?" Funny and cute. Lovely!

Been Taken, by foxxcub and disarm_d
NC-17, underage sex. ""Hey, Ryan," Spencer says. "Brendon doesn't want to make out with me."" Brendon is sweet and innocent – Spencer and Ryan aren't.

Let The Record Show, by adellyna and wishpaper
NC-17. "Pete doesn't think he would've pegged Patrick as the type to talk a lot. Maybe it's just the alcohol in him, but either way, Pete's definitely not against it." So very sexy. Fun in a van with a camera.

Patricksitting (Call It A Love Song), by adellyna
NC-17, underage sex. "I'm here for Patricksitting. I assume you're the Patrick?" I guess it was only a matter of time until I succumbed… and this is funny and sweet and sexy.

On Fairytales & Endings, by snakevsladder
PG-13. "And how, Spencer thinks, can you get in between that?" Beautifully lyrical Spencer POV.

A Personal Touch, by bugchicklv
R, MMAS. "Ben smiled, the foam moving comically with his movement, and then pointed down to his crotch. “Yeah, something tells me that a professional wouldn’t have quite the same effect on me.”" Delicious entry to the kinkfest challenge.

Untitled, by Emma
PG. "Robbie's reaction when Mark asks him about the band reuniting, and some reminiscing." Cuteness!

At Swim, Two Boys, by Dolores
NC-17. "Sometimes Mark felt like being on tour was like being on a submarine. Five lads crowded onto one bus like sailors under the sea."

Coult It Be Magic, by Sofie K Werkers
PG-13. Take That. "In which Robbie's room is haunted, and Mark plays security blanket." Not the best fic ever, but cute.

Comment fic by micawbish
PG-13, MMAS. "Everything he can come up with pales in comparison to lying here, curled around and against and under." This is sheer loveliness and beauty. (Possible that it'll be friends-locked soon, however. *pouts*)

Watching You, by ru_salki99
NC-17, during 'Sleeper' (after THE kiss). "Owen stumbles across Jack and Ianto and can't bring himself to look away." Incredibly hot and indulging my outsider's POV kink.

Q.E.D., by smokeringhalos
PG, post-Reset AU. "Martha clucks at him. "This'll be about him, I'm sure. Go on, what's he done this time?"" Lovely, lovely Martha/Ianto friendship.

Poison, by Mandy
R. AU, post-season 6. "The debauched irony of it all – only here, roiling in sin and licking blood from the walls can Toby find grace." Keller doesn't die, and there might be a sort-of happily ever after. Oz-style.

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit, by derryderrydown
R, AU. Ianto falls through the Rift, has amnesia – and meets Lieutenant Harkness in WWI. Lovely romance.

Through a Glass, Darkly, by Zed
PG, AU. Jack ends up in a mirrorverse (Star Trek style) with a very different Ianto.

Ben is Not Gay, by skating_fan
NC-17, adultery. Make Me a Supermodel. Great Ben POV over the first 5 episodes and sizzling first time sex.

Vid: Striptease, by Rhysenn
Sexy and fun video for five of the guys from 'Make Me a Supermodel'. Music by Hawksley Workman.

Faith, by ella_minnow
R. "Gawain has always preferred to keep his faith in the hollows of Galahad's body." Stunning vignette. An all-time favorite.

All the Small Things, by inkjunket
NC-17, baby!sex. "Spencer is totally and completely one of the hottest things Ryan has ever seen when he's like this, and Ryan doesn't know what is wrong with him or what he's thinking about." Really cute and sexy pre-band story. Ryan POV.

she didn't choose this role [but she'll play it and make it sincere], by joker-and-thief
NC-17, AU, het. "Sometimes, Ryan thinks she really loves Spencer. She kind of hates him for it." Ryan's a girl, but other than that things feel just the same. Perfect!

burning at these mysteries, by 1001cranes
PG-13. "Spencer’s always been the reason. Always been the rhythm, the beat that Ryan changed along to." Spencer POV. Just… gorgeous and perfect.

For When it's Dark, by Giddygeek
PG. "Jack reaches out in the darkness and takes his hand. "Just in case," he says, and waits for Ianto to catch his breath." Jack and Ianto get lost in the Hub. And while being lost they find something. Sweet and lovely.

Captain Jones – Coffee and Campaigns, by tanarian
G, AU. Follow-up to 'Meet Captain Jones'. I still wish there was more, as this AU is fascinating!

Meet Captain Jones, by tanarian
PG, AU. "Captain Harkness, may I introduce you to Captain Jones?" Jack meets Ianto Jones of UNIT – and his coffee. How I wish there was more of this!

Cura Deum Di Sint, by zabbers
R, AU for Jack's return. ""Ianto." Jack's voice commanded him, his eyes held him steadily. "Kill me."" This is heartwrenching, in the best possible way.

You and Me and the Satellites, by misslucyjane
R, AU. "Is that what Torchwood did to him? Is that what we did? We took away that smile." What if Jack had Ianto retconned after 'Cyberwoman'?

Red Red Red, by joyfulseeker
PG-13."Ryan had never been Spencer's secret before. He wasn't sure if he was a good one or a bad one, but it was all related, the way Spencer sometimes seemed like he wanted Ryan to touch him, and a moment later would stay carefully out of reach."Perfect!

On Two and Four (With Conviction), by thingsyoumissed
R. "He drives Ryan to the airport. Before they get out of the car in the parking garage, Ryan says to him, “I think you should come to Connecticut with me,” in a soft voice, nervous fingers brushing at his hair." Future, post-band fic. Lovely!

Half-Sober, by chicklet_girl
PG. "They’ve never done this sober, or half-sober, or whatever it is when one person is sober and the other one is kneeling on the floor." An early morning at Nolita's.

Untitled, by thelionforreal
G. "Jack no longer writes specifics on his recipes." Perfect vignette.

The Queen of England, by rageprufrock
R. ""Steven's so fucking heterosexual he has to take a break every now and then," Jack snaps, and slaps Steven's stupid, venison-fucking hands off of his shoulders." So very hilarious and perfect.

Five Firsts for Jack and Steven, by duckgirlie
PG. "What was more surprising than Pierre taking twenty minutes longer to notice that Steven was MIA was that Jack found himself covering for him once it was noticed." The story of a developing friendship.

All the Straight Boys Are Doing It, by hackthis
PG-13. "Especially when you've walked into the gayest kitchen north of Soho. It's cute and all, but Cameron has a life outside this particular gay mecca." Cameron's gaydar is very busy.

Five Times that Jack and Steven Never… Okay, That's a Lie, by hackthis
R. "In the plus column, being in bed with Steven meant that Jack hadn't passed out in a back alley, and no one had come along and stolen his shoes, his pants and his watch, and then pissed on his head." Hilarious!

Untitled, by nifra_idril
R. "Steven tried to shrug, but then Jack did something – Steven was too drunk to know exactly what – just right, and his eyes rolled back into his head instead." Two chefs, a backalley and a blowjob – what more could a girl wish for?

Things Could Be Worse, by tresca
PG. "Jim unwittingly creates chaos at Nolita. He also creates one of the worst love letters ever written." Why there is not more fanfic for this show out there I'll never know. This is spot-on, though, absolutely hilarious.

the heart be still as loving, by SA
R, post-series. "This time, when they fell in love–this time, they fell together." Lovely, lovely future!fic.

this town is a song about you, by femmenerd
R, post-series. "Being Rory’s husband is different from being her boyfriend." A lovely peek into the married life of Dean and Rory.

Vid: You're So Damn Hot, by Melina
Jack can't help himself, but Ianto doesn't really mind.

Vid: Set The Fire To The Third Bar, by SE
Absolutely fantastic vid for Jack and Ianto in series 1. Ianto POV, mostly. Music by Snow Patrol.

Vid: This Is Everything, by SE
Fantastic look at Jack and his relationships, especially to the Doctor. Music by Tegan and Sara.

Vid: The Sex has Made Me Stupid, by CailenBraern
Torchwood has sex. Lots of it. *g* Spoilers through 2×03. Music by Robots in Disguise.

Vid: My Baby Shot Me Down, by DeathValleyQueen
I rarely enjoy slow vids, but this is very atmospheric and awesome. Spoilers for 2×03. Music by Nancy Sinatra.

Possibilities, by X-Tricks
NC-17. Sizzling hot PWP.

Not Ready to Leave, by Spikedluv
NC-17. "Ben raised his eyes to Ronnie’s. They were sad and hopeful and determined. “I don’t want to think about the vote anymore,” he said." Make Me A Supermodel smut, sexy as fuck.

Custom Demands, by halotolerant
PG-13. "Aliens made him do it, but that doesn't seem to excuse anything. The dark (dark) side of a classic fanon scenario." Seriously. This is a truly fucked up scenario. *shudders*

Vid: Perhaps, by Killa
"Spock is a pro at playing hard to get, but Kirk is nothing if not persistent." Music by CAKE.

