Beautiful Mess, by SapphicAlexandra


Beautiful Mess (¼)

Pairing: Jace/Alec

Rating: E (eventually, this particular chapter is T)

SummaryAfter Jace is set free from his dark parabatai-like bond with Jonathan Morgenstern, he has a hard time dealing with the aftermath. It’s clear to him what he wants, but is he worthy of it?

Notes: Merry Chritmas and Happy Holidays! This is my contribution to the Jalec Secret Santa, and it is for @myltzi !!

I tried weaving in all your prompts, which totally fit my preferences too, so it was a pleasure doing them and I really really hope you like the result! 😀 The fic has in total three chapters plus an epilogue, and i’ll be posting them once a day; more information on ao3.

Absolutely wonderful future!fic – how I wish season 3 would bring us anything even half as emotionally satisfying!

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