Beautiful Mess (¼)

Pairing: Jace/Alec

Rating: E (eventually, this particular chapter is T)

SummaryAfter Jace is set free from his dark parabatai-like bond with Jonathan Morgenstern, he has a hard time dealing with the aftermath. It’s clear to him what he wants, but is he worthy of it?

Notes: Merry Chritmas and Happy Holidays! This is my contribution to the Jalec Secret Santa, and it is for @myltzi !!

I tried weaving in all your prompts, which totally fit my preferences too, so it was a pleasure doing them and I really really hope you like the result! 😀 The fic has in total three chapters plus an epilogue, and i’ll be posting them once a day; more information on ao3. 

Act I: Reborn

When the
world shakes us
Trying to take us out of line

Being reborn happened in the form of a sword to the heart.

Jace didn’t remember much, only that his consciousness, after a literal flame had burned him from the inside out
in an excruciatingly painful manner, had suddenly cleared – no more clouds warping
his mind into thinking that the bond he had believed to be good and pure was
instead bad and twisted. And he could see the battle raging all around him for what
it was, with him on the side of…evil.
Clary stood in front of him, a burning, glorious
sword in hand, and he had no more energy to keep himself upright.

But something stopped his fall. Jace felt someone catching him from behind, slowly easing him onto the
ground. And he didn’t need to see to
know who it was, because he could feel
him. In those first few moments of new life – because it truly felt like just then he was coming back to life,
and not when the angel Raziel had risen him from the dead many weeks earlier –
everything that had been unreachable to him before was back.

Alec. The real bond that he had chosen for himself. The right soul tied to his, no longer hidden under layers upon layers
of dark magic.

Alec was hugging him to his chest, holding on with his chin laid on
Jace’s head, his body shaking so imperceptibly that Jace doubted anyone else
could notice it…and Jace couldn’t help but reach for Alec’s hands almost
desperately, squeezing as hard as his own battered body would let him.

Curse the day someone had drove a wedge between them, making Jace forget
everything that Alec meant to him. Curse that demon not even to hell, but to a place of complete non-existence!

That demon, however, had already escaped; the battle was over, and people
had started to come closer to the parabatai pair, surrounding them with looks
varying from pitiful to happy.

Clary, most of all, was still there, the sword having vanished from her
hands, and she was silently crying with a smile on her face. For some reason,
Jace felt sick just looking at her; thinking,
remembering all that time, during his…swaying,
when he had been with her as that same wrong
person. This was all wrong, and Jace
couldn’t do more than merely nod at her, hoping that it’d be enough to convey
his gratitude…before he finally closed his eyes to better bury himself into his
parabatai’s embrace.

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Absolutely wonderful future!fic – how I wish season 3 would bring us anything even half as emotionally satisfying! 

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