Vid: Closer, by t. jonsey & killa
This song is just perfect for all sorts of slash – including the classic Kirk/Spock, of course! Music by Nine Inch Nails.

Won With Sacrifice, by Shane Vansen
PG, AU. "He remembers learning of her death, and he has to catch his breath at the pain and guilt that is as strong now as it was then. Having her here, beside him, somehow makes it worse." Several months after 4×11, John gets a surprise.

Vid: Now comes the night, by Jo19844
Beautiful Ianto-centric Jack/Ianto vid. Music by Rob Thomas.

Midnight Meetings, by Rhien Elleth
R, post-Serenity (movie). "So far Inara had pursued Mal with a kind of passive persistence. It was time to be aggressive." Inara is tired of the stalemate.

A Bad Beginning, by BeccaFran
PG-13, season 2. "There is a saying among Teyla's people which says a bad beginning makes a bad ending. She cannot help but cling to her father's old advice when it comes to Ronon Dex." Interesting Teyla POV, binding together several episodes.

Vid: Hope For Me Yet, by frances_veritas
"Luke and Noah love each other. Heh." Music by Marc Broussard.

Better, by Lucy
PG, mild spoilers for 2×03. "You've been making yourself very noticable, lately." Sweet and lovely tag to "the kiss" in 'To The Last Man'.

Vid: Fear, by BogleLass
Lovely vid about the bond between Logan and Rogue (X1 and a bit of X2). Music by Sarah McLachlan.

Vid: No Ordinary Love, by White Witch
Incredibly well done shippy AU of X3. Music by Deftones.

Frustration, by CrabbyLioness
PG, through 'Sleeper'. "If it was up to me we'd skip straight to his right to nail me through the mattress, but he's setting the pace. We haven't even kissed yet. It's maddening." Lovely, sweet Jack POV.

Danse, Danse, Danse, by Curley Green
PG, post-movie. "Billy’s hands moved down Michael’s torso. "Back straight." Billy’s hips were cradling his, guiding him down." "Back straight? I can’t even keep my thoughts straight." Billy laughed but Michael wasn’t joking." Lovely!

the dance goes on, by SA
PG, post-movie. "It wasn't until he was absolutely sure he was offered a place with the Royal Ballet that Billy could start convincing Michael to move to London." Lovely gap filler between Billy going to London and the scene at the end of the movie.

What Seems Like Surrender, by out_there
R, post-series 1/DW series 3. “If someone tells me they love me, and that I’m gorgeous, it’s a fair assumption the night will end with sex.” A very appealing version of Jack's return.

Untitled, by dizzydame
R. "Ianto isn't really sure what's what at all anymore, but Jack makes him feel alive and that's all he needs." Alcohol, seduction, sex – a pattern that Ianto doesn't know how to define.

The Supply of Time, by Giddy
PG-13. "He feels shaky as a colt and strong, like he could run a million miles, fuck a hundred times, swim an ocean, laugh and do it all again. No wonder Jack is so careless." Jack kisses Ianto back to life. Beautiful and touching.

Confessions, by out_there
PG-13, post-Countrycide. "Jack's taste had always ranged far and wide but at the moment, beautiful, bruised and hardy was his poison of choice." Jack looking after his team after the cannibals – especially after one enigmatic archivist.

Six Senses, by obsessive24
R, incest. "Love, she thinks again, rolling the word over her tongue. It feels dense and insubstantial at the same time, like velvet and dry ice; it feels the same as Simon." Perfect River voice!

No Raven, by centaurea_m
R, post-Cyberwoman. "‘You wanted to watch me die,’ he whispers, his eyes further away, his left hand coming up to toy with Ianto’s tie. ‘So. Watch me.’" This is how it could have happened, how two really messed up men could have found together.

The Ways to be Oblivious, by etharei
NC-17, set before 1×10. ""Do you think," panted Jack into his ear. "The others are wondering why you're taking more night shifts than anybody else?"" There's something going on right under Owen's nose… Funny and sexy!

Gravity is not Responsible for Your Fall, by viv
NC-17, post-"Serenity" (movie). "She was sitting at her new comm screen – she'd turned to greet him, and now they were frozen in this strange moment, her body curving toward him, describing an incomplete arc." Inara POV on trying to rebuild after the BDM.

Boiling Over, by spiletta42
PG-13. "Inara in red. That sort of thing had a way of turning Mal all manner of stupid." Great Mal voice and a business deal going just a bit different than expected…

Warrior, by kyuuketsukirui
NC-17, mild spoilers for Ronon's backstory. "It may be just a meaningless ritual, but Ronon will take all the help he can get." Ronon-centered, sexy as hell.

Steadfast, Loyal, and True, by Hth
R, spoilers for Ronon's backstory and some of season 4. Fantastic Ronon fic, giving us a load of backstory about his life on Sateda, as well as some lovely (if angsty) Teyla moments.

Surcease, by Chrissie
PG, set after Ronon joined Atlantis. "Besides, he's quiet, not dead, and she's hot and strong and powerful and everything he thinks maybe he wants to look for now that he's older." Ronon has a crush, the sweetness… Seriously, I miss those two so much!

…where time begins to fade, by medie
NC-17, AU. "She watches the little group round the corner and disappear from sight. "He's changing, Kate."" Based on the Star Trek TOS episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before", this is sheer awesomeness!

Galahad's Tunic, by andrealyn
PG-13, pre-movie. “Mine. You’re wearing my property, therefore for the moment you are, by extension, my property as well.” Written for me, but wowza, hotness!

Greed, by Lucy
NC-17, post-movie. ""We've been playing too long," Gawain said." A first time that was a long time coming…

Out of Focus, by joanne
PG, post-Grave Danger. Friendship/pre-slash. "Because so long as he could touch Warrick, it meant that it was all real." Excellent Nick POV.

Warmth to Wax, by randomeliza
NC-17, tiny spoiler for 2×02. "When Ianto says that Jack has bad manners in bed, he’s not joking." Sexy as hell.

Five Moments of Clarity: Ianto Jones, by Miss Pamela
NC-17, spoilers for series 1. "Jack stepped closer, never breaking eye contact. “Were you looking to expand…your duties?”" Ianto's perspective changes.

Reach Out and Touch Someone, by tanarian
NC-16, post-series 1 (AU from Jack's departure). “So, when do I get the phone sex then, Ianto?” Jack's traveling with the Doctor, but he's keeping in touch…

Vid: You Could Be Happy, by bflyart
Lovely, albeit sad, vid set to music by Snow Patrol.

Vid: Girlfriend in a Coma, by miss_jaffacake
"All Ianto needs is a big hug and a cup of coffee and a good sing-along to some depressing 80's British rock." Tongue-in-cheek 'Cyberwoman' vid. Music by The Smiths.

The Photo Shoot, by Richard
R. The story for a photo that has the fangirls (and -boys) all aflutter…

I Woke Up and One of Us Was Crying, by Stellaluna
NC-17, post-season 2. "Mac traces patterns on Stella's skin: hieroglyphics, once, or the root system of a tree, common road maps." Sexy and sweet and a bit sad.

Your Song, by Rachel
PG, post-2×22. "She thinks that this isn’t the Mac Taylor she knows, the one she knows is awkward with affection and uncomfortable with comfort, whether he’s giving it or receiving it." Lovely.

Vid: Maybe Tomorrow is a Better Day, by Bright
Nick and Warrick have been through a lot together… Music by Poets of the Fall.

Too Late, by Melanie-Anne
G, angst. Alex and Carol meet. Drabble for Yuletide 2007.

Resolution, by Stellar Meadow
G. "I was about to order room service. If you want to come by, I can order for two." Tony and Carol get some resolution. A Yuletide 2007 fic.

Wandering In Starflight, by vensre
PG, AU. "Ensign Monaghan's first days aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise." Oh yes, that's right – a Star Trek AU! Part 2 has been promised to come.

Almost Never, by Cesare
PG-NC-17. Stuart and Vince through the years. Fantastic series, starts with them meeting in school in 'New Planet' and goes from there, filling in the blanks.

I Like It Like That, by Mallory Klohn
NC-17. "Vince was a weirdo magnet, Stuart was the biggest weirdo of them all." Hilarious and perfectly dead-on.

A Bad Feeling About This, by strongplacebo
PG, during filming. "Billy. Do you want to go back to the hotel room and have a lightsaber fight with me?" This fic made me ridiculously happy, and not just because of the Star Wars references. Slashababy 2007 fic.

Eames Gets to Drive, by Lozzie Cap
NC-17, post-"Untethered". ""So did I finally satisfy your curiosity?" he says archly, buttoning his jeans." She's got both their voices down completely believably.

Commitments by Diana Williams
R, pre-series. "And if his life wasn't perfect, well, it was close enough and he was mostly content. Which is why he didn't see trouble in the form of Timothy Callahan until it was too late." Yuletide 2007 fic.

Embraceable You, by Rina
PG-13, post-series. "Embrace him now, while you still can." Sally's pregnant and so's her tummy. Yuletide 2007 fic.

15 Minutes From Hell, by wook77
NC-17, post-movie. Incest! "Maybe this is God's way of telling us that we're on the wrong path, maybe we've taken it too far, Connor." Yuletide 2007 fic.

Curriculum Vitae, by Iseult Variante
G. "You know how many jobs I had before I came here?" A fascinating look at Angela, her experiences and how they shape her job at the Jeffersonian.

Like David and Jonathan, by athousandwinds
PG-13. "Loving David is dangerous, Jonathan tells Michal, but it has never stopped either of them." I've always had my suspicions about these two… Yuletide 2007 drabble.

Dancing Boys, by rilla
PG-13, post-movie. "It's just – the image of him, the memory of him, this straight boy who shouted and swore and raged and accepted Michael for the poof he was, girls' clothes and lipstick and all." Lovely, lovely Michael POV for Yuletide 2007.

Vid: 500 Miles, by the Media Cannibals
Doyle knows what he's got… Awesome song, awesome vid. Music by The Proclaimers.

Vid: Don't stop me now, by charmax
A look at an absolutely unapologetic villain – the Master. Spoilers through the end of season 3 of Doctor Who. Music by Queen.

Vid: Four Years, by Fabella
I am still probably the only slash fan who watches SGA and isn't a McKay/Sheppard shipper – however, this vid is absolutely fantastic, and makes me wish I could see it… Music: "Life Less Ordinary" by Carbon Leaf.

Vid: Detachable Penis, by the Media Cannibals
"I woke up this morning with a bad hangover, And my penis was missing again." Yes, that's the story, the story of Bodie and Doyle and their detachable penises… As crazy and awesome as it sounds. Music by King Missile.

Vid: My Heart Will Go On, by DieginaCZ
This should suck so much, because, you know, the SONG – but instead it's beautifully done and very touching. Music by Celine Dion.

Vid: El Tango De Spock, by gin1119
AU – Kirk gets really, really jealous of the Romulan Commander's designs on Spock. Incredibly stylish. Music from Moulin Rouge.

Vid: Kiss Mr. Spock!, by gin1119
Too fricking hilarious for words! Music by Disney.

Sweeter Than Candy, Better Than Cake, by jzbell
NC-17, GSF. "It's really no big deal that their male guitarist smells fruity and has unnecessarily glossy lips." What is it about Panic! GSFs that is so irresistible? In this case, it's funny and sexy, an unbeatable combination.

We Started From, by untappedbeauty
NC-17, GSF. "Life moves on. Ryan, not so much." Moving toward something really good.

Damned if You Do…Damned, Period, by Shealynn88
NC-17, adopted incest, disturbing themes. "And I wonder, too, deep down, if I'll be closer to him if I touch her like he did." After the season 1 finale, Deb asks for a favor.

Devil Caught Your Eyes, by vega
R, violence and incest-y themes. "All this, he will kill to keep." Fascinating look at young Dexter while Harry is away. He has urges. And then there's Deb.

Vid: Gay, by Enednoviel
"Maybe the whisky has gone to my head, but if I were gay, I would give you my heart." Cracking me up, this vid is! Music by Stephen Lynch. (The vid is the one at the bottom of the page.)

Sun in the Sky, by giddygeek
R, through 'Greek Bearing Gifts'. "He doesn't argue, and he doesn't protest after, when Jack leads him down into his own small rooms. He's been here twice before." Pain, ghosts, and maybe love. Awesome!

Stronger Than Me, by merepersiflage
NC-17, AU after Dec 12. “I want to take this all the way. I want you inside me.” Luke and Noah finally get intimate – and wow, was it worth the wait!

Kissing is for Lovers, by cupiecake
PG-13, during End of Days. "Ianto won't let Jack kiss him. Jack likes to kiss; he knows this, he's seen it, but." Takes what we know and makes it mean something lovely.

You Can Always Come Home, by PK
G, drabble. "Ianto, on behalf of the team." A letter to Jack, while he's gone.

Slide Into Symmetry, by buckle-berry
NC-17, set in their final year at Cambridge. "It felt meant. Stephen hardly noticed when Emma left." Perfect voices for all, plus the perfect mix of hotness and depth. Amazing!

Utility Cupboard, by Wickedplotbunny
NC-17, post-Countrycide. "Jack's hands on my hips hold me so tightly, it’s like I’m his. Right now, I am." More than a PWP, it's an interesting (and sexy) look at a complicated relationship.

Close Enough, by trollprincess
R. "Futurefic at the Oscars, in which Noah is going to end up holding a naked man by the end of the night one way or another." Very, very funny and sexy.

Five Ways Aaron Hotchner Breaks, by smilla840
R, h/c. "And so he keeps on breaking, and wonders why he still looks whole on the outside." Hotch needs someone to piece him together when he falls apart.

Vid: Happy Together, by xmasholly
"True love can overcome all obstacles… Even Operating Systems." This is just cracktastically fantastic!

What Could Have Been, by smilla840
R, AU, pre-series. "If Gideon were completely honest with himself, he would have to admit it wasn’t just curiosity that pulled him towards Aaron, but a growing attraction he had no control over." Totally in character!

The Young Lord Peter Consults Sherlock Holmes, by Dorothy L Sayers
G. Yes, DLS wrote a Peter Wimsey/Sherlock Holmes crossover for a radio programme in 1954. An 8-year-old Lord Peter consults the great detective on the matter of a disappeared kitten.

Fade Into You, by Staci and Marianne
NC-17. "Ryan rolls over, arm shielding his eyes from the morning sunlight shooting in through the window, and Spencer feels himself step over the edge." Hot and sexy, with lots of emotions – awesome combination!

Better Off As Lovers, by kaciagemini
R, underaged sex! "Ryan didn't mean to notice Spencer." I seem to be drawn to the best friends pairing once again (although I actually find Jon and Brendon the most attractive) – and this fic is funny and sexy and all it should be.

Seven Steps to Make a Circle, by DF
PG. "A thousand hands, a thousand hugs, a thousand pictures; it's not finding evidence that's hard, it's ignoring it." 7 views of the Panic! boys and their relationship(s). Lovely.

Five Firsts in Luke and Noah’s Relationship, by ithilien22
PG-13/R, no spoilers. Just what the title says. Totally adorable set of 5 drabbles.

Vid: Vogue, by Luminosity
Fantastic vid – perfect timing, awesome effects. Plus, so much FUN (much more so than the source)! Music by Madonna.

Crush (With Eyeliner), by addictedkitten
NC-17, GSF. ""I'm straight," Jon tried, and even the mirror wasn't buying it." Because I couldn't resist The Gay any longer.

In the Mood, by paperclipbitch
NC-17, no spoilers. “Mistletoe grown on the rift- in other words, the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac- and you’re telling me that Jack has got his hands on some?”

Vid: One Line, by Alyssa Lynn
Rory and Dean's story, in utter bittersweet perfection. Music by PJ Harvey (who else?).

Getting the Huzzah Thing, by Macha
NC-17. Missing scene from Written in the Stars; how Luke and Lorelai got from the restaurant to the bed. Sexy and funny and totally in character!

Rust, by slipshod
R, slight dark!fic. "He hates her for one moment on a Sunday afternoon." Because Ned needs, and that can be a bit overwhelming.

Good Girls Do, by femmenerd
NC-17, future!fic. "How exactly was she so good when they were kids? He didn’t sport a tool belt back then, she remembers. That’s got to be it." Sweet and sexy and something I love to imagine could happen…

Same Old Song and Dance, by seedyapartment
R. "Finn knows Colin better than he knows himself." One of my favorite sekrit OTPs.

Mine, by Naiad
NC-17. "Promises are fine for some, but Mark has always been greedy. He’s had more. He wants more." If I'd been a slash fan when Take That were big, that'd have been my pairing… Mark/Robbie, that is.

Song For Rose, by Camilla Sandman
R, post-series 1. "Time sings. She can feel it as she's clinging to him, skin to skin, his eyes closed and time almost still around them. Between heartbeats, there's a song." Beautifully crafted, wonderfully told.

Bittersweet, by neotantrika
PG-13, through 1×03. "So when Chuck moved in, Ned braced himself for disruption, adjustment, even conflict. There was none. She fitted so seamlessly into his life it almost scared him." Lovely, full of longing.

The Closet, by Zoicite
PG-13, set around 2006. ""Howie," AJ said when Howie was standing in front of him waiting for his hug. "Howie, my man. Congratulations, but you're gay."" Gosh, I haven't read BSB in forever, but Zoicite is still as good as ever!

Worship The Trousers That Cling To Him, by wildestranger
R, post-series 1. "Okay, yes, he does want to torment Jack, he thinks Jack deserves all the torment Ianto can muster. He’s had new trousers tailored especially for the purpose of tormenting Jack." Hilariously funny.

The Timeline, by uberaeryn
NC-17, slight AU to 'Moebius'. “Are you telling me we just made an ancient Egyptian PORNO????” Sexy and funny – and they don't forget about Teal'C, which pleases my OT4 lovin' heart…

Feels Just Like, by Lucy
G, pre-series. "And you're in the habit of rescuing perfect strangers in awkward situations, Mr. Strachey?" A promising first meeting.

Tag, by Lucy
PG, post-movie. Warning: incest! "Lucy's it."

Vid: SexyBack, by gin1119
Spock knows what he wants… Music by Justin Timberlake.

Lovers in a Dangerous Time, by misslucyjane
NC-17, all through series 1 to post-'Last of the Time Lords'. "Some things are inevitable, like sunrises, like Jack." Love stories are rarely simple. This series shows a beautiful example.

Puppy Love, by Christi
PG, AU. "This is how Dr. Elizabeth Weir ended up walking her military commander on a makeshift leash around the balconies of Atlantis while he searched for a good place to…relieve himself." Puppy!John – what's not to love?

Possibilities, by Christi
NC-17, season 8. "Typically speaking, the higher up you are, the bigger these things get. Our society tends to equate size with power.” Jack has a new desk. Funny, sweet and sexy.

Vid: Flagpole Sitta, by Little Heaven
Dr. Daniel Jackson. An entire series of whump. Hilarious! Music by Harvey Danger.

Essential, by FayJay
R. "She wants to keep him safe. To be kept safe. It hurts to think how much she wants this. How impossible it is." The aftermath of intimacy. Inara's POV.

Vid: That'll Show Him, by Moto1261
Funny little vid about why Inara sleeps with anyone but Mal. Music from "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum".

Clarity, by Kate Andrews
NC-17, mild spoilers through 10-05-07. "Noah knows what he's doing." Mostly, he wants Luke, very very badly. Fresh and sexy story. The sequel is cracktastic, but this is just sweet and extremely hot. Great characterizations, I think.

Vid: She's A Lady, by bflyart
It's all about Lizzie and the hearts she breaks on Atlantis. Very entertaining and well-done vid! Music by Tom Jones.

Vid: I Was Made For Loving You, by bflyart
Entertaining, well-paced vid for the ep 2×16, "The Long Goodbye". Music by KISS.

Vid: Girl, by quiet-fractures
Spoilers through "Lifeline"! This one's short but it sure packs a punch… Beautiful! Music by Jim Sturgess.

Lost Causes, by ducks-in-a-row
PG-13, AU. "Wilson being gay wasn't really the problem. The problem was that he was slightly gay himself." Awesome, awesome story of an unlikely seduction.

Vid: What's left of me, by rachael14
One of the best vids for this pairing, from Luke's POV. Music by Nick Lachey.

The Object of My Erections, by Francesca
NC-17. "Pheromones? What do you mean — what, mine? You — to me?" A fandom whose source material I've never watched – but with stories like this, who needs to, really?

Defensive Strategies, by Milkshake Butterfly
NC-17, AU. "And it was only when that sunk in that he realized he was kissing House, he was kissing his best friend, he was making out with the guy he worked with and ate lunch with and mocked the nursing staff with. And he was doing it in public." Awesom

Triangulated, by sadiekate
NC-17, through season 1 finale. "There used to be four of them and now they were three, triangulated, spaced evenly apart."

Vid: Lying is the most fun a girl can have…, by bowlofmacandcheese
"Exchanging body heat in the passenger seat? No, no, no, you know it will always just be me." Music by Panic! At the Disco.

Vid: Endangered Love, by FireflyCa
AU vid, in which Duncan and Veronica live in a soap opera, and Logan is Veronica's biggest fan…

Vid: Seasons of Love, by txtequilanights
"Remember a year in the life of friends." Music from RENT.

Tear Down My Reason, by txtequilanights
NC-17, angst, AU. "Duncan’s head jerks up at the sound of Logan’s voice, but Lilly’s hand pushes into his hair, guiding him back down. “There’s always room for more,” she says breathily." The foursome in all its fucked up glory.

Show and Tell, by Dira Sudis
PG-13. "I finally got all your clothes off you, but I still can't see you naked."

All Apologies, by Dira Sudis
NC-17, incest! "Don looked at Charlie through half-lidded eyes and didn't say anything right back, not I'm sorry I keep giving you what you think you need, and not I'm sorry I think I need it too and as his own dick throbbed, as he leaned in to press his

Enough, by Dira Sudis
NC-17, episode coda to "Rampage". ""So, how many beers have I had, again?" Colby muttered into David's neck as his hand slid into David's pants." Delicious, and a pairing I've really started to see lately.

Vid: Open Your Eyes, by GreenLights
Luke is trying to get Noah to see. Music by Snow Patrol.

Line of Sight, by bigboobedcanuck
NC-17, slightly in the future. "He tastes like stale coffee and Juicy Fruit gum, and you want to open your mouth and swallow him whole." Lovely (and hot!) series of vignettes with a great Luke voice.

Drive, by uberaeryn
NC-17, future!fic. "Noah made driving sensual, masculine." A road trip.

Vid: At Last, by tazzzkitty
Lovely, somewhat AU vid with a warm, nostalgic feel to it. Music by Etta James.

Vid: Gay Soldiers, by auxcowboy
Heartbreaking and beautiful vid to a heartbreaking and beautiful film.

Vid: Secret Smile, by Claire
Lovely vid to a lovely movie. Music by Semisonic.

Vid: Gay love in crime, by auxcowboy
"And I don't want the world to see me, Cause I don't think that they'd understand, When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am." Perfect song choice for the pairing: Iris, by Goo Goo Dolls.

Tranquilo, by omarandjohnny
NC-17, pre-movie. "Nene tends to Angel's wounds, all of them." Tender and sexy.

Those Journeymen Divine, by fahye and stars_like_dust
R, AU. "The two of them are just as broken as Cylons as they were as humans." Awesome, awesome 'what if Kara and Lee were part of the Final Five' – Cylons, but still so very *them*.

Vid: My Oh My, by DeadPersephone
The trials and pains of Angel and Nene. Music by David Gray.

Vid: My Sweet Prince, by Xof
Love as an addiction. Music by Placebo.

Vid: Darkness, Darkness, by Xof
Angel longs for Nene. Vid from one of the most intense gay-themed movies ever. Music by Robert Palmer.

Possession-Exorcism, by stoptocheer
PG, post-"Not Fade Away". "When Angel died, Buffy was in the bathroom brushing her hair." Gorgeous, absolutely stunning narrative with a surprising twist.

Records of the World, by lil-neko
R, angst. "Murphy says fuck it between the curls of grey from his cigarette, and Connor's got a new motto." Beautiful peek into Connor's mind.

Vid: Forget The World, by JessicaFaith
Lovely song, lovely vid. Music: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

Vid: Whatta Man, by spoiledandrea
Very entertaining vid focusing on Michael, Lincoln, Sucre and T-Bag. Music by Salt n'Pepa.

A Taste of Warmth, by Setzuka
1×06, NC-17. "Pullo offers Vorenus a little comfort." And enjoys himself thoroughly in the process.

The First Prayers of Man, by Destina
Post-series 1, R. "They never touch, after; this is the one boundary Pullo knows never to cross. There are so few boundaries left now that Vorenus expects him to disregard this one soon, as he has all the others. But Pullo never does." Vorenus is broken.

Floating In Darkness, by Destina
AU, R, dark!fic. "Michael is already rotting from the inside out, from the moment he came in Brian's mouth, from the moment Brian lifted his legs and entered him…"

Girl Come Undone, by Lexie
Pre-series, PG-13. "You try not to sound too eager when you say yes, but you have no idea what you sound like because all you can hear is his voice." Great Veronica voice, the way she used to be.

Vid: Michael and Lincoln, by maypi
Season 2 spoilers. It's all about the two sexy brothers… Music: Scandalous by Mis-Teeq.

Every Time, by Synchronik
Post-series, somewhat AU, R. "“Tell me about it,” Michael said, when Brian mentioned this. “I expected one night.” Brian smiled. Some things never failed to cheer him up." Synchronik is a familiar name from boyband times – his writing still rocks!

One True Thing, by dontyouwaitup
G, coda to the series finale. "Rory graduates. The town celebrates. And one time seven years ago Dean Forester built her a car." In my head, this has happened. *nods*

Every year is a new one, by dontyouwaitup
Pre- and post-series, NC-17. ""Dance with me," Brian insists. Three, two, one. Michael already is, always has been." Great characterizations, interesting storytelling, lovely love story.

Area 51, by Speranza
Crossover, post-series, NC-17. "You do know your son's mad?" Witty and totally unexpected crossover fic, and I'm NOT going to spoil the surprise. 🙂

The Nature of Things Unsaid, my Medie
Season 2, NC-17. "There are times life in Atlantis frustrates Teyla." This is what I saw in those two from the beginning – and I miss them so!

Pattern Recognition, by Pooh
PG-13, Season 2. "This, too, is a routine." Falling in love, that is.

Paper Moon, by dansunedisco
NC-17. "They need to stop doing this, but it's the only time he ever feels tangible. Angry. Alive." What can I say? I'm hooked on a soap – or rather, on one particular storyline, and this fic fits in perfectly with how they work in my mind…

Five Times Donald was Surprised by Timothy, by thegrrrl2002
R, pre-series. "Donald sighed. The date was a total mistake, right from the get-go." Perfect!

What He Needs, by Lina Nalcon
NC-17, during season 1. "It’s need when it starts." Three snippets showing the progression of a very complicated relationship.

Vid: Tainted Love, by heraldtalia
One of the main reasons I got into Oz – perfect look at a fucked up love story! Music by Marilyn Manson.

Introductions, by solvent90
R, pre- and post-series. Stuart Jones was just new, and Irish, and a bit skinny and, "He says he's a poof." Just how it could have happened.

Inside, by juliefortune
R. ""You don't frighten me," she said." Tony thinks that maybe she should be."

Shipbuilding, by coolbyrne
PG. "When all you see is the worst of humankind, what do you see when you close your eyes?" Nice moment between Tony and Carol during a case.

Vid: Vertigo, by tallulah71
This general vid for the show and movie is made of awesome and all things shiny! Music by U2.

Good Boy, by Margo
NC-17, AU. "All right then, ya can doss at mine," Vince caught the look of satisfaction flash in Nathan's eyes, and quickly added, "On the sofa, mind." What if Nathan had gone home with Vince? Dead-on AU.

In Media Res, II, by evremonde
NC-17, in the boathouse. "It was the sheer decadence of their lovemaking that he pursued." How I wish we could have seen this…

Vid: Firefly – full series trailer, by Literarylemming
Incredibly well-made trailer for the whole series. Music from "Armageddon".

Vid: We Are the Lucky Ones, by Literarylemming
Lovely look at Lee and Kara's relationship. Music by Bif Naked.

Vid: Bukowski, by asolat
One of the best vids for this fandom out there. Music by Modest Mouse.

Vid: Something to Talk About, by raynebow68
The perfect pimping vid for the One True Love of Starsky and Hutch… Music by Bonnie Raitt.

Brothers In Arms/In My Lifetime, by LRHBalzer
Pre-series, G. Two companion pieces, going together like Bodie and Doyle.

Blame Wilf, by proleptic-fancy
Series of one-liners, G-NC-17. Brilliant and very much catching the tone of the show.

Vid: Bohemian Like You, by Zed
Multi-fandom vid with Starsky & Hutch, Due South and others. Site is password-protected. Music by The Dandy Warhols.

Vid: Closer, by mkitty3
Absolutely not work safe and do not play in front of children! Music by Nince Inch Nails.

Vid: Little Brother, by Killa
This is the perfect song for Stuart and Vince throughout the series. Music by Oysterband.

Vid: Brothers on a Hotel Bed, by obsessive24
A Stuart/Vince-centric overview of the series. Music by Death Cab For Cutie.

Vid: Poison, by Naomi
You can feel that Beecher/Keller dynamic of danger, lust, love and madness. Music by Alice Cooper.

Vid: Pretty When You Cry, by lierdumoa
Beecher and Keller in all their hot, tragic, fucked up glory… Music by VAST.

Vid: I'm Too Sexy, by Versaphile
Gandalf is too sexy for Middle Earth! And oldie but definitely a goodie. Music by Right Said Fred.

Vid: Wild Boys, by sunshine4537
The perfect song for those two! Music by Duran Duran.

Vid: I Don't Know Much, by bistokidsfan
A me and thee love story. Music by Aaron Neville.

Vid: Addicted, by tipshong
Pullo has an addiction. Music by Kelly Clarkson.

Vid: Nur für dich -Subtitled-, by allchanges
What Ianto has to say after the end of "End of Days". Hilarious! Music by the Wise Guys, now with subtitles.

Vid: Bad Touch, by claritylore
Jack and Ianto give the others a lesson about "human mating" over lunch. Music by the Bloodhound Gang.

Been staring down the barrel of a gun, by wildestranger
NC-17. Coda to "Cyberwoman". "Jack points the gun at him. "Take your clothes off."" Jack is not giving up on Ianto.

Blame It on the Mistletoe, by druis
NC-17. Christmas fic. With zombies (except not really) and incredibly hot sex (really really).

Untitled porn, by misspamela
NC-17, post-'Cyberwoman'. "He loves Ianto right now. He'll even love him, a little bit, tomorrow." Short, to the point – but wow, does it pack a punch!

Never, by jennghis-kahn
NC-17, post-Death Knell. Beautiful hurt/comfort. ""Come here," he orders, softly. She goes."

Bird Stealing Bread, by jennghis-khan
AU, around season 7, R. "Jack really, really, really hadn't counted on being stranded off-world with Sam. And Pete."

Scriptum, Scripsi, by tacks
PG-13, post-movie. Incest! "He tries not to move when his brother tilts his head and starts to write, quickly, silently, on the slope of his side, even though his muscles skip shiver at the pen at first." Angsty but very beautiful look at the brothers' re

The Life Fantastic, by honorh
Nine POV, PG-13. Spoilers all through series 1. "She’s back in his arms, and he is in love. There’s no use denying it anymore. It’s the strangest, silliest thing in the universe, but at the moment, it’s the only thing that makes sense. He’s in l

Drowning, by Your Cruise Director
R, set early in the journey. "A near-death experience causes Janeway and Chakotay to discover how much they depend on one another." The first pairing I ever read extensively, this story shows its beauty and unavoidability…

Sir, by misslucyjane
R, through 'They Keep Killing'. "It's not in his job description, after all: nowhere does it say, Make coffee, take out garbage, service Captain Jack." Perfectly believable look at a complicated relationship, great characterizations.

Sip, by FigletofVenice
NC-17. Incest! "Murphy loves his brother’s body, but hates thinking about it."

Deliverance, by xylodemon
NC-17, pre- and post-movie. Incest! "They live by their guns, and love each other in moments and handfuls." Fucked up and beautiful. This is why this pairing works.

8 porny Sam/Dean ficlets, by lyra-wing
NC-17, no real spoilers. Incest! Just a collection of sizzling hot ficlets.

Hadopelagic, by basingstoke
NC-17. "In which an alien invasion is thwarted by a low-cut top." Funny and sexy and surprisingly deep.

Not Gay, by Mexx
Season 6, NC-17. "Jack’s in denial. Otherwise known as Jack’s not gay, but is bracket happy." Not a pairing I've really thought about but strangely appealing.

Distant Heat, by kataclysmic
NC-17, post-'Doctor Dances'. "Rose knew that however he might set her ablaze with just a look, he would never hold her in the intimate embrace she craved."

Untitled, by misspamela
NC-17. "He loves Ianto right now. He'll even love him, a little bit, tomorrow." Short but very, very good.

101 Things To Do In Zero Gravity, by Pip of Acroamatica
R, AU. 16 chapters of "a wee little space opera in the classic style, with added Hobbity goodness", as Pip puts it. It has the special factor of being set before the events depicted in Billy's awesome short film 'Sniper 470'. It's a fully fleshed-out scie

The First Time, by Mirabile Dictu
NC-17. Mira has the gift of writing every single member of the Fellowship in a way that makes them seem utterly real and likable. This story plays with the different dynamics in the Fellowship and manages never to feel contrived or wrong.

Let Me Give You Wings, by magickalmolly
AU, R. Wing!fic is a very peculiar subgenre in Lotrips fandom – sadly the archive where you could find most of the stories is no longer around. Still, this is the story that got me, with its dreamlike fairy tale atmosphere. Just beautiful.

Ume no Hana, by abundantlyqueer
AU, NC-17. Set in a completely different world from ours – and wow, is it a fascinating one, and not just for Japanophiles… One of the most gorgeously written things ever, with lots of attention to detail and a beautifully sensual atmosphere.

Five the Hard Way, by glasgow_blue
G. 5 drabbles, each one from the perspective of a different member of the Fellowship, forming a beautiful whole in the end. Lovely!

Pretty Good, Can't Complain, by lavitanuova
PG-13. Writing good dialogue is pretty damn hard – but here it seems effortless, as if Mandy was following Billy and Dom through a supermarket. Familiar, warm and comfortable, describing the beauty of everyday life perfectly.

Compromised, by shalott
NC-17, post-'Endgame'. "He can't imagine this room empty." I've been wishing for an OT4 since I started watching this show – and this is most definitely it.

Dance With Me, Now Darling, by ShuttheF_Up
NC-17, season 10. "Even Cam knew the jig was up. He checked out the rest of the team. Daniel’s eyes looked a bit haunted, yet gratified. Cam could read the story in the other man’s eyes, even though Cam didn’t know the whole story. Sam was throwing

At Home With The Gorens, by piecesofalice
PG-13, AU. "One day, I wondered what it would be like if Goren and Eames had a kid, got hitched, retired from the police force and opened a party supplies store." This is the story – and it's good.

The Rules of Relaxation, by dizzydame
NC-17, spoilers for 1×10. "Rule number one of relaxing: No formal attire allowed." A Christmas party. Ianto's not in the mood – at first… 😉

Aliens exist, by Jane St Clair
PG, no spoilers. "Jack whirls around to Ianto, who's been laughing at him (inside, always silently, because it's not as though he wants Jack to stop)." Beautiful, tender Ianto voice.

Whiskey, by notevery
R, pre-series. "Jack and Ianto take a little roadtrip in search of a reported alien object. The coffee isn't very good, but the whiskey is." This is perfectly Ianto before Cyberwoman, heavy with his secret and his pain.

Together Again, by beizy
NC-17, post-'Cyberwoman'. ""Ianto. No. Never like this." He is sent away." Beautiful characterization, sizzling sexiness – I'm very glad Beiz took to this fandom!

Missed Connection, by swtalmnd
PG. "An alternate ending to "Sex, Birth, Death": what if Reid had spent the evening with Nathan Harris instead of letting him leave alone?" Powerful and spot-on.

Frustration, by dawn_e_h
NC-17, no spoilers. “If you want something, just ask…” 100% smut, completely angst-free!

Just Sex, by sarren
NC-17. "He'd just go up and see if Jack wanted anything. Like coffee. Or filing." Or mindblowingly hot sex… and maybe something more. Fantastic Yuletide 2006 fic.

Quantum is a just fancy word for "hell if I know", by lyra_wing
NC-17, spoilers through 'Countrycide'. "Ianto was usually the first to arrive and was always the last to leave." Sizzling hot and good characterizations!

The Same Place, by tigerlady
NC-17, post-'The Tribe'. "There is an old Apache saying: You can take many paths to get to the same place. Even if afterwards your paths part once more." Not a pairing I'd ever thought of, but this Yuletide 2006 fic works beautifully!

Best Laid Plans, by lakester
PG. "Steve's not worried about celebrating Susan's birthday. This year, what could possibly go wrong?" Sounds just like an episode – perfection, written for Yuletide 2006.

A Mere Voice and Vision, by threerings
NC-17. Another beautiful version of Jane and Edward Rochester's wedding night, written for Yuletide 2006.

The Boy in the Basement, by CaitN
PG. "After eight years of solving cases together, Booth and Brennan find themselves investigating the murder of a boy on a golf course."

Oceans Apart, by Jae Gecko
R, post-movies. "After the sunset, with flashbacks to before."

Make Your Own Kind of Music, by sunsetmog
NC-17, post-movie. "The one in which Ste and Jamie live happily ever after. Sort of."

In the House of Dust, by KindKit
PG-13. Beautiful re-telling of the 'Gilgamesh' epos for Yuletide 2006. "Men and cities are made of clay, and turn to dust."

Rough Diamond, by Lyrstzha
PG-13. Fairy tale fic written for Yuletide 2006. "A bard might, perhaps, give you a prettier, more satisfying story. But I, I will tell you what truly happened to Belle and her Beast.if you're sure it's truth that you'd prefer."

Eyes Forward, Shoulders Back, by daygloparker
PG-13, post-"See Me". "“Call me Alex,” she tells him. He won’t." Angst alert, but spot-on characterization.

That Was Long Ago and That Was Yesterday, by temet nosce
PG, Eames POV. The way things develop.

The Object of My Erections, by Francesca
NC-17, smut alert! "I've smelled your pheromones before. They just never, you know, had any effect."

Eleventh Floor, by Mandy15
G, pre-series. "“Have dinner with me.” Eleventh floor. The doors opened. “No,” she said." How it might have started.

We Don't Fit, by sangga
PG-13, Goren POV. "We don’t fit, but then we do." A philosophy of partnership.

Renaissance Man, by cgb
PG-13, Eames POV. "There's no hope for them. Not even in her fantasy life."

Big Damn Zombies, Sir, by Shrift
PG-13 for a bit of grossness. Jayne's been zombified!

If She Hadn't Been…, by Seanan
R, Mal POV. "It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't been a whore."

Invisible Lines of Propriety, by shyday
PG-13, incest. To River, Simon's body is a map she does not quite understand.

we remember the strangeness of our transgressions, by fated_addiction
PG, pre-Serenity. "She’ll burn with his ghosts." Haunting and beautiful Inara POV.

Four Stories Jack Harkness Doesn't Tell in Bed (and One He Does), by lightgetsin
R, spoilers for 'Cyberwoman'. "Have you ever loved someone that much?"

Lost (Part Two), by notevery
NC-17, post-Countrycide, companion to 'Found'. "Ianto makes Jack coffee. Jack makes Ianto hurt." Beautifully written, spot-on characterizations.

Lost (Part One), by notevery
PG, post-Countrycide, companion to 'Found'. "Toshiko says a 'thank you'; Jack drives; Ianto realizes that nothing will ever be the same again."

Choice, by Tora
Hard R, post-Countrycide. "They haven't fucked since the day Lisa died." Another version that I can believe.

Like Stitches in the Scar (Part One), by paperclipbitch
PG-13, post-'Cyberwoman'. "Jack convinced himself he needed nothing but his suspiciously unrequited obsession with their receptionist, two hours’ sleep a year, his big swishy melodramatic coat, and Suzie’s smile at the end of a long day. He turned out

Found, by notevery
NC-17, 'Countryside' missing scene. "Gwen pays Owen a visit after returning from the country. Owen has been expecting her." Dirty and wrong and hot as hell.

Night Tremors, by moviegrrl
15, Owen POV, post-Cyberwoman. "Owen can't sleep." Pretty much how I see Owen's and Gwen's relationship.

Glass, by kiwi_from_hell
NC-17, first time. "The Torchwood Institute has always reminded Ianto of glass. It's physics and sex."

Fairytales, by andrealyn
PG-13, Ianto POV. "Captain Jack Harkness is a fairytale. One that doesn’t end with ‘happily ever after’, but starts with ‘once upon a time’."

To the End, by sheldrake
PG, spoilers for 1×05. "He always means it at the time." Breathtakingly brittle Jack, and a perfectly broken Ianto.

Semper Hic Erro, by Bastet
NC-17, post-series 1. "Well, I was going to offer you a go, but if you'd never consider such a thing, of course there's no point." It's about time, too! 🙂

To Be A Man, by Victoria P.
Adult, spoilers through 1×11. "He remembers what it means to be a man." Because those two definitely share… something. 🙂

Wrong Side of the Tracks, by ingrid_m
PC/Mac, PG. "Mac meets Miss Wrong. PC is there to fix things up." Yes, you read that pairing right! *g*

Red, by Lyrastar
Adult, post-movie. "Mal sees Red everywhere but in Inara." This is how it could happen if it ever does.

Maverick (The Multiplex Remix), by Celli Lane
PG, UST. It's amazing what you learn from small talk.

Business As Usual, by siegeofangels (This is Not Happening Challenge)
R, angst. Aliens made them do it. But not the fun way.

Willful Considerations, by scary_sushi
G, POV. Garcia’s thoughts on her, Morgan, her life, and Reid. Excellent peek into Garcia's head! Also, another pairing that I can't believe isn't written more.

Full Circle by iscaris
PG. The aftermath of Gideon’s breakdown, and the reason why he’s still wearing his ring. I seriously can't believe this is the only story with this pairing that I've found so far – luckily it's a good one!

The End and The Beginning: Five First Times, by Lenore
NC-17, incest! Five vignettes. Five ways things begin and end. Mostly angsty but beautiful.

How Am I Gonna Keep Myself Away From Me, by ethrosdemon
NC-17, incest, genderfuck. Funny, sexy and twisted like nothing I never wanted to read has any right to be.

Losing Your Shadow, by ethrosdemon
R, incest, post-Shadow. "Sam kissed Dean undone."

10 Times Lee Adama Belongs to Her, by daphnaea
PG-13, spoilers through 2×18. Kara has always known that Lee is hers, maybe, despite everything.

The Bee-Charmer by voleuse
G. He learns to do what he can, here and there, to make himself useful. Sweetly innocent courtship story. Just lovely.

Marking Time by Jill Kirby
PG-13. "Goren watched Eames throughout her first trimester, more closely than usual, more closely than she would ever suspect." Lovely pregnant!Eames fic.

Fringe Benefits by Mandy15
PG-13. "If her body is attractive, her mind is a Hitchcock blonde." Getting together, Goren/Eames style.

Peace Offerings by lonelywalker
PG-13. "It started with pizza and some lame excuse she knew was a lie."

Private by meyerlemon
NC-17. Bunk beds and hormone suppressants. Poor, horny Kat. Perfect combination of sexy and humour.

Customs by meyerlemon
PG. "'It is no concern of mine. I merely wish everyone to stop asking me about it,' Teyla says." And all because Elizabeth's life lacks romance.

Broken Toys by theohara
AU, NC-17. How Lilly not dying changes everything – yet not.

Fortune Favours: Decoy by Vanessa
Series, R. Kate volunteers to decoy for Tony as his girlfriend at a family dinner. Great multi-chapter story with two possible endings.

Quite Easily Demonstrated by grav_ity
Humour, R. "In which John is a trifle insecure, Elizabeth finds it fascinating, and then they done sex." And after this summary it should be clear why this should be read.

Love and War by Nix
PG. Someone from Tony's past reveals a carefully guarded secret. Great character-piece.

Worth Talking by voleuse
Post-'Twilight'. "It's Tony's hands that tip Abby off." A wonderfully done character piece.

Gamesmanship by voleuse
NC-17. "She prefers the Neanderthal." So much fun – and it gets the relationship between Kate and Tony just right, too!

Untitled by meyerlemon
Smut. "She rolled over, and bumped into Tony DiNozzo’s extremely naked body."

What I See by miera
"Duet" AU, NC-17. Elizabeth is trapped in John's body. As they struggle to maintain their professional relationship, certain boundaries get crossed.

Chord Progression by Little Red
Post-'Conversion', PG. "Elizabeth comes by every night, usually just as he's falling asleep, to check on his progress and on his state of mind."

Mornings After by Little Red
Post-Pilot AU, PG-13. "He doesn't usually sleep well the night after a mission." Now this is a way I can believe those two!

Talking To You by lilwitchy
Post-'Conversion', PG. "You watch them as they leave. Together. Even you see that there is something right about that." Caldwell keeps learning things about the people on Atlantis.

A Perfect Fit by kate98
Pure fluff, PG-13. Sometimes a shirt isn't just a shirt.

One, Two, Three by Zoe Rayne
Greg scowled. "What, I'm good enough to fuck alone but not together?"

Where Circles Begin by Victoria P.
Post-'War Stories', R. "When you share hijinks with a person, there's a bond, and that bond is, you know—bonding—" Zoe realizes something about her husband, and something about her Captain.

How to Avoid Breaking Through Ice by Lyrastar
AU, PG-13. "Do you remember Earth?" A Worst Case Scenario fic that gets all the voices just right.

Don't Ask by Mirabile Dictu
NC-17. Ronon POV. "You need to fuck him." And you need to read this story, because it's funny and it's sweet and it will make you want to cheer.

Finite by misscam
NC-17. "He shouldn't really love her, he knows." This might just be the most perfect angsty take on Nine and Rose's love that I've ever read.

A Litany of Love Letters by Pen
R. Kara has her reasons why.

Last Dance by victoria p.
Post-series, PG. Before she leaves.

Different Dreams in the Same Bed by victoria p.
Post-Serenity, PG-13. "He wants to believe her, kisses her to stop her words so he don't have to wonder if they're lies." The way it probably would go.

Time Flies You Can't (The Da Sou Qiang Remix) by Sabine
Post-series, NC-17. Time flies you can't they fly too fast. Disturbing but incredibly fascinating River POV.

Seven Days by Wynn
PG-13, post-Serenity. He wants to muss her. Make her his.

Proof by Sonya
PG-13. Things repeat themselves and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern don't have a choice. Or do they? Perfect addition to the script, right down to the form.

Ad Lib by The Spike
1×11 – The Spoils, PG-13. "He doesn't know what it is, this thing that burst and broke in his chest like a pot of searing oil, but it's done and he's raw inside and changed." Vorenus finds Pullo.

A Bene Placito by SA
Post-series 1, R. "This was coming home: to Titus, to himself, to the soldier he had never stopped being." A long-overdue coming together.

C/Fe by Dorinda
Post-'The Naked Sun', R. Elijah and Daneel travel back to Earth, but there are complications – and interesting developments between the two friends.

All Unheard Of by Petra
Pre-book, NC-17. A first meeting in Riverside. Just as I'd pictured it.

The Long Road Towards Tomorrow by Northlight
The Tamuli, PG. Kalten and Sparhawk have been friends a long time.

Fall by dirty_diana
R. When we were strangers. Before and after, and in between.

In Defense by Flora
R. Hector has always cleaned up after Paris, and Helen has a plan.

Mustard Seed by fresne
NC-17. "She sees him sitting there. Her husband and she finds herself in one of those times when words abandon her and she knows not what to say." Superbly written wedding night fic – 100% in character and in style.

Winter of our Discontent by svilleficrecs
PG-13. "Everybody, and Lee does mean everybody, is convinced that he is frakking Starbuck." Funny and sweet and with just the right hint of darkness.

Recompense by dorkorific
NC-17. All through the months and years, Jack wants.

Separation Anxiety by Lula Bo
PG-13, Post-season 4. "The forty-five seconds Lorelai paused on the porch stairs were the longest of her life." A touching and insightful continuation of the show – handled better than the actual show did.

Casting Couch by Lyra
NC-17, first time. Dom is straight…or says he is. Written as a Christmas surprise for me, which makes it even more perfect than it already is! 🙂

Things My Brother Taught Me by Hellskitten
Incest, NC-17, post-"Dead in the Water". Sam and Dean have always shared a 'special' relationship.

Explication of a Prefix by aheartfulofyou
PG-13, pre-show to S2, 2×6 “Spin” centric, spoilers up to 2×8 “The Mistake”. To clear away all obscurity or doubt, of the beginning. Great characterization and development here!

I'll Guide You Back to Me by Chloe
Angsty but incredibly beautiful fic set after Martin was shot.

Code Breaker by nekosmuse
NC-17, first time!fic, Danny POV. The thing with Martin is… and then there's the nose. 🙂 This feels real, plus it's funny AND hot.

Queen of Narnia by kaydeefalls
PG-13. Takes us through 'The Chronicles' from Susan's POV in a series of drabbles, and manages to make her voice be heard in a way that's almost heartbreaking.

Out of the Depths by vicxntric
Post-"Grave Danger", NC-17. Any long road is going to have a lot of bumps in it.

For What Ails You by vicxntric
NC-17. Warrick’s had a lousy shift and is looking for a cure.

Heard But Unsaid by vicxntric
R, Post-"Assume Nothing" and "All For Our Country". Warrick only meant to cheer Nick up, but stakes always got raised between the two of them. Lovely and sexy first-time fic.

Carousal by Arduinna
NC-17. Hot sex and a nice serving of angst.

Drunk, Tipsy, and Neither by Perpetual Motion
R. Not very long unfortunately, but there's just something hilarious (and very, very sexy) about Nick feeling Warrick up as drunk!Grissom sits across the table from them harping on about grasshoppers.

All Feelings But This One by Claira
Backstory in two parts. Kara, Zak and Lee in 16,800 something words.

The Best Part of Breaking Up by fryadvocate
If you ever owned a Barbie, you should totally read this crack!fic.

Et in Italia Ego… by Sebastian
NC-17, pdf. This story is thick with descriptions and emotions, pulling the reader in, just like Bodie and Doyle are pulled in while on vacation in Italy.

Winter In Yellowstone by Terri
The first time I fell in love with an AU – it's dark, and angsty, but also just right.

The History of Us by Daisy Gamgee
Absolutely stunning M/P epic, following their relationship through the years. WIP.

Marginalia by ella_minnow
Go read this if you have a Billy!book (or book in general) fetish like me…

Deliberation by edigo
Dom/Billy/Elijah, NC-17. I'm not the world's biggest Fucksome Trio fan, but edigo's fic just made me come apart at the seems with the sheer hotness of it.

Regarding Elijah by sophrosyne31
Images painted with words, the sensation of helplessly falling and the warmth of trees in the sun. Simply beautiful, stunning even.

A Quiet Night, A Happy Ending by Mirabile Dictu
PG-13. This is pure loveliness. Warm and comforting, full of history and love. I think I'm in love.

Goodbye by Beizy
Have you heard Dom's song "Shadow" on PandemoniumfromAmerica? It's sexy and haunting and full of pain. And beizy wrote the perfect fic to it.

Vipashyana by Mirabile Dictu
The characters of all the hobbits are amazingly well-written, as are the different relationships and the way they interact. I couldn't even begrudge Elijah getting Dom instead of Billy (the way it's supposed to be! *g*) – because it felt right. And that s

Hela's Harvest by sunhawkerie
Gen. Death. Merry's POV. This will probably stay with me for a long time. And it might make me unable to write, because I feel so very inadequate after reading this…

Domestic Bliss by blythely
Satire, PG. This is completely different – it almost made me spit out my drink I was laughing so hard…

Hush by andrealyn
Dom/Billy/Orlando, PG-13. "Anxiety rules the air that night, until they meet."

A Padawan's Destiny by Anne Higgins
A Padawan Learner is something very different from an Apprentice Knight. Beautiful story about love and scrifice – but a definite squick warning for underageObi and consensual castration!

The entirely beautiful by torch
"Nights of insult let you pass, Watched by every human love." AU. One of the most touching stories I've ever read.

Crush by Cimorene
One of my all time favorites. Pippin wants to sleep, but can't.

Burrow by Jane St.Clair
A tale of two hobbits…

On Love and Lust at Mutant High by Jenn
These are the adventures of the intrepid young mutant St. John, aka Pyro, as he navigates that dangerous terrain between mid-adolescence and adulthood at our favorite school, Mutant High! Absolutely addictive series – one of the few slash fics I've ever r

la bas-song of the drowned by darkstar
This fic is completely different from what I usually like – it's incredibly dark. But it's also incredibly beautiful and definitely worth reading! Just don't say I didn't warn you… In the aftermath of a war, four survivors struggle to hold on to their i

I Love You More by Mel
Logan calls Marie… Very angsty fic, probably about the saddest thing I've ever read – but it's also one of the most beautiful ones.

Glimpse, by Vatrixsta Cruden
NC-17. Only one word: B/A happiness… Absolutely wonderful fic!

A Dream of Rain by Seema
Lucilla muses on her relationship with Maximus after his death. Wonderful poetically written story…

3X5 by hackthis
Memories. A gorgeous piece of writing – and I'm totally in love with her Billy.

Something to Wear by edigo
Guh. This left me breathless and smiling and with a new kink… 😉

Imperfectly by lux__aeterna
Dom has always had a hate-love relationship with perfection. Utter perfection, this one.

Fingerprints by ella_minnow
Sometimes the morning after is not all sunshine and roses…

A Touch of Sun by andrealyn
Dom. Billy. Morning. Beach. Yoga. You can feel the sun on your skin in this.

Just for the Asking by Cimorene
One of the first Dom/Billy fics I've read and still a favorite.

Drop in the Ocean by Loey
One of those stories that take you through the last ten years, following Nick on his way to adulthood. And although Kevin's marriage is omitted, the whole story seems very real. A very touching portrait of Nick and a beautiful love story.

Knights Errant by saraid
AU, NC-17. This story is set in a world where love between two Jedi is strongly forbidden, forcing Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan to some desperate measures. It's hot and intense and full of emotion – absolutely addicting!

Bonding Universe by Anne Higgins
AU, NC-17. The first series I read in this fandom – and what a great start, because it's absolutely wonderful, where Qui-Gon finds an unexpected bondmate in an infant Obi-Wan. Quigee's and Obi's growing and changing relationship is depicted in three beaut

Reason to Believe by Matthew Haldemann-Time
A wonderful GSF, where there's gay porn and lots of wonderful group interaction – and not just of the sexual kind. I love GSFs where the emotions in the group are right – and Matthew wrote just that! Nick-centered and a great giver of warm fuzzies… Plus

Hit by Synchronik
This got me entirely and completely hooked on puppy!slash. Nik’s JC and Lance are totally adorable, sweet and unsure and incredibly well written! Also this fic has some great group interaction, something I love with a passion.

Sleep With Me by Gabriella
The first purely Nsync writer I ever read – quintessential Bassez, simply too adorable for words.

No Place Else by Rhys
Chris/JC/Lance. Rhys is one of the reasons why Nsync slash became another addiction of mine. And although I’m not normally a trickyfish girl, I most definitely am a threesome girl – and this is one of the best!

Airplane by Althea
Another one of my beloved Bassez hook-up stories. Gives me the fuzzies every time.

Bury Me Deep by Pet
Once upon a time there were two boys called Frick and Frack and they were inseperable. But then, all at once, Frick was married and Howie was Frack’s best friend. This is what happened – or at least an incredibly adorable version of it…

'I'm Howie D.' by Leo D.
Being the big Howie lover I am (you noticed? I thought I noticed you noticing… *g*) this story is an essential – Leo has written an incredibly insightful and realistic Howie with a lot of emotional truth. Go read!

Look by Lucy
My very first Lucy fic, found right at the beginning of my slash reading, while surfing the archives of HowieDorough_Slash. Read it and promptly fell in love. I never recovered.

Procrastination by Zoicite
Also Howie/JC and JC/Joey, NC-17. Zoi is one of the best BSB writers around and this wonderful story is proof of it. Plus, it contains one of my favorite paragraphs ever written about Howie.

Forgotten by Trudy West
Pleasure slave!fic, post-Naboo AU, NC-17. A slave with memory loss is purchased by an owner with a hidden agenda.

Forgotten: Roles Reversed by Trudy West
Pleasure slave!fic, post-Naboo AU, NC-17. A failed pleasure slave is bought by one of his previous masters. Companion to 'Forgotten'.

Childhood Treasures by Devil Doll
Interspecies, PG-13. "She isn't quite sure what they're waiting for, only that the waiting is harder for him than for her." Bittersweet, sad and beautiful.

Smashed by Rose
38 minutes challenge, NC-17. Elizabeth is smashed. And John very much doesn't mind.

War Zones by cgb
Post-The Siege, Part 2, PG-13. "You refuse to be surprised by the person you’ve become." A look into Elizabeth's mind and her reasons not to.

Jake Worries Too Much, or, He Has Excellent Dental Hygiene by ali_jayne
Hawt Cowboy Secks OMG, R. In which Jake paces a hole in the carpet, Maggie takes baths whilst high, and denim shirts are torn asunder.

Sacrificial Lambs by hackthis
Trying to get it right. (This story definitely does!)

This world is still afloat by Tahlia
Post-The Siege, Part 2, NC-17. "She needs to know she has survived." How the reunion could (should?) have gone.

Sensual Deprivation by Mirabile Dictu
NC-17. Ronon observes Atlantis. Great insight into both Ronon's mind and the main characters of Atlantis.

Strangers in an Empty Space by Tahlia
AU (or maybe future!fic), NC-17. The difference between a group hallucination and a lie.

Possession by halfdutch
Jack/Kate/Sawyer, NC-17. Kate watches Jack and Sawyer and decides to join them.

Something in Leather by Mosca
Leather!kink, R. Wash has a thing for leather. And for Zoe. And for Zoe in leather.

Fate Makes A Man by Blackchaps
AU, NC-17. Gripping and totally believable story in which Toby and Chris are both still in Oz – except that Keller is a hack.

Lee and Kara, Kara and Lee by Mnemosyne
During "Home, Part 1", NC-17. On the 'Astral Queen', Lee and Kara share some quality time.

Room and Board by Maygra
Incest, NC-17. Rentboy!fic. Dean ends up in jail and Sam gets him out. But not by hustling pool.

My Favorite Things by zebraljb – 1/2
Incest, R. "Connor had been in love with Murphy since he could remember, and had lusted after him since he had realized what lust really was."

My Favorite Things by zebraljb – 2/2
Incest, NC-17. Murphy can think of only one thing to give to Connor for Christmas.

Intra by Kate Andrews
NC-17. Set during the constant jumps in '33', Kara finds it harder and harder to ignore her feelings for Lee. Fantastic build-up, great characterization, wonderful humour. There's a reason this is recced everywhere.

Full Circle by Carrie
Post-"Flight of the Phoenix", NC-17. Lee has had enough of the game he and Kara play. Pilot!sex follows. *g*

And When They Fall by fryadvocate
Incest, NC-17. "This was never going to be easy." Great characterizations, lots of angst.

One Taste of the Apple by Brynn
PG-13, pre-series. Lee gets dumped, and Kara takes it upon herself to cheer him up.

defining a circle shape through points (aka, Five Things That Might Have Happened to Merry and Pippin) by Dana
Hobbit slash, PG-13. From a beginning all the way around to an end. Five beautiful vignettes, accompanying Pippin and Merry right through the quest.

Officer and Gentleman by kiltsandlollies
AU, NC-17. Incredibly realistic (but dark) universe, in which Billy is an inspector and Dom is a thief. But that is only the beginning.

The Inferno by Meg
Incest, R. An addition to Dante's Inferno. Absolutely incredible!

Girl In A Man's World by crazy_as_a_fox
Incest implied, PG. Jess has to believe that Sam loves her.

Rearview by toomuchplor
Incest, adult. Sam knows what it must have cost Dean, to say those words. “We could stay.”

Factum Amoris by Lenore
Incest, adult. A sloppy incantation forces the issue.