Vid: Corrupted Lungs, by jafrank88



This is amazing! Seriously, you can’t tell it’s from two completely different sources, the Doctor and River Tam go together so perfectly. Music: Youth, by Daughter.

Time Flies You Can’t, by Sabine

This girl body does what she asks it to, when she asks it, but sometimes when she doesn’t ask nicely enough she finds it does what it pleases. She’s been teaching it when to kiss and when to kill, though it wants to do both those things all the time.

Amazing post-series River POV. Shades of River/Simon, Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara – and Mal/River, which is the first fic that made this pairing work for me. Intense, dark-ish and slightly twisted (because River, oh).

Time Flies You Can’t, by Sabine