Captain America: White to be Released in September


Okay guys listen to me.  foxyfussings drew my attention to this today, and this is actually a potentially really big deal. 

The Marvel COLOR series is a series of short run stories including Daredevil: Yellow, Hulk: Grey, and Spiderman: Blue.  All of these, including a prelude Issue 0 Of Captain America: White, were published in 2008.  But here’s the thing.  Despite the fact that the creators of Cap White say it’s an amazing story, it was the only one that never got its actual release.  

The other books are critically acclaimed, Daredevil: Yellow is on many “must read” lists of people looking to get into the comics after or before taking on an interest in the new Netflix show. 

Here’s the big thing.  The entirety of the color series?  Focuses on the loves of the heroes and explores their relationships. How they met.  Significant moments. And their loss.
This article talks about briefly the other stories in the color series. 

Captain America: White is about Steve and Bucky.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions.  But those are the facts. 


–  The Captain America installment was delayed.  It was delayed SEVEN YEARS after a lot of hype, interests, and sales of the 16 page prelude Issue 0.  The other parts of the color series sold very well.    Why is it being released now?  Why not then? Was there controversy?

– I’ve read articles that said specifically they wanted this comic to be released before Civil War.  All five issues (this will be a five issue limited run) will be out before Civil War opens.

Dunno about you guys, but I’ve already got my copies preordered.

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Captain America: White to be Released in September

